Hello, world! YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS!!! Our teacher are planning another Amazing Race! But this time, WE WILL DO IT ALL AROUND PHÚ MỸ HƯNG!!! I am SOO exited!

I am worried that we might get lost but we will still go with an adult, OF COURSE!!!

We haven’t talked about this next race THAT much, but all we know is that there might be one! Thats basically all i know! BYE!!!

The Amazing Race… ??

Hello, world! Yesterday (Tuesday, August 16), we launched our new super unit called…                        THE AMAZING RACE!!!

If you don’t know, The Amazing Race is a TV show where each episode, people travel to different countries and complete different tasks! The first team to complete the tasks will be safe! The last one to complete the tasks will be eliminated! So every episode, 1 team will be eliminated until 2 teams remain. Then they will have the final episode THAT WITH DETERMINE THE WINNER OF THE AMAZING RACE!!! We kind of did that but only around our school. And we only did it once…

Our team was responsible for our belongings and our TEAMWORK!!!

Our team made thoughtful choices by not going in different directions and following the rules and instructions carefully, well, most of the time!

During the race I showed some self reliance.

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Hello, world! Today I will be talking about our….


I enjoyed it VERY much! I was surprised that our teacher was from New Zealand!

This week, we usually played games after attendance. Mr. Edwards came up with a new game EVERYDAY!!!

Sometimes, if he feels like it, he will pick someone randomly and give them a COMPLETELY RANDOM PRIZE!!! Once he even gave someone a paperclip!

I am exited for our field trip to Cat Tien later during our year! I heard that we stay there for 3 days! I AM SOOO EXITED!!!