Non La Painting


Our task was to paint something that would represent Vietnam, and what Vietnam means to us. What I painted in my hat was 3 ladies wearing ao dai ( a Vietnamese traditional dress ), carrying goods to the market to sell. I chose a white background because it was simple, and because I thought if you focus to much on the background, then the viewers won’t focus on the 3 ladies. The reason I drew this is because when I think of Vietnam, I would think of ladies in ao dai because it is a unique piece of art in Vietnam. Also because when ladies in Vietnam wear ao dai, it shows the beauty of Vietnam ladies such as their curves. Although I don’t understand why I chose these colors ( the ao dai’s color ), but I think it was because when I put it in the color white, it stands out. Also because that is the most common color for ao dai in Vietnam. Overall, I think it was fun designing and painting my hat, so it was satisfying for me.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is a painting that does not resemble any shape or image of anything in anyway. It is when artists use various types of brush strokes, while others can splatter the paint onto the canvas surface. The colors that are chosen will make each other stand out, or blends in but still create a sharp color for the viewers to see.tumblr_lyscrhubnQ1qfteu5o1_500


I chose this painting because it catches my eye, and it stands out. The reason that I chose this painting is because of the color choice the artist chosen and, the type of brush stroke he/she used for the painting. The color was chosen wisely because it was able to blend with each other slowly and also because blue and red are two contrasting colors, but the way he/she made it blend was very interesting because he/she didn’t go through purple. Another part of the painting that caught my eye was the pink that was slightly blended into the blue in the near bottom half of the painting. I like the artist’s brush stroke, because it gives the painting some movements



This painting is interesting to me because of the color the artist chose and how he/she chose to apply it to the canvas. I like the color that the artist chose because it is gentle and it reminds me of the beach. Like how the cream looks like the sand and the white and blue looks like the waves crashing in. This painting is special to me because I liked how the artist chose to splash/splatter it on the canvas instead using the brush to apply the paint.

36946105 (2)

The image above is my artwork. This is an image I chose from Google earth and was edited. I do not know where the exact location is but, I think it doesn’t really represent anything now, since I’ve change many colors and added different texture in, which makes it hard to tell. I like the colors I chose for this project because it makes each other stand out because all of the colors are contrasting each other, since some are warm colors while others are neon colors. The part I like the most are the bubbles, because it is different from the other textures. The reason that makes it stand out is because it has a black background, so when I look at it, the first thing I see is the bubbles due to the black background.

To me abstract art is when an artist express his/her feelings by drawing/painting. Also the color they choose, such as dark and bright color. So when I look at an abstract art, it’s like playing a game; because you get to guess the thoughts of the artist while painting the piece of art.


2015 April SLC question – Mandarin

Describe one of you best successes in this class. What did you do to make it so successful?

One of my greatest success in this class is that I remembered more words/ characters compared to last year. Compared to last year, I barely understood anything I heard because I didn’t know/ remembered any. Now I’ve been able to create more sentence to communicate in Mandarin and so on. Another thing that I have succeeded in was expanding my Mandarin. I was able to learn about more topics such as sickness, weather, food and how to describe someone. How it was successful for me was because I signed up for extra Mandarin outside of school, and that school is a Vietnamese school. Although it was hard to understand since I’m not that good in Vietnamese anymore, it was easier for me to learn the Mandarin sentence structure since is was similar to the Vietnamese sentence structure, so it was easier for me to improve.

Describe a challenge you faced in this class. What did you do to overcome that challenge?

The hardest challenge I faced in Mandarin class was the weather characters. What made it so challenging was because in the weather characters, there were more words and some of them sound familiar, so I sometime mess it up. How I remembered it was by using Quizlet and re-writing the words until I remember them.

