YeonJin’s semester one grade reflection (10th grade)

January 18, 2016

  1. What did you manage to do well this quarter?

           -I always submitted my homework on time

a) What are a few concrete things you did to achieve these outcomes? Maybe you got all your homework finished and turned it in on time, success on a particular project or test or a particular way that you studied that contributed to your success.

           -I didn’t miss any points for not missing any homework and I could understand

            better in class and had questions to ask as I always did my homework.

b) Write about the specific actions you took to be successful.

-No matter how much time it takes for me to do the homework, I worked on it      

             until I finish it so that I can submit it on time.

2. What areas do you want/need to improve?

          -I have to use my time wisely so that I can be better prepared for my tests.

a) What are a few choices you made that resulted in these outcomes? Maybe you did not complete all your homework or you struggled on a particular project or test .

           -Because I didn’t use my time effectively enough, I was cramming to study for my

             unit tests. So, I couldn’t get satisfying grades for these tests.

b) Write about what you could do differently to be successful.

           -This semester, I will prepare for my unit tests at least 2 days in advance to have

             enough time to ask questions to teachers and be more prepared for my tests.

3. Do you see any trends in your comments? If so, what are they.

-Teachers have been telling me that I had been working hard during the whole semester and my works was always done in time. They also mentioned that I participate well in the class and keep up the good work to be successful as well in the next semester.

4. Do you see any anomalies (stands out as different from trends) in your comments? If so, what stands out and why?

-I don’t think there were any anomalies in my comments.

5. What activities am I involved in? -I was involved in a charity club HSFM, MUN, speech and debate, Math club, and Volleyball team.

    a) Am I over involved? -I don’t think I am over involved.   

    b) If so, what can I take away?

    c) If I am not involved in extracurricular activities what is one that I could join?

6. What is your goal for Q3? some examples are:

-Turn in all my homework on time.

-Meet with my English teacher 2 times each week for additional help.

-Raise my hand in class at least one time per day.

-Meet with a study group one time per week.

-Use my planner every day.

-Limit my outside activities to two after school activities each week

My goal for Q3 is to keep up my good grades and more effort to my studies. Specifically,  I’m going to plan what I will do each day so that I will use my time effectively for homework and get enough sleep at the same time.

7. Did anything happen in or outside of school that negatively or positively impacted my learning?

-Nothing really happened outside of school that impacted my learning.

8. Are your grades an accurate reflection of your ability? Why or why not?

-I think my grades are an accurate reflection of my ability because I put a lot of effort to have a better understanding on every single subjects, so I believe my ability improved which is reflected through my grades.

Yeon Jin’s Sonnet

Ice Cream

by YeonJin

The sun beats down in the mid summer day.

Sticky and sweaty while walking the street

with my noisy brother.  I’m not okay.

Feeling drained, under the exhausting heat,


I’m desperate for something very cold.

Then, my brother starts darting towards the store.

Ice cream shop. I felt like I found the gold

in the unknown island.  I push the door.


Heaven. All the ice cream alluring me,

boasting their distinct, delectable taste.

No time to waste about taste. What I see

is what I buy and pay money in haste


Oh my hero. I exhale pleasant sigh.

One bite and I’m flying in the blue sky.

发生了什么事 Daisy?

你好! 我是 Daisy, 我是法国人。我十三岁, 在学校里我上8年级。我住在越南的胡志明市。我很矮和很瘦。我不美丽,可是我很可爱。我是好动和老实。我喜欢薯条和鸡肉。我喜欢我妈妈带我去饭馆买薯条和鸡肉还有可口可乐。 上周是阴天。因为天气不好, 我感觉不好。放学后,我走回家天气开始下雨 。我跑回家,可是我淋湿了. 我淋浴后我去我的房间。我头痛和发烧. 所以我妈妈给我药. 然后我好多了。

(Hi! my name is Daisy and I’m French. I’m 13 years old and I’m in 8th grade. I live in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I’m short and thin. I’m not pretty, but I’m cute. I’m honest and active. My like french fries, and chicken. I love it when my parents bring me to the restaurant and buy me french fries and chicken with coke.
Last week, it was a cloudy day. Because of the weather, I was feeling bad. I was walking home after school and it started to rain. I ran to my house, but I was wet. I took a shower and went to my room. I got a headache and fever. So, my mom gave me a medicine and I got better.)

Our vehicle is a rubber band powered car. We only used reusable materials to build our car. The material that was used the most was water bottle caps. We used it to connect the CD and the wooden skewers. We used 1.5L water bottle for the body, and 2CDs, and one cork as wheels. We used tissue roll and glued top of the pen to wind up the rubber bands that are connected. Inside the tissue roll we added 2 water bottle caps to make the tissue roll stable. The small box underneath was used to support the small wheel(cork). We attached wooden skewers and put cork and cut piece of water bottle (to support the cork not to move) on to the wooden skewer. We cut the shoe box into rectangular shape and attached to each side of the water bottle.


