Stephanie Bodeen’s Visit! ?

Hello World! Yesterday, an author came to our school! Her name is Stephanie Bodeen! She came to our class to teach us how to describe our character’s emotions without saying what emotion it is! We learned how to describe happy, sad, angry and scared.

She has written books like Fallout, Shipwreck Island, Raft and many other books. Her novels are usually about disasters or things like getting stranded on an island. It takes years and years to write, illustrate and publish her books.

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Hello world!!! Do you want to know about something called coding? Sure!

Coding is computer language. You program something using coding. Coding is like telling the computer what to do.

Here are some examples of coding around Hồ Chí Minh!

  1. The gates at SSIS. When we swipe our ID card one the scanner, the gates automatically opens like magic! It quickly scans your ID number and if it is a true gate number, then the gates open!
  2. The doors at Crescent Mall. When the distance sensor senses a person coming, the doors slide open so you don’t have to push or pull them open.

Coding is actually VERY useful. Here is an example why coding is so useful

When an old lady comes into her house, she doesn’t need to push the door open. Instead, she just needs to walk in!

I think you were wondering what you can program with coding! You can program new laptops, doors, TVs, glasses, pretty much everything! Some people even make their own inventions that people have not created yet with coding! I just stuck to making a game.

My game is a great example. I used a website called scratch. In this website, you can program games, tutorials, How-To games. I haven’t completed my game yet but what it is about is a girl named Lianna Lee, and she goes into this fictional maze and collects these stars on the way to Bob’s castle. Bob is an evil villain that teleported Lianna to the maze.

Here is the programming for my game, just in case you want to get an idea of how to do it. Remember, this is easy coding. In serious coding, you would write everything.

Here is the coding!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 17.52.12       Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 17.52.37      Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 17.52.00       Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 17.52.29

Fantasy Book Trailer





                      A WORLD OF…




New book coming out now! Lianna Lee and The Secret of the Mysterious Sister is the name!

    The author, Kim, put a lot of hard work into making this story! She takes you in a world where you could have fun, be amazed. She also leaves you in suspense!

    This book is a beginning of a new series! So save up your money, and buy this book for $10.00!!!

     Come into a world where anything is possible!



A few weeks ago, my class was working on making a prototype that saves energy.

I thought it was really fun designing and creating the project with my friends because I love art and we did that a lot when we were making the prototype. Another reason I liked doing the project was because I got a chance to spend time with my friends.

I don’t like the fact that we had to do coding because it was very hard and I’m very bad a coding. For me, Coding = : (.

Our prototype is called the cat-a-solve. The problem was: Cats kept on coming to Dylan’s front door and setting off the sensor lights.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 08.05.34
We are creating our prototype. This was before we finished.



                Energy Saving Prototype Reflection

  1. Describe your prototype, what problem you were trying to solve and how your prototype saves energy.

      The problem: A cat kept on setting off the sensor lights outside Dylan’s house. It just sat there and kept the lights on when it doesn’t need it.

       We made a prototype that makes sure that if someone is under 10 cm tall, the lights won’t turn on. But if someone is taller than 10 cm than the lights will turn on.

2. Describe in detail how your prototype works. How did you make your prototype?

        We made a prototype that makes sure that if someone is under 10 cm tall, the lights won’t turn on. But if someone is taller than 10 cm than the lights will turn on.

       We used the Hummingbird Kit and scratch for the coding. We used 1 distance sensor and 1 L.E.D light. We also used some cardboard,, clay and some paper cups to make it look like a garden.

3. Explain where energy transfer and transformation occur in your prototype.

        The energy transferred from the Micro Controller to the L.E.D light.

      The electricity from the micro controller turned into light for the LED.

4. Write about the different types of inputs and outputs you used in your prototype.

        My inputs are:

Distance sensor

      My outputs are:

LED lights

5. Describe how your group worked together.

        When it takes too long for the person decorating the prototype, we help that person by adding more people to the group to help them finish the decorating since everything else was done.

6. Overall, how did you feel about this project?

        I really liked working on the project because we got to do some art to make the prototype and I LOVE art!

     Another reason why I liked doing the project was because I got to have time doing AWESOME things with my friends!