Winter Holiday In England ??❤️?

Hello, World!

A few weeks ago, I went on the plane flight to Hertfordshire, England to meet my family and have fun on Christmas and New Year’s Day! 

For Christmas?, I got an iPhone 7! And I also got some body wash and deodorant. My friend in England got me Shortbread Cookies and Jazzles! 2 other people in my family also got an iPhone! On of them cried cause she wanted a Jet Black coloured Phone but the colour she got was Rose Gold!

On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day?, my whole family gathered at my brother’s house to watch the New Year’s countdown and the fireworks on the TV, since we couldn’t be bothered to go to London to watch it in person! We all had champagne and the kids had Schloer (sparkling juice)!

I had a GREAT time in England and I want to come back next summer or winter again! But I also miss my school and my friends back home in Vietnam! I will be coming back on Saturday, January 7 2017!!!

Author: Kim

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