Learning Journeys!!!

     Hello, World! Last Friday was our school’s Learning Journeys. You don’t know what a a Learning Journey is? Don’t worry! A Learning Journey is when students take their parents into school and show them what they have learned so far. Usually, the parents are very proud at the end. If they aren’t proud, well, your life is kinda ruined…

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 08.01.27
   My mum is watching my video for the books club meeting. You can go check that video out on my other blog post about book clubs. 

     I showed my mum our plants and to prove that they do have eggs, we even dissected a flower!!! In math, I didn’t know how to translate the geometry words into Vietnamese so I just showed her what it looks like and she would tell me the word in Vietnamese

     After showing her what we did in main class, I showed her the extra classes like music, P.E., art, Vietnamese Language and Library. The last extra class we did was P.E., which was SO fun! All we needed to do was use all the supplies that we need for sports like badminton and soccer, AND PLAY!!!

My mum enjoyed when I showed her the insides of a flower through a microscope. She thinks I need to keep working on my vietnamese. My mum said I’m a good botanist, which is a scientist that learns about plants

Book Clubs!?

Hello, world!!! Today, I will be talking about my book club group. If you don’t know what a book club is, it’s just a club where your members of the club read the same book and stop reading at a specific page or chapter. After you read the book, you should discuss what has happened so far in the book that you are reading.You can discuss more things about the book, too!

My book club has 4 members. Me, Saki, Sheryl and Cade. We were reading Shiloh. It was a very serious and emotional book, but it was good. The author was Phillis Reynolds. The book was part of a series. That was just the first book. The other books were Shiloh Season and Saving Shiloh. The book genre is Realistic Fiction. Shiloh is actually a real PLACE!!!

Here is the video for the my book club. This is so you know what we do in book clubs.


I am very proud of how I was the leader of the group. I think I should work on talking.

4th Grade is Famous!!!

Hello, World! Recently, I did a post about doing projects that help save energy. Well guess what? The company that made the Hummingbird Kit saw our videos! Two of our teachers went to a meeting in Hong Kong to present our projects! Even the Hummingbird Kit company went, too! They put our videos on their website as a way to sell their products! 4TH GRADE IS FAMOUS!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.36.37
Here is a photo of us trying to work out some science.

Here is a link to their website to prove that I’m not lying! Well, lets face it, nobody would think I’m lying!

The Link To The Website

Here is video of us working in science.




Fractions and Decimals

Hello World! This math unit, we were learning about changing fractions into decimals, and other decimal stuff like adding and subtracting decimals. Today, I will show you what I learned.

I learned how to make equivalent fractions using 10 and 100 as the denominator.



Hello, again guys! Today, I did my math Post – Assessment, but that is not what we’re going to talk about that! We will be talking about my Unit 6 math reflection! In case you don’t know, a reflection can be a sheet of paper where you reflect on the things that you have done or learned somewhere.

Lets move on to what my reflection looks like! If you think that it’s too small to see, just click on it!


I hope you liked learning about math with me in this blog! Until next time, see you later! BYE!