Basketball SSISAC ???

Hello, world! A few days ago was the basketball SSISAC!

If you guys have no idea what SSISAC is, let me explain: SSISAC is basically a tournament for all the schools in Ho Chi Minh City that have team sports. We basically battle each other in the sports team we are in to get a trophy ?.

So, we went to BVIS (British Vietnamese International School) to play against other schools. I was supposed to be in the A Team tournament but they only allow 10 people per team for SSISAC so I was on the Dragons United team, which is basically a mixture of a few A Teamers and B Teamers.

The schools we played against were BVIS (British Vietnamese International School), BIS (British International School) and EIS (European International School).

During the WHOLE ENTIRE tournament, we only scored twice… 

But on the bright side, I got to meet an old person that was in my school! Her name was Lisa and we played against her along with her EIS teammates. 

Another Week Reflection!?

Hello, world! Today, I have a reflection of our week at school! Lets get right into it!

In math, we are working on multiplying and dividing decimals which gets harder the more we learn ?!

So far in science, we haven’t done our daily experiments like before, BUT we did do a reflection on the vocabulary words to see if we remember what they mean.

We have also been working on our paraphrasing skillz?! We have worked on paraphrasing news articles that are about present day events like the presidential election, new emojis in 2017 or the HUGE earthquake in New Zealand.

We have also been making a “paraphrasing calendar thingy” which is for organising what we do for paraphrasing our topic each day.


Learning Reflection ??

     Hello, world! Today, this post will be a learning reflection!

     In science, so far, we have learned about Mixtures and Solutions and how you can separate them. The most challenging thing that I did during this unit was trying to find a way to separate the powder+salt mixture.

     In writing, so far, we have written our “Choose Your Own Adventure” book and learned more about sentence starters and hooks to make our stories less boring and more exiting. The most challenging thing about writing the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book was trying to add good sentence starters and not adding the same sentence starters for every sentence.

In math, so far, we have learned about adding and subtracting decimals, multiplying and dividing large numbers. The hardest thing that we did in math was dividing large numbers because I wasn’t really good at the more accurate method so I had to do another method and that wasn’t as accurate as The Traditional Method.


Hello, world! Today, I will talk about the amazing race that we did! So, without further or do, let’s get right into it!

This was our last Amazing Race that we will do! I was in the green team on our school’s amazing race for G5. We had 5 people in the team including me!

I showed Teamwork by:

  • Helping my team figure out the lock code/number and finding the way to Hem 40.

I showed responsible actions by:

  • When we were crossing the road, I held our team flag up to show that we were crossing.
  • I made sure that everyone was not crossing the road when cars and motorbikes were coming our way.

The most important thing that I learned about First Aid during the race was to alway be careful with the injury that you are treating to avoid damaging it even more.


The Last Amazing Race ?

Yesterday was the last Amazing Race…

My team was the green team and my teammates were Amelina, Hyunseong, Anh Quan and Daniel. My favourite station was the 30 minute break because we bought some ice cream and Kelvin’s mum got out a GIANT BAG OF DORITOS!!! After Kelvin found out, he was pretty mad at us for eating his Doritos!

After all the stations, we were on a race to the finish line against 2 other teams, The Dark Blues, and The Light Blues. On the way, we saw a group of teens dancing to a song called Wannabe by The Spice Girls! It was the funniest part of the entire race!

We kept on running, and running, and running, until…


It was so close!

The saddest thing about winning was that we got nothing, apart from bragging rights!


It was so tiring!


Choose Your Own Adventure Book FINALLY OUT TO READ!!!

Hello, world!

During the past few weeks, in writing, we have been using an app called “Twine” to write some non lineal stories!

Definition of Non Lineal stories:

Books that don’t follow “The Beginning To End” pattern. You choose a path and go to the page that the path takes you! COOL RIGHT?!

Twine is an app where you can make different passages in your story by adding “[ ]” and writing the title of that passage in the middle like “[Walk To School]” or “[Take a Taxi To School]”.

I am proud of how i started the story with a sound effect. I could work on adding more sentence starters to my sentences (not starting with ‘You’ every sentence.

Anyway, my book is finally finished and uploaded on a website called “” and as soon as i give you the link, press play. To choose you path, just click on it.

This blog post is slowly turning into a tutorial video…


New Week Reflection!

Hello, world! This will be a quick reflection about all the fun that I have had this week!

On Monday, the beginning of the week, we continued to write our “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories on an app called Twine. This app if for writing non – lineal stories! After our classes, we had a basketball match against a school called ISSP (International School Saigon Pearl). And guess what? WE WON!!! I do not quite remember our score though…

On Wednesday we had another match! This time it was against AIS (Australian Internation School). And once again, WE WON!!! The score was 10 – 9.

On Thursday, we just continued writing our stories like we always do.

On Friday (today), guess what HAPPENED!!! Nothing. 😐

First G5 Field Trip! ?

Hello, world! Yesterday, we went on an INCREDIBLE field trip to a place in Vietnam called Bủư Long. We took a 2 hour bus ride there. We got there and no trash was to be seen, which is pretty CRAZY since it was in Vietnam! The activities were:

  • Zip Lining
  • Abseiling
  • Rock Climbing

I did all 3 of these activities and they were all really fun! My favourite activity was the zip lining because you didn’t need to do much work except for the climbing to get to the zip line.

I didn’t get to do the rock climbing and zip lining first because we had to wait for 1 person who was scared on the abseiling. We had to move on to eating DELICIOUS food! We had:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Soup

The food was all gone after about 10 minutes!

After the food, we played some small games. There was a maze and this game where you have to be blindfolded and try to build a perfect small structure with lego things.

There was also a game where we tried to beat the record of 9 minutes for this game where you have to remember your number and go in order to this area where you have to step on your number. Our time was 8 minutes!

The last game was kind of like musical chairs but with circles made of rope. There were small circles and big circles. You had to put both of your feet in completely otherwise you would be eliminated. 

After the games, my group FINALLY got a chance to finish the rock climbing and zip lining.

First, I did rock climbing. You had to try your best to get to the red mark. I got more than half way which is good enough!

For the zip lining, we had to walk on this trail where there was mud and dirt EVERYWHERE!!! I completely ruined my new Vans that were $60!!! But the zip lining was worth it!

Finally, we had to take the sad bus ride home ☹. 

Here are some photos of the trip:

This is me getting ready to do the SCARY abseiling! ?
Left – Me (Kim) Middle – Eliza Right – Brooklyn