Figure Drawing

This is my favorite figure drawing. I’m proud of it because I did the shading very well and my proportion are equal. I’d like to draw my figure bigger next time to fill up the paper. I like this drawing also because in my perspective it looks neat and pretty! I like figure drawing better than cartoon drawing. I love Art!!!

Amelia Earhart

What did Amelia Earhart explore? Amelia explored about airplanes and being a women pilot.

What motivated her to explore? Amelia went to a air fair where people fly planes and race, she became obsessed with flying.

What characteristics did she show? Amelia was challenger and a risks taker, also a tomboy.

How did she go about exploring? Amelia explored by traveling around the world and to be the first women to fly over the Pacific Ocean and other places.

Unit 1: Math

In this math unit we learned how to rounding numbers, comparing with symbols, add and subtract big number, writing number in different form and place value. Before I didn’t know what standard form was but now I know standard form is writing it in number form, for example: 100+30+8 in standard form 138. I’m proud of how I grow on adding and subtracting big number in algorithm and rounding. I remember a trick that mrs Sylvester taught me, the trick is used on a x10 chart, if you go one to the left its times 10 if you go one to the right it is divide by ten. We also did some number talks (Number talks are when the teacher give you a number problem to work on and have to explain your thinking). I’d like to work on different forms of writing the number, sometimes I get mixed up with expanded form and standard form, (Expanded form is this: 243 to expanded form is 200+40+3). I remember a time where I learn rounding elevator, at first I knew what to do but then it got so confusing when the numbers got bigger and bigger. I wouldn’t use that way, because its not convenient for me but no one is the same, just like my teacher says Shoes on the Carpet no one is the same. I think I grew from knowing nothing to being so good at math, I feel proud of myself because I learnt so much during this unit.

This is a poem we learned to round up or round down

This is the x10 chart


The First G4 Sleepover in SSIS

Grade 4 had a sleepover last week in school. We where the first grade in SSIS to have a sleepover, we played games, ate and obviously slept. We went around stations of game and activities, we went to restaurant outside of school and ate each of us had to bring 200 vnd or more just in case if we ran out of money. I went to Master beef and ate fried rice, there are other choices to like Osaka Ramen, Nha Hue, Co Ba Vung Tau, Korea Restaurant and Master Beef. It was delicious yum. I really liked when we went to Master Beef and ate, I ate a lot of food and I was so yummy. When it was game time I liked the game Winked Murder and silent ball. When I slept it was freezing cold, I needed to go to the bathroom at midnight and I ask my friend to go with me but they said no, so I went by myself, but I had a great night and full night sleep. The sleepover was very fun, I want to do it again!!!!!


Waiting for food.

My G4 talk_Kick out Caffeine

What did you do in the auditorium for the G4 Talk?  I felt nervous, sad, exited and happy when I was sitting down on the chair in front.
How did you feel before you went on stage? I felt find cause I have a song whenever I’m nervous I think about it and I feel much better
How did you feel during your performance? The first few sentence I was really scared but then I got the hang of it.
How did your feel after your performance? I felt sad and glad. I was sad because it was over but I was glad because we don’t have to do anymore work.
How do you think you did overall? I think I did very well but I could use more gesture.
What are two things you did well and are proud of? I think a spoke clearly and looked at the audience.
What is one thing you thought you could do differently? I could use more gesture or move around more also be more relaxed!!!!

sleep with mrs Sylvester

I really enjoy learning about sleep, cause sometime I don’t have a very good sleep. On Monday I didn’t have a very nice sleep because I was watching to much T.V., so I tried doing a body scan which really helped when I got to my hands I was a sleep. Here are some facts or hacks for sleeping. You can try some hot milk mixed with honey or take a hot bath for 30 minutes and lower the temperature in your room, it will make your skin feel nice. This is some hacks you can try to get a fuller and nice sleep.

Medical School

This week in school I learned about body system. We dissect a pig’s lung and heart also chicken wings.

An important fact I learned was your Nervous system react very fast.

The most interesting activity was dissecting a pigs lung because it a lot softer than I thought.

I had a hard time learning about the heart of a pig cause there are so many things in there and the words are a bit to log and hard to say.

I would still like to learn more about the lungs cause to me the lungs seems very interesting and there plenty more too learn.

I think it’s important for me to learn about body systems because we know what is good for our health and bad for it and what happens inside our body when we are sick.

Nghi (unit 2)’s Post on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Easy Blog Photo
This blog is a reflection of this week in school.we did lots of things like making the dragon and the Tet assembly.

I think my friend did a fantastic job on the Tet assembly the dance are great friends singing are fantastic. The people who dance for the dragon dance where so great it was so fun watching it.

I didn’t really understand what the 4 grader said so I didn’t know what to do. Disagreeing to our friend in math was a bit challenging but I understand a bit more,I will try to do better.????