Social Studies Minecraft Map Project 🤗

Hello, world! In Social Studies, I have been working on a project involving Minecraft. I had to build a replica of either ancient Canaan or ancient Egypt, and I chose to do Canaan. Before I started building, I drew a map of what my world would look like (just an estimate). Then, I wrote down a plan for each day to tell me what to do on that day and make sure I get things done before the due date. Here is the video that I filmed:

Mi Proyecto Espanol!!! 🇪🇸

Hello, world! Now that I am a middle schooler, working hard and getting stressed to educate myself, I get to learn Spanish. It’s actually surprisingly fun!

We were assigned a project (or proyecto in Spanish), which was to make a video entirely in Spanish. I got to work with my best friend (Cherry) to get this project done and over with. Here is the video (cringe incoming)!

Wanna Learn More About Me?

Hello, world! For the past few days or maybe weeks, we were working on making FABULOUS memoirs! Memoirs are kind of like auto-biographies, but completely different. Instead of a story about your entire life, memoirs are about one small specific moment.

We’ve worked extremely hard to learn about how to make memoirs perfect, adding them into iBooks and making the presentation look like perfection. We even learned how to make poems that have a memoir form. But weren’t aloud to use many pictures from the internet so we had to design things ourselves using Google Drawings, searching up ideas on pinterest or just simply drawing ideas on pieces of paper ourselves.

You can download my story on any apple device but if you have an android device, it will be quite a bit harder to get the job done. Here’s my memoir, ENJOY!!!


Hardest Super Unit EVER!!!

The judges call out our group’s name, The Sliding Wall. We look at each other and say, “oh god.” We walk up to the front of the room. My stomach was doing back flips.

We start to introduce ourselves to the stubborn and serious looking judges. I was so nervous and exited that it was kinda starting to get hard to breathe.

Our group’s solution is to make a sliding wall in between classes so there is more space for super unit launches and meeting with large groups of people from our school.

“Hello judges! I am Kim,” I introduce.

“I am Helen,” She followed.

“and I am Jessica.”

“Have you ever wondered how ES students go to those meetings that involve all grade classes cramping into one classroom and still survive to tell the tale?” I ask them.

“Well the truth is, we don’t,” I was hoping that they would just laugh at our joke. Thank goodness they did!

As time went on, clicking through our presentation and saying our script, I was wondering if all this hard work we did for months would actually pay off. I was starting to doubt me and my group as the judges asked hard questions like,”you mentioned how much time it will take to build the wall but you never said anything about how much time it would take to demolish the non-sliding walls.”

The whole day passed, and when we got back to school the next morning, we, or at least me, knew we wouldn’t make it through to the shark tank finale.

Ms. Roxanne came into Mr. Edwards’ classroom and called out the names of the groups that made it through. The Green Wall, Plastic Bottle Garden, Hut of Learning, The Standing Desk, they all made it through! Except for us. For that whole entire day I started to think that our solution was the worst out of all the fifth graders.

The worst part was, the people that didn’t make it through to the finale for the hard work they did. We did hours and MONTHS of work and what did we get? Only a week with no homework! And even with that, SOME PEOPLE STILL HAD TO DO MATH HOMEWORK!!!

We were presenting in the library to Mr. Jeremy, Ms. Fox, Ms. Ronzetti and Mrs. Roxanne! ??

The Trip…

Hello, world?! Last week, Grade 5 went on a 3 day, 2 night trip to, “Cat Tien National Park.” This is gonna be ALL about the good, the bad, and the disgusting times on the trip! Sit back, relax and ENJOY?!


On the bus ride to Cat Tien! ?

During our free time, we would go to each other’s cabins and have a PARTY (aka reading each other scary stories?)!!! Sometimes we would even use each other’s dry shampoo when we were lazy to take a shower, because of the bugs?! Once, when I woke up, there was a millipede on the mosquito net. It was on the inside?! I’m very proud of myself because I survived Cat Tien without being freaked out and killing myself because of all the nasty bugs in my cabin. I am happy about the cabin (even though we had a bunch of bugs) because we had the best cabin! In my friends’ cabins, one of them had a snake in their cabin! Another had a huge gaping hole in their bathroom ceiling and more?! And I am also happy because I was in the same cabin as Ellie and Eliza, which were my best friends at the time ??!

Primate Center?:

We went to the E.A.S.T.(Endangered Asian Species Trust) primate center to take a look at the Pygmy Lorises and Gibbons?! We couldn’t take a peek at the Lorises because they were sleeping? when we went in the morning so we didn’t want to disturb their beauty sleep??! We learned that the Gibbons were usually kept in small cages at the back of city restaurants to attract customers for more money?! At the end, we got to buy a bunch of souvenirs to help support the Primates! I bought a jacket and a bracelet?! The Gibbons?and Pygmy Lorises were living their life in the HUGE ecosystem that they got with many big trees and plants? and lots of space to improve their climbing and swinging in the trees. I am proud of my notes? and observations I took about the way the gibbons were living. 