The Newton’s first law is applied to our car as we used elastic rubber band as our source. When we wind up the rubber band, the potential energy will be stored and when we release it, it will change to kinetic energy. This force will move the car forward. The Newton’s second law applies to our vehicle because since the rubber band can’t store a whole lot of energy, we used a plastic bottle for the body to decrease the mass.The Newton’s third law is action and reaction. Wheels are turning from the kinetic energy  and the reaction is  he equal force from the floor. The vehicle is pushed by the equal force that allows our car to move.


The car that won the race was rocket car. That group made the balloon and attached onto the straws  and made to move on the line. This line helped  the vehicle to go straight. Since they attached  the long balloon that could contain more air, the balloon had more power to go farther and it can have the fast speed to start. Also, because it goes on the air, it doesn’t have rolling resistance that will stop or slow down the vehicle unless all the air in the  balloon is released.As they could make the good head start, their vehicle could go fastest and the farthest .


20 book challenge reflection


This semester, I was supposed to achieve 20 book challenge. I read 22 books so far. But I found some weakness while I was accomplishing my 20 book challenge. I read a lot of Fantasy, mystery, and realistic fiction. However, I did not read any of the biography and only one historical fiction. I learned that I only like to read the genres that are fun and happy.

Compare to last year, I read a lot more books. I think I only read 4 or 5 books because I was not interested in books at all. I think this 20 book challenge made me read more and become closer to books. Even though I was lacking in some genres, I could read a lot more books than last year. I think this 20 book challenge forces me to read books because it makes me feel that I should achieve my goal. But by accomplishing this, I could gain more knowledge and have fun while I was reading books.

Now, reading is fun for me. Before, I had no time to read books, so I hated reading. By doing 20 book challenge, I could fall deeply into the books, and I learned reading books worth my time. However, I don’t think my point of view really changed. I still don’t like reading sometimes even though I learned reading is fun. But this semester, the one huge thing I learned was…Reading is not waste of time and is not boring at all!!

Reflection of Leadership

This semester I had leadership. I never thought I would get leadership for my class. While I studied in here, I learned so many values of leader.

I learned leadership was the main value of the leader. I didn’t know so many things were required to be a good leader and have a good leadership.

One of the main value of the leader was to help people when they needed. Also, I learned leader must know the encourage other people, and educate people in the appropriate way.

In the future, when I have chance to be a leader of something, I won’t forget what I learned during this class, and try to be a good leader with the values I learned. Also, I will try to lead people in a good way and not always be a follower.

This leadership class was so memorable and great time for me. I will never forget the memories I had in this class. <3<3

The LAST free write of the year

Image by Jason Tank

‘The Series of  Unfortunate Events’ is the best series of book I’ve ever seen. This series is about 3 Baudelaire orphans, who are having adventures to run away from Count Olaf ,who wants to steal Baudelaire’s fortune, and find the track of their dead parents. The author of this book mostly wrote about Baudelaire’s unfortunate events, and how they solve the situations wisely. Even though I really loved how the author wrote about how wise Baudelaires were, I want to write about Count Olaf. This man is  probably the worst man in the world. He did not hesitate to harm or kill people to steal Baudelaire’s fortune. Every single time when Baudelaires are sent to the other guardians, he find them and try to get them on his hand. Also, whenever he goes to find Baudelaires, he always have perfect disguises that no one can know. In my opinion, I think he is a really smart actor. Whenever he disguise himself as a different person, he makes a perfect name and he acts very well. Also, he is always prepared with everything with his crews to find Baudelaires.

I didn’t finish the book yet, so I don’t know what happened to Baudlaires or Count Olaf. I believe the end of this book won’t disappoint me and I hope it is a happy ending. I can’t wait to finish it!

20 book challenge-Self – Assessment

This semester, I’m working on my 20 book challenge. There are only 3 weeks left until the end of the year. I have read 11 books so far. To accomplish my 20 book challenge, I need to read 9 more books in 3 weeks. By looking at my genre tally, I did not read any books of historical fiction and biography. Also, I only read one informational book. However, I read a lot of fantasy and mystery books. By looking at this, I thought  I only like to read genres that I like. So, I decided to focus on reading the genres that I don’t like until the end of the year.

To achieve my goal, I’m going to search biography, informational, and historical books in library. I’m going to borrow 2~3 books in a week and bring it to home. I will read it whenever I have spare time, and I will read books for 2 hours everyday before I go to sleep. I think I won’t get really interested in books that I will borrow, but in order accomplish my challenge, I will try hard to read those books and get interests with it.