The Life of a Documentarian

In my class, we are working on a project. Our project name is Vibrant Vietnam. We are making documentaries about Vietnam, it’s special culture and the geography. We are put into groups of 3 or 4. My group includes Saki, Cade, Eric and ME! We each have a topic and an inquiry question. Our topic is Farming in Vietnam and our inquiry question is What Types of Farming do They do in Vietnam?

My favorite part of being a documentarian is that I get to help people choose what footage to put in and help my group members edit our documentary. Another reason why I like being a documentarian is because when we get our footage and photos, we get to go to cool places to gather footage.

The most challenging thing about being a documentarian is that we have to get the footage and then transfer it onto the laptop. I think it is challenging because I am always forgetful and busy. Sometimes you get the footage and then you AirDrop it to our group members. If people are not connected to the wifi then you have to wait a loooooooong time.

I learned that professional documentarians do not put fancy things in there documentaries. For example: When it switches to a different shot, they do not put any fancy or childish transition like when you make a picture flip to another picture.

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Researching with Friends




Vibrant Vietnam House Design Challenge (Art)

In Art, we are working on a project called the “Vibrant Vietnam House Design Challenge.” What we have to do is create a traditional house from one of the regions. Our family name is Kimmelyung. We came up with that name by putting the names Kim, Yung Eun and Melissa together (Kim, Yung Eun and Melissa are our group members with a chicken named Chicky-MoMo). Our family lives in the Mekong River Delta. We sell fruit and vegetables at the local market. We designed the house with random stuff like a rainbow wall and red balls the are not even round! A special thing about our house is that it’s on stilts. We did that because in the Mekong Delta, it floods quite a lot so the stilts help prevent our belongings from getting wet.

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International Day ?? ??

Today was International Day. We did lots of things. The first thing we did was wear our traditional clothes from our countries. I’m from England and Vietnam so I wore the traditional British clothing (I just wore my daily clothes because England does not have any traditional clothes).

Another thing that we did was the school photo. What we did was go outside in the hot sun and go with people from our country and create the SSIS logo using all the students in the entire school.

At the end of the day, we get to go out on the field at 2:30 and there would be booths with traditional foods from different countries in them and you could taste the food for free.

The 5th grade cocktail taste-test?

Today, we went to the auditorium because the 5th graders are inventing new cocktails that are both delicious and sometimes healthy. The was one drink called G.A.P.P.S. and they would give you this piece of paper that said ,”Drink G.A.P.P.S Like a boss!” That made me laugh so much. G.A.P.P.S. stands for grape, apple, pine, pear, strawberry. At least thats what I think it is. The drinks were soooooooo nice. My favorite one was Vampire Island because it tasted a little like white wine and I like white wine.

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In Roots and Shoots, we are doing a project called ” BUY NO RHINO!!!” We met the founders of that foundation. Their names were Vanessa and Vicky. They are sisters. They were from South Africa. They were creating awareness for the Rhinos of Africa by riding their bikes around Southeast Asia and going to schools to teach us more about why the Rhinos are endangered. I am so happy that they came because Rhinos are one of my favorite animals so I don’t  want them to be extinct and what Vanessa and Vicky did made me so glad that they are helping to keep our Rhinos. 

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Buying a DanTDM poster

Today, I asked my dad if he could buy me a DanTDM poster on eBay because DanTDM is my favorite YouTuber and also because you could put your name on it. He said yes. I was so exited. I only have 1 poster which is a One Direction poster in my bedroom. Now, I feel like every time my friends come to my house, they will be so jealous because they wish that they have a DanTDM poster, too. I’ll show you the actual poster that I bought.Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 14.42.25                       Just so you know, Peter Thompson is just the example.

My Favorite YouTuber!!! Hint – He is A Gamer

I have so many favorite YouTubers but this guy is the best out of everyone. His YouTuber name is…

DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart).

 He is from the UK. In his videos, he takes us through adventures in minecraft with his friends a villager named Dr. Trayaurus and his skeleton dog, Grim. They are very funny. I recommend you watching his videos because his videos are for kids and they are not inappropriate.

I’ll add the link to his channel but you MUST remember to join TeamTDM by subscribing to him, OK!

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         Dr. Trayaurus

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Movie Night Announcement

On October 30, 2015, there will be a movie night going on. It will be from 6:00-7:30. We will be watching………..


To make you even more exited I am proudly to announce that we will be having another movie night! I forgot when it will be held but I do know that on that movie night, we will be watching everyone’s favorite movie………


Just so you don’t get confused, it is not Despicable Me. It is the sequel of the movie Despicable me and Despicable Me 2.

I’m very exited to watch these movies and I am sure you are, too. I will be looking forward to seeing you during the event.

I will be making more STUCO announcements in the future.

Vibrant Vietnam

Our group (Kim, Saki, Cade, and Eric) is working on farming in Vietnam. Our inquiry question is “What types of farming do they do is South Vietnam?”

We have learned that some farmers farm on hills and mountains by digging into the hill or mountain to flatten out the land. We also learned that the the most common job in Vietnam is farming because Vietnam is close to the equator so it has the right amount of rain and sunshine.  Another thing we also learned is that some farmers use water buffaloes to help them instead of using all their money to buy a machine. Another thing that we learned is that the amount of rice that the Mekong Delta farms produce is more than the amount of rice that they produce in Japan and Korea combined!

We interviewed a gardener in our school and we got pretty good information. We got some information from the gardener we interviewed, some information we got by researching on the internet and some information we got by watching documentaries. One of our group members (Cade) has got some footage of the countryside where people farm. He has some videos and pictures.

We are trying to plan more interviews because the gardener interview did not count. The gardener was talking quietly and the noise in the background was too loud. We think that next we should interview another gardener but in a more quiet place and we should write down what he or she says to put in as the subtitles.   

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Macaroni and Cheese Delight

We went to a restaurant called ” Harry Casual.” We usually come here for dinner because they have a dart machine that makes playing darts safer and they also have 6 pool tables! We love the food there because they have lots of flavour in their recipes and the food is all fresh. For example: they do not use frozen pizza dough for their pizzas. They would always make the pizza dough and put it in a container to keep it fresh.

My favorite recipe they have their is what they call ” The Macaroni and Cheese Delight.” They say it’s homemade. I think that’s the reason why it tastes soooooooo delicious.

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