Book Clubs!?

Hello, world!!! Today, I will be talking about my book club group. If you don’t know what a book club is, it’s just a club where your members of the club read the same book and stop reading at a specific page or chapter. After you read the book, you should discuss what has happened so far in the book that you are reading.You can discuss more things about the book, too!

My book club has 4 members. Me, Saki, Sheryl and Cade. We were reading Shiloh. It was a very serious and emotional book, but it was good. The author was Phillis Reynolds. The book was part of a series. That was just the first book. The other books were Shiloh Season and Saving Shiloh. The book genre is Realistic Fiction. Shiloh is actually a real PLACE!!!

Here is the video for the my book club. This is so you know what we do in book clubs.


I am very proud of how I was the leader of the group. I think I should work on talking.

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