I Will Miss 4th Grade! :(

Hello, world! Today, I will talk about how I feel about moving on to 5th grade.

I’m VERY sad because our 4th grade teacher, Ms. Chris, will be leaving our school! She has been an AWESOME teacher!

At the beginning of 4th grade, I was very shy and scared to make friends, even though I wasn’t a new student! Now, I am constantly talking and I also have some friends, too!

I will miss hearing our teacher telling jokes and explaining the day. I will miss being in the elementary school, since I’m moving to the middle school building. I will miss playing with my BFF’s in class, if we aren’t in the same classroom next year! I WILL MISS EVERYTHING ABOUT 4TH GRADE!!! Except for the fact that our classroom is always facing the sun…

I’m afraid that in 5th grade, the math will be hard and the teachers will be strict. But at the same time, I think grade 5 will be cool! Cool teachers, cool science experiments and MORE FREE TIME!!! I will still miss Ms. Chris though…

On the last week of grade 4, we started making an iMovie about events that have happened during the year. Here is my iMovie! ENJOY!!! It’s not fully finished yet! SORRY!!! If you see a blank screen, your in the part that isn’t done yet!