Hello, world! YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS!!! Our teacher are planning another Amazing Race! But this time, WE WILL DO IT ALL AROUND PHÚ MỸ HƯNG!!! I am SOO exited!

I am worried that we might get lost but we will still go with an adult, OF COURSE!!!

We haven’t talked about this next race THAT much, but all we know is that there might be one! Thats basically all i know! BYE!!!

Author: Kim

Student 2024

6 thoughts on “PLANNING ANOTER AMAZING RACE?!?!??”

  1. Dear Kim,

    I really liked your post! I hope you have a good time. I was really surprised that you were going to do an Amazing Race around PMH! I have a question are you going to walk or go by bus?plz reply to my question.I hope you have a good amazing race.

    your friend Veronica

    1. Dear Veronica,
      If you have watched the amazing race TV Show, you will know that they mostly walk, but also take taxis for far distances. PMH is not they entire Vietnam so I’m guessing that we will walk!

  2. Dear Kim,

    I like your post. I am also exited to go on the next amazing race too! I hope we are on the same team. Do you think it will be all over the PMH? I hope so! Next time I think you should write more.


  3. I like how you added the emoji, and I’m also exited for the next amazing race to!? I agree with Cade, you should write more.

    – Alexis

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