Growing Cucumbers!

Hello world!!! Today I will talk about…   GROWING CUCUMBERS!!! And also I will have  a surprise at the end!

About 6 weeks ago, we started growing cucumbers for our new unit, “Structures of Life.” We grew cucumbers to see how fascinating plants are and what are the steps of the life cycle of the plant. The cucumbers were ALL organic! After all of the hard work, watering the cucumbers everyday, we FINALLY got to pick the cucumbers and eat them.

When we picked of some cucumbers, some have been eaten by some sort of bug  thingy, but we still cut off the part the part that they ate so we could eat them. Our teacher placed the part that was eaten by the bug on the counter by the window. A few days later, this happened…

“Oh my god there are maggots… AND THEY’RE JUMPING?!?!” Ms. Chris noticed. She said that maybe a fly was laying eggs inside our cucumber. And maybe the eggs hatched!

Here are some photos of the growing process:

Beginning (Planting seeds)


Starting to grow (Seedling)
Growing bigger!
Adult plants! (Almost ready to harvest)

OH!!! I forgot to tell you guys the surprise! I have written a new book called, “The Life of a Plant.” It’s a VERY good non-fiction book about plants and you can download it on iBooks! Here is the link to download it if you REALLY want to read it!