Multiplication Unit

In math, we are learning about multiplication, division and the strategies we can use to figure out the product. I learned that there are many different ways to solve a multiplication problem. Some different strategies are The Lattice Method, The Traditional Algorithm, The Area Model and The Partial Products Method.


____Partial Products:             20×80 =  1,600

________________                  20×4  =     800

________________                  9×80  =     720

________________                  9×4    =+___36__

_________________                            _2,556_

_________________                            +1

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.00.34                                                   Math Strategies

The Documentary Film Festival Fail ?

On Thursday, November 5, 2015, we celebrated our documentaries by planning a festival to showcase our learning. It was from 6:00 – 7:30 ⌚️. Parents may come, too ?‍?‍?. We would have traditional food ?, a photo booth and we also displayed our art projects there. On that day someone special came, too. It was the famous Vietnamese artist, Ms. Loan.

Eric, Sheryl and I were the MCs ? for the 2nd part. When Eric was supposed to say wait 3 times, The lights turned off when he said the first wait. Instead of saying Wait, Wait, Wait, he said Wait (Lights turned off), Woah! Everyone laughed so much. We carried on.

It was my turn to talk and I was on the last paragraph when I thought about Eric and what happened which made me laugh so hard and I was on STAGE!!!

In the end, everything was back to normal, except for one thing, every single parent was shedding tears of joy ?.