Example: Weather project + Video

Giami: 大家好!我们介绍一下中国上海的天气预报在一月从一月十九日到一月二十五日。我们叫Giami,Lauren, 和 Celine。

Celine: 一月十九日星期一是晴天,气温摄氏十二度。

Lauren: 一月二十日星期二多云, 下雨, 气温摄氏十二度。

Giami: 一月二十一日星期三是阴天, 气温摄氏十二度。

Lauren: 一月二十二日星期四多云, 气温摄氏十一度。

Celine: 一月二十三日星期五是晴天,暖和,气温摄氏十三度左右。

Lauren: 一月二十四日星期六是晴天,气温摄氏十三度

Celine: 一月二十五日星期天有小雨,气温摄氏十四度。

Giami: 谢谢你们看我们的天气预报。再见。


在医院 – At the hospital

Jae Young:  你好。医生在吗?

nǐ hǎo. yīshēng zài ma

Hello. Is the doctor here?

Riko (护士): 在。请问,我可以帮助你吗?

zài. qǐngwèn, wǒ kěyǐ bāngzhù nǐ ma?

Yes. How may I help you?

Jae Young: 我要看医生。( points at Lillian ) 她生病了。

wǒ yào kàn yīshēng. tā shēngbìngle

I want to see the doctor. She’s sick.

Riko: ( asks Lillian ) 你生病有多久了?

Nǐ shēngbìng yǒu duōjiǔle?

How long have you been sick?

Lillian: 三天。

sān tiān

3 days

Riko: 她生病了?( asks Jae Young )

tā shēngbìngle

What type of sick?

Jae Young: 她发烧,咳嗽, 头痛 和 嗓子疼。

tā fāshāo, késòu, tóutòng hé sǎngzi téng.

She has a fever, coughing, headache and sore throat.

Riko: 请等一下,医生要看你。

qīng děng yīxià, yīshēng yào kàn nǐ.

1Please wait a little while, the doctor will see you.

Giami: 你们好,谁生病了?

nǐmen hǎo, shuí shēngbìngle?

Hello, who’s sick?

Lillian: ( raises hand )

Giami: 你生病了?

nǐ shēngbìngle?

Are you sick?

Lillian: 我发烧,咳嗽, 头痛 和 嗓子疼。

wǒ fāshāo, késòu, tóutòng hé sǎngzi téng.

I have fever, cough, headache, and sore throat.

Giami: 你感觉如何?

nǐ gǎnjué rúhé?

How do you feel?

Lillian: 我不舒服。

wǒ bú shūfú

I don’t feel good.

Giami: 这是药,你要每天吃药。明天,你在家休息一天。

zhè shì yào, nǐ yào měitiān chī yào. míngtiān, nǐ zàijiā xiūxí yītiān.

Here is a medicine. You need to drink this everyday. Tomorrow stay home to rest.

Lillian: 好,谢谢医生。 再见。

hǎo, xièxiè yīshēng. zàijiàn.

Thank you. Bye.

Giami: 谢谢,再见。

xièxiè, zàijiàn.

Thank you, good bye.


I learned how to say various types of sickness in Mandarin, such as headache, fever, cold, sore throat, etc. I think it will be very useful when I go somewhere that only speaks Mandarin, because if I have a fever or I don’t feel good, then I can ask in where a clinic is. Although the characters are a bit hard to remember, I think it’s still good thing to at least recognize most of the characters.



History CSI: Industrial Revolution

This year in social study, we learned about the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution have taught us many things, such as how things developed. So to show what we’ve learned, we did a CSI. CSI stands for color, symbol and image. The color I’ve chosen was black and white, and the reason for that is because when ever I think of the Industrial Revolution I think of the old time.  The symbol I chose were the gears, because when I think of a machine that help our world developed, I think of the gears inside a machine that helps the machine work. Last but now least, the image I chosen was a clock to represent the time that have past since the Industrial Revolution happened. The yarn, because before silk and clothing there was yarn, to make things to wear. A factory to show how things were made more quickly, and a s beaker to show us the things that have been found like space, chemical formula and more.

