Information Report! ❤️

     Hello, world! This blog is going to be about my information report on Jacob Sartorius and the grades I got for it!

I got an M on my information report which means I’m meeting the expectations.

In the beginning, I had a very bad conclusion that did not follow the rubric of having a good conclusion. I didn’t state a reason why I chose that topic. But now, I have a way better conclusion compared to the previous one because I stated why I chose that topic and I made it longer.

Link To Information Report eBook

     Next time I should have put more colour into my eBook so that it’s not boring and bland. I should also add some more information and research deeper into the internet instead of just relying on google (looking into his YouTube channel to watch his All About Me video). 

Author: Kim

Student 2024

4 thoughts on “Information Report! ❤️”

  1. Dear Kim,
    I like how you wrote about life in the spotlight since people might think it is very easy life in the spotlight but it is actually harder sometimes. I also like your pictures of Jacob Sartorius and the idea about the rumours.
    Your friend/classmate
    P.S. My favourite pic of Jacob was the one with Jiffpom.

  2. ELLO!!
    Nice grade! Also, good job on it!! I think u chose the right topic about Jacob Sartorius because u know a lot about him and also u are like “lovin” him?


  3. Hi Kimmy,
    I loved how you you add the pictures of Jacob Sartorius and the idea about the rumours. I all so did not know that he was adopted.

  4. Hi, Kim!
    Good grade! I really like how you gave interesting facts and facts that I did not know. I think your topic was very cool.

    – Grace

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