My Cat Tien trip! ūü§©

Today i’m going to talk about my four day trip to Cat Tien National Park!ūüėÄ The best part of the trip is when we went to see the¬† moon bears and we hid fruits. We also put peanut butter on the tree so the moon bears could eat it.¬† Later, we went out of the enclosure and we saw the moon bears eat itūüźĽ!!!

We saw some interesting things in Cat Tien. The most interesting thing was watching the skits at the bonfire ūüĒ•and roasting marshmallows.

The most challenging part of the trip was going on the night¬†hike because it was dark and really blurry. But I challenged it by holding my friend’s hand so I won’t get lost, and then I got used to the dark.ūüĆĎ

I suggest maybe we could go somewhere new next year, and we could also have more break time. Also, maybe we could roast marshmallows every day.


our field trip! “long walk to water”

Today all the 5 grade had to walk to the Cresent mall bridge to do activities, we had 4 different types of stations, 2 stations were about how people from Africa carry water and it was hard because we had to carry a lot of water and my body gets really tired, one station¬† was about making dirty water to clean water, and another station was about getting water from the river and getting it out. my favorite activity was how to get clean water and you can work with your team and learn how to get clean water just in case we really need clean water we already know how to get clean water. I think the challenges activity was head carry station because we had to walk and hold on to the bottle and our hands get tired and we had to be carful case we can’t let the water spill out. I deal with my challenge by switching hands when one of my hands gets tired.

Drawing reflection!

In art class we could do shading or 1,2 and 3 point perspective. I chose shading, and for shading I chose to draw a tree on a hill and a girl looking at the moon, I lean how to use a blending stump to blend to make the shadows, the first time I did it was sort of hard cause I did not really blend the shadow with the blending stump. I want to improve in shading shadows because when I draw I draw to hard and when I blend with the blending stumps, I can still see my pencil mark, so I want to improve in drawing lighter if i want to do shading. If I did this again then I would challenge my self to draw more shading and I would try to draw more realistic pictures.

My grade 5 bu long trip!!

My class went to Buu Long and we did a lot of activities like abseiling, abseiling is a activities that u have to climb down a smooth surface and you have to be carful or you will slip. and zip-lining is a fun thing to do so someone will hook something on your harness and then they will tell you to sit and they will push you and then you and there is something on the string that makes you slide. and when you reach the end something will stop you. and rock climbing is when they have this hard thing that you hold on so you can hold on and put your feet and climb up. My favorite part of Buu long was abseiling because it was really fun climbing down but I struggle a lot. the most hardest activity is rock climbing cause it hards to hold on for so long and lift my body up. I learn that if your light then on the zip line then it will be easy to stop. but if your heavy then it will be sort of hard to stop. And also Learned that abseiling is different¬† than rock climbing cause you have to be more carful of climbing down cause you might hurt your self. I learn to be more carful of abseiling cause I don’t really pay attention were I hold the rope and I end up slipping. pursuing excellence in this trip is that i tried my best on abseiling and I used a lot of power. But I want to get better in rock climbing and try harder next time.


20 hour project post!!

My 20 hour project is to draw better pictures of animals. I chose this project because I like to draw animals but I don’t know how to draw a lot of animals. Therefore, ¬†I decided to do a 20 hour project about drawing better photos of animals and drawing more animal pictures.

Last week, I tried to go online and search for drawing animals and I did not really find that much videos to help me. I also tried to get advice from my friends and they gave me advice to go to different websites or they would teach me how to draw pictures. I planed to draw 3 animals a tiger, Dog and bird. So I tried different websites and I watched different videos to see which one is good for me to draw. I also tried to find a video that is just right for me to draw because if it is too hard then I don’t know how to do it. As a result, I know how to draw a dog but it is not that good.

Next week, I will try to find a video to draw a tiger and bird and practice drawing it.


What I did in my weekend

On my weekend I made a toy for my dog. So I imagined how it would look like and drew it out and then I thought how the toy will look like and how it is going to be safe for me. So then I got the supplies. I need a fluffy sock, a piece of rubber and a string. So First I cut my fluffy socks and put a piece of rubber then I sewed it back together and added I tied a piece of string to it. But when I gave the toy too my dog the string kept falling off so then I decided to sew the string so it would not fall off. So that is how I made the toy.

Selena’s reflection

Backward-LookingWhat problems did you encounter while you were working on this challenge? How did you solve them?

First we tried to use a straw so it glide but it did not work and also it did not have that much weight so we add a small piece of straw so we could put it in the string and we also dish washers so it could have more weight.


What was satisfying to you or frustrating to you during the challenge?

The challenging part was how to make it glide because we could not really make it glide. Also we need to see about the weight.


Outward-LookingIn what ways did your product meet or not meet the goals of the challenge?

We meet our goal by getting the weight so it could glide down so it would not be too light.



What would you change if you have a chance to do this challenge over again?

I would change the weight cause it is too heavy and I will make it a little bit lighter so it could glide slowly.



Book review ( Again) ! And this time the book is called Joey Pigza Swallowed the key and it is about this boy who can’t keep still. He lives with his grandma and one day his mom came back from trying to chase after his dad but then she gave up so she came back home with Joey, but his grandma got stricter so then one day she went in the sewer and never came back. But then one day he¬†Swallowed a key for a buck and he had to drink a type of medicine and then one day he pooped it out. He was also send to special ed school because he needed help with sitting still.

I recommend you read this book because it shows to not be so hyper sometimes because people can be sometimes be calm  and they need to stay calm sometimes when you are doing things that are dangerous.





Explorer play!

We did a play in front of the whoIe 4 grade! I enjoyed doing our script because we get to learn and have fun at the same time. I prepared by making props and costumes and memorizing my script so I would not mess up on stage. I have Misha, Bomin, YuLi and I ! Our script is about Jeanne Baret, she was the first woman to sail around the world. Our script is about her on the ship and that she has to cut off her arm because she had a disease but then  she accidentally  spoke in a woman voice. The Barber  found out she was a girl so she told the captain to kick her out of the ship because she was a girl and the captain did . We have the captain, the Barber,  Jeanne Bare and her friend. I was proud that we did not mess up and that we did not also messed up any actions.  I think we should speak louder in our script .I think I will give my script a 3 because we did not speak so loud and we need to try and speak louder next time.  I like how other people have a narrator and they tried to use some props from home. I also helped another play because one of  their team mates was busy.

my script!

Helped script!

My explorer reflection!

We made a ship and it is called √Čtolie and we think we did really good. I think we struggled with the sail cause we tried making it stand still, What I like about it is that the body of the boat. our sailor was Jeanne Baret she was born in July 27, 1740, she was born in France and she lived with her parents. people from France would sail to explore so she dreamed to sails so then one day she pretend to be a man and went on the ship, the captain was¬†Louis Antoine de Bougainville. As they were sailing people found out that she was a girl so they left her in the land of Tahiti. we really like building the ship and making the ship.