Moon Bear Center?:

We also went to visit the Moon Bears and we got a chance to go INSIDE their enclosure?(not when they were in it obviously)! We spread peanut butter on the trees so they had to climb to get it! We did this to improve their sense of smell and climbing abilities?! We observed their climbing SKILLZ and we were impressed! Their sense of smell was also very professional because we spread the peanut butter in some areas that were very hard to find! But they still managed to find it??! We observed that the whole ecosystem they were living in was very sustainable because the things that the bears play on were all made of natural, organic materials like bamboo and wood. Sometimes it’s made of metal. The pool was made of stone instead of glass or concrete?.  

Peanut Butta! ?

Check out the E.A.S.T. website here!



Information Report! ❤️

     Hello, world! This blog is going to be about my information report on Jacob Sartorius and the grades I got for it!

I got an M on my information report which means I’m meeting the expectations.

In the beginning, I had a very bad conclusion that did not follow the rubric of having a good conclusion. I didn’t state a reason why I chose that topic. But now, I have a way better conclusion compared to the previous one because I stated why I chose that topic and I made it longer.

Link To Information Report eBook

     Next time I should have put more colour into my eBook so that it’s not boring and bland. I should also add some more information and research deeper into the internet instead of just relying on google (looking into his YouTube channel to watch his All About Me video). 

?2 Week Reading Goals!?

Reading Goal

My reading goal is to read longer. Every night I should be reading 25-45 minutes or more. I will time myself with a stopwatch or a phone to make sure the time is accurate.

Action Plan

I will make sure I read at least 25 minutes every night by putting a sticky note in my computer because I use my computer a lot and that will be a reminder to do my reading and read to the correct time.


Day 1:

Last night, I read a mystery genre book (Frozen Charlotte) for 1 hour and 30 minutes and I read 70 pages. I read WAY more that 25 – 45 minutes which I think is AWESOME!

Day 2:

Last night, I read Frozen Charlotte, again, for 28 minutes and I read only 19 pages which is still achieving my goal but I think I could probably do WAY better since yesterday I read for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Day 3:

Last night I read Frozen Charlotte for only 12 minutes because I was sick and I got very tired so most of the day I slept, a lot.

Day 4:

Last night I read Frozen Charlotte for 46 minutes and 36 pages. I am still achieving my goal and next week I think I should be reading some more non – fiction books because I am always reading Fiction genres.

Day 5:

Last night I read Frozen Charlotte for 29 minutes and 20 pages. I still need to read more non – fiction books because this is the only book I read for the whole 2 week reading goal.


I achieved my goal because every single night, except for 1, I read at least 25 minutes. I think I improved a lot since we started the 2 week reading goals and I hope I can continue to read at least 25 minutes every night like when we were doing the reading goals.


Winter Holiday In England ??❤️?

Hello, World!

A few weeks ago, I went on the plane flight to Hertfordshire, England to meet my family and have fun on Christmas and New Year’s Day! 

For Christmas?, I got an iPhone 7! And I also got some body wash and deodorant. My friend in England got me Shortbread Cookies and Jazzles! 2 other people in my family also got an iPhone! On of them cried cause she wanted a Jet Black coloured Phone but the colour she got was Rose Gold!

On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day?, my whole family gathered at my brother’s house to watch the New Year’s countdown and the fireworks on the TV, since we couldn’t be bothered to go to London to watch it in person! We all had champagne and the kids had Schloer (sparkling juice)!

I had a GREAT time in England and I want to come back next summer or winter again! But I also miss my school and my friends back home in Vietnam! I will be coming back on Saturday, January 7 2017!!!

Diet Coke, Baking Soda and Mentos Experiment Report

Hello, world! This is gonna be a post about our science report for the Diet Coke, Baking Soda and Mentos experiment!

In class this month, we have been making our own science experiments in pairs! I have been working with my partner, Halia! Our research question is:

What will happen when you put baking soda in Diet Coke and put a balloon on top of the diet coke lid? Will the balloon come off, will it expand or will it explode? Will the same thing happen if we added 1 mentos in it?

Our hypothesis is:

We think that the balloon will explode because of the pressure.

More details about our experiment are in the slideshow that Halia and I made below!

Writing Reflection

  Hello, world! Welcome to my writing reflection?!  

     In writing, we have been doing something called “Quick Write” which is where we write a short story about a short moment that recently happened. We have a limited amount of time to write this story which is why is has to be short.

We have also been paraphrasing information about a topic that we chose to write about. I chose to write about pugs but then I changed to writing about Jacob Sartorius.