The Trip…

Hello, world?! Last week, Grade 5 went on a 3 day, 2 night trip to, “Cat Tien National Park.” This is gonna be ALL about the good, the bad, and the disgusting times on the trip! Sit back, relax and ENJOY?!


On the bus ride to Cat Tien! ?

During our free time, we would go to each other’s cabins and have a PARTY (aka reading each other scary stories?)!!! Sometimes we would even use each other’s dry shampoo when we were lazy to take a shower, because of the bugs?! Once, when I woke up, there was a millipede on the mosquito net. It was on the inside?! I’m very proud of myself because I survived Cat Tien without being freaked out and killing myself because of all the nasty bugs in my cabin. I am happy about the cabin (even though we had a bunch of bugs) because we had the best cabin! In my friends’ cabins, one of them had a snake in their cabin! Another had a huge gaping hole in their bathroom ceiling and more?! And I am also happy because I was in the same cabin as Ellie and Eliza, which were my best friends at the time ??!

Primate Center?:

We went to the E.A.S.T.(Endangered Asian Species Trust) primate center to take a look at the Pygmy Lorises and Gibbons?! We couldn’t take a peek at the Lorises because they were sleeping? when we went in the morning so we didn’t want to disturb their beauty sleep??! We learned that the Gibbons were usually kept in small cages at the back of city restaurants to attract customers for more money?! At the end, we got to buy a bunch of souvenirs to help support the Primates! I bought a jacket and a bracelet?! The Gibbons?and Pygmy Lorises were living their life in the HUGE ecosystem that they got with many big trees and plants? and lots of space to improve their climbing and swinging in the trees. I am proud of my notes? and observations I took about the way the gibbons were living. 

Moon Bear Center?:

We also went to visit the Moon Bears and we got a chance to go INSIDE their enclosure?(not when they were in it obviously)! We spread peanut butter on the trees so they had to climb to get it! We did this to improve their sense of smell and climbing abilities?! We observed their climbing SKILLZ and we were impressed! Their sense of smell was also very professional because we spread the peanut butter in some areas that were very hard to find! But they still managed to find it??! We observed that the whole ecosystem they were living in was very sustainable because the things that the bears play on were all made of natural, organic materials like bamboo and wood. Sometimes it’s made of metal. The pool was made of stone instead of glass or concrete?.  

Peanut Butta! ?

Check out the E.A.S.T. website here!



Information Report! ❤️

     Hello, world! This blog is going to be about my information report on Jacob Sartorius and the grades I got for it!

I got an M on my information report which means I’m meeting the expectations.

In the beginning, I had a very bad conclusion that did not follow the rubric of having a good conclusion. I didn’t state a reason why I chose that topic. But now, I have a way better conclusion compared to the previous one because I stated why I chose that topic and I made it longer.

Link To Information Report eBook

     Next time I should have put more colour into my eBook so that it’s not boring and bland. I should also add some more information and research deeper into the internet instead of just relying on google (looking into his YouTube channel to watch his All About Me video).