Writing Reflection

  Hello, world! Welcome to my writing reflection?!  

     In writing, we have been doing something called “Quick Write” which is where we write a short story about a short moment that recently happened. We have a limited amount of time to write this story which is why is has to be short.

We have also been paraphrasing information about a topic that we chose to write about. I chose to write about pugs but then I changed to writing about Jacob Sartorius. 



Basketball SSISAC ???

Hello, world! A few days ago was the basketball SSISAC!

If you guys have no idea what SSISAC is, let me explain: SSISAC is basically a tournament for all the schools in Ho Chi Minh City that have team sports. We basically battle each other in the sports team we are in to get a trophy ?.

So, we went to BVIS (British Vietnamese International School) to play against other schools. I was supposed to be in the A Team tournament but they only allow 10 people per team for SSISAC so I was on the Dragons United team, which is basically a mixture of a few A Teamers and B Teamers.

The schools we played against were BVIS (British Vietnamese International School), BIS (British International School) and EIS (European International School).

During the WHOLE ENTIRE tournament, we only scored twice… 

But on the bright side, I got to meet an old person that was in my school! Her name was Lisa and we played against her along with her EIS teammates. 

Another Week Reflection!?

Hello, world! Today, I have a reflection of our week at school! Lets get right into it!

In math, we are working on multiplying and dividing decimals which gets harder the more we learn ?!

So far in science, we haven’t done our daily experiments like before, BUT we did do a reflection on the vocabulary words to see if we remember what they mean.

We have also been working on our paraphrasing skillz?! We have worked on paraphrasing news articles that are about present day events like the presidential election, new emojis in 2017 or the HUGE earthquake in New Zealand.

We have also been making a “paraphrasing calendar thingy” which is for organising what we do for paraphrasing our topic each day.


Learning Reflection ??

     Hello, world! Today, this post will be a learning reflection!

     In science, so far, we have learned about Mixtures and Solutions and how you can separate them. The most challenging thing that I did during this unit was trying to find a way to separate the powder+salt mixture.

     In writing, so far, we have written our “Choose Your Own Adventure” book and learned more about sentence starters and hooks to make our stories less boring and more exiting. The most challenging thing about writing the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book was trying to add good sentence starters and not adding the same sentence starters for every sentence.

In math, so far, we have learned about adding and subtracting decimals, multiplying and dividing large numbers. The hardest thing that we did in math was dividing large numbers because I wasn’t really good at the more accurate method so I had to do another method and that wasn’t as accurate as The Traditional Method.