Wearable Art (hats)

When I was doing my hat I learned that we could make any style so I did Starbucks. If I could do it again...

lighto fansastico

I am really proud of my teamwork
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I feel happy after being a mc and finishing my documentary and showing it to everyone.

My math reflection

Yesterday we made cookies and the recipe only served 3 people and we had to make the cookies serve 6 people. We wanted to...

Super Unit 3 Launch

We started our unit 3 launch yesterday, we got to play games, eat food and play instruments. The ones I liked was the game...
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❤️ of Exploring reflection

Our unit is called, The ❤️ of exploring. We learned about Helping the community will impact a lot of people, because people will share their knowledge...

Book Review

My book was, Puppy Place (Buddy) I would give this book a 4 star, because the book is like a real story, and sometimes...

Exploration Station

Today, we had our Exploration Stations. The 4 stations were Art, Community Partners, Drama and Music. I really enjoyed go to the drama, because...
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