New Week Reflection!

Hello, world! This will be a quick reflection about all the fun that I have had this week!

On Monday, the beginning of the week, we continued to write our “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories on an app called Twine. This app if for writing non – lineal stories! After our classes, we had a basketball match against a school called ISSP (International School Saigon Pearl). And guess what? WE WON!!! I do not quite remember our score though…

On Wednesday we had another match! This time it was against AIS (Australian Internation School). And once again, WE WON!!! The score was 10 – 9.

On Thursday, we just continued writing our stories like we always do.

On Friday (today), guess what HAPPENED!!! Nothing. 😐

First G5 Field Trip! ?

Hello, world! Yesterday, we went on an INCREDIBLE field trip to a place in Vietnam called Bủư Long. We took a 2 hour bus ride there. We got there and no trash was to be seen, which is pretty CRAZY since it was in Vietnam! The activities were:

  • Zip Lining
  • Abseiling
  • Rock Climbing

I did all 3 of these activities and they were all really fun! My favourite activity was the zip lining because you didn’t need to do much work except for the climbing to get to the zip line.

I didn’t get to do the rock climbing and zip lining first because we had to wait for 1 person who was scared on the abseiling. We had to move on to eating DELICIOUS food! We had:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Soup

The food was all gone after about 10 minutes!

After the food, we played some small games. There was a maze and this game where you have to be blindfolded and try to build a perfect small structure with lego things.

There was also a game where we tried to beat the record of 9 minutes for this game where you have to remember your number and go in order to this area where you have to step on your number. Our time was 8 minutes!

The last game was kind of like musical chairs but with circles made of rope. There were small circles and big circles. You had to put both of your feet in completely otherwise you would be eliminated. 

After the games, my group FINALLY got a chance to finish the rock climbing and zip lining.

First, I did rock climbing. You had to try your best to get to the red mark. I got more than half way which is good enough!

For the zip lining, we had to walk on this trail where there was mud and dirt EVERYWHERE!!! I completely ruined my new Vans that were $60!!! But the zip lining was worth it!

Finally, we had to take the sad bus ride home ☹. 

Here are some photos of the trip:

This is me getting ready to do the SCARY abseiling! ?
Left – Me (Kim) Middle – Eliza Right – Brooklyn

First Aid Scenario

Scenario:  You’re on a camping trip with your friends, roasting hot dogs over the fire.  Suddenly, a log shifts in the fire and throws up sparks, which land on your friend.  His arm is burned.  It’s not a large burn, but it’s starting to blister and turn red.  Use what you learned about first aid this week to tell how you would take care of this wound and what you would want to have in your first aid kit to be prepared

Some people would rub ice on the burn. DO NOT!!! When you get burned, you have a blister, which protects your skin underneath it. If you rub ice, the blister will rub off and take longer to heal. It will also hurt more. Instead, put your burn under cold water for at least 10 minutes. If it is a very serious burn, call 115 if you live in Vietnam and your hand with the burn in a plastic bag and seal it to keep the germs from coming in your wound.

Things I Want In First First Aid Kit:

  • Cold Water
  • Plastic Bag
  • Band Aids

First Aid! ?

Hello, world! This week and last week, we have been learning about First Aid in Mr. Johnson’s class for our super unit!

We learned about how to treat injuries and we also acted out the injuries in a skit so that we show our understanding about what to do when that happens.

We learned about how to treat:

  • Broken Bones
  • Burns
  • Strains and Sprains
  • Unresponsive (but breathing)
  • Choking
  • Cuts

Alcohol Scenario

     Just imagine this scenario:

     You are at a friend’s place for a sleepover. This is a really popular student and it is the first time he/she has invited you to her/his place. Once his/her parents are asleep, your friend suggests that you both sneak into the liquor cabinet to try some of the alcohol her/his parents have stored.

I would tell her/him this to dissuade them:

“Sorry, it’s a no. We’re under the age limit. Besides, drinking alcohol at our age can damage our liver and make us get sick.”

Learning About Effects Of Alcohol ???

Hey guys! This week we learned about The Effects Of Alcohol (what happens to your body when you drink alcohol) and Peer Pressure! This is part of our Amazing Race super unit.

Learning The Effects Of Alcohol an important topic to learn about because when we grow up we might think that drinking alcohol doesn’t harm your body. If we learn we could be aware of what could happen if you drank too much alcohol! You could also learn about the age limits to drink and buy alcohol in the country we live in.

Learning about Peer Pressure is an important topic to learn because we learn how to answer to a question that pressures you. We can also learn how to answer politely.

I would not drink too much alcohol a day. 1 glass of alcohol a day could be fine but thats the maximum. I could also not drink alcohol when I’m under the age limit!