Super Computer

              Our project is called Super Computer. The Super Computer will shut down in a matter of time. It is made out of some LED lights, distance sensor, Cardboard and bottle caps. The Super Computer shuts down because you are wasting too much energy. So if you’re watching on the Super Computer for a long time it will turn off and it will save everything you do.    

here is the link to our prototype video


Fraction Cookies

          On February 27 made Fraction cookie, we didn’t need to bake it just refrigerated it. We had to use a lot of ingredients like: Flour, Sugar, Salt, Chocolate chip and Applesauce. We looked at the recipe and had to double it. We mix it Fold it. We put it in the fridge for 1-2 day. We took it out of the fridge and ate it, it was so delicious.




Nghi’s Winter Break

This Winter break I went to Hong Kong for 4 days. I had lots of fun! The first day in Hong Kong my family went to eat BBQ. At the restaurant we got to make Cotton Candy and Ice Cream. The second day in Hong Kong I went to the biggest buddha in Asia. I also went to Disneyland and played some games. On the last day in Hong Kong we went shopping in Victoria Harbor, the mall was so big that our family got lost in it. I also went to a Zen Garden and it was so calm and peaceful. I really enjoy the trip in Hong Kong. Someday I want to visit Hong Kong again!

Nghi’s Winter Break


       In Literacy class we did book partner ship. Book partnership is when you meet with a friend in class that has a similar reading level as you, and you pick out a just right book to read. My partner is Ellen. We read a book called The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare. The book wasn’t that exciting. The process of reading partnership is: divide the book into 3 section, read one of the section and write a reading response to your partner, wait for your partner to write back. Doing our book partnership helped me improve my writing, reading and grammar. Book partnership is so interesting and fun!

We also did our living wax museum presentation. We had to research about an explorer. I researched about Sacagawea. She was an Native American who explore North West America. I wrote a speech about her. We learnt how to write complex sentences and put punctuations in the right place. I enjoyed writing the speech. I love Literacy!

My reading response

My Sacagawea speech



The Heart of Exploring Unit Celebration

     We just did our unit 2 celebration. I got to show my mom art, music, my service expo and drama. I’d enjoy drama because I got to show my mom my joke play called Fat Lady, I had to stuff myself with fabric to look fat. I also enjoyed art because I got to paint water color with my mom. My mom painted a Christmas tree for me, me and my friend had a Santa drawing contest. I also enjoyed music but it wasn’t my favorite because it was a bit too loud. I liked the service expo because I got to show my mom what my team’s plan was to help the orphans. This was a great unit celebration!

My Drama joke play

Service Expo



Math Unit 2

        In this math unit, I learnt how to multiply and divide big numbers. I’m really good at Multiply two digit by two digit number. In 4th grade we had a multiplication ice cream challenge, we had too finish it in 1 month. I got my 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 multiplication facts done. I had a bowl of delicious ice cream with everything in it. I still need to work on my multiplication fact problem and two step word problem.




Living Wax Museum

On Monday November 20, we did the living wax museum with the other class. I researched about Sacagawea. Sacagawea went with Lewis and Clark to explore North West America. Something really interesting I learnt was 200 years ago you can marry when you’re like 13. Did you know that Sacagawea married a man named Toussaint Charbonneau when she was only 13 years old. This project was hard because there aren’t enough information to research. It was fun doing the wax museum.

Figure Drawing

This is my favorite figure drawing. I’m proud of it because I did the shading very well and my proportion are equal. I’d like to draw my figure bigger next time to fill up the paper. I like this drawing also because in my perspective it looks neat and pretty! I like figure drawing better than cartoon drawing. I love Art!!!