Screenshot from 2014-12-18 14:44:43

Newton’s Blog post #3

We’ve tested our vehicle yesterday, and I’d say we were really proud of it. Although there might be something I might change, because there was a different between through out each of the trials. On our first trial, everything turned out fine and it went smoothly; but on our second trial, I noticed that our vehicle turned to the right a little but while moving forward. Also, when we were presenting it to Ms. U, our balloon was under the vehicle’s front which (kind of) attract friction (I think), because it began to slow down faster than when we first tested it. So, what I would change is the wheels, because if the wheels were a bit higher/bigger, then when the balloon falls into the front of vehicle again, then instead of touching the ground and slowing the vehicle down; the bigger wheels will make the vehicle taller, so that the balloon won’t touch the ground and attract friction to it, causing the vehicle not to slow down faster than before. Another thing I would change is the size of the balloon, because with a bigger size balloon there would be more air; which would help the vehicle travel further because, that way the bigger balloon could hold in more air then our original balloon, helping the vehicle to travel further when the air is release from the bigger balloon.

Screen-Shot-2014-12-10-at-9.15.41-PM (1)

Newton’s Blog post #2

Our task/goal in science class right now is to create a vehicle out of light materials, such as water bottle caps, cardboard, chopsticks and so on, to create a vehicle that can move 1.5 meter without using any human force or mechanics involve. Also, we have to create a vehicle that involve 3 of the Newton’s Law. Newton’s First Law states that if an object is at rest, then it will stay at rest; unless the object is acted on, by an unbalance/ non zero net force. In this case, our unbalance force is the air that is blown into our balloon, helping the vehicle move. Newton’s Second Law, shows us that an object’s acceleration depends on it’s mass and net force. So, if the greater the mass is, the greater the force needs to be; and if the mass is less, then the force is also going to be less. What we did to show Newton’s Second Law, is that we tried to use light material so that our vehicle won’t be that heavy, allowing the air in the balloon move the vehicle without a large amount of force. Last but not least, Newton’s Third Law states that for every action, there is an equal opposite reaction. The way our vehicle shows Newton’s Third Law, blowing the air in the balloon and the same amount of air being released out of the balloon. So, when we blow air in our balloon, the same amount of air in release back out; which allows the air to push the vehicle the opposite way the air is being blown out, allowing it to move.


Screen-Shot-2014-12-10-at-9.15.41-PM (1)

Newton’s Vehicle #1 Blog post

In science class, right now we’re given a simple task. Our task it to create a vehicle that can travel at least 1.5 meters, without any mechanic or human power force involve. Also the vehicle that we’re going to create must include the 3 newton’s law of motion. Such as Newton’s First Law Of Motion states that an object will not move until a force is acted upon it. An object will keep moving unless a force is acted upon it. Like for example, a spaceship floating in space, and it will keep floating until it hits something causing the objects inside the spaceship to lunge forward as the spaceship stops. 

Newton’s Second Law states that an object’s acceleration depends on it’s mass and net force. The heavier the object ( or the more gravity pulls it down), the more force is needed to move the object. The lighter the object (or the less gravitational force pulls it down), then less force will be needed to push the object. Like for example pushing a toy car. So if the car is small and does not have much detail or heavy objects in it, then the car will easily travel further; but if the car is big or filled with many heavy objects, then the car won’t be able to travel as far as the small/lighter car.

 Newton’s Third Law mentioned action and reaction. For every action, there is a reaction. For example, if you punch really hard on the wall then the reaction of it will be that the wall will either have a little bump on the other side of the wall or break through; but if you lean on the wall instead of punching it, then there will be no reaction except that you will give force to the wall causing it to hold back for you to lean on it without the wall falling down.

Based on Newton’s First Law, we planned to use the air inside the balloon as our subject, hoping it would keep on letting out air allowing our vehicle to push it self forward and keep moving without bumping into any objects. Keeping in mind about Newton’s Second Law, we tried to make our vehicle as light as possible by using very few materials to make the vehicle light and easy to travel. Last but not least, according to Newton’s Third Law,the balloon will push the wind and the equal opposite force of the wind will help the vehicle move. At the same time we don’t want our vehicle to attract any friction, because if it does then our vehicle’s wheel won’t move or, it’s just that our vehicle will just move very slowly.


Newton-Vehicle-Part-1-Faiaz-Eun-Sol-and-Giami-Interpretation Newton-Vehicle-Part-1-Faiaz-Eun-Sol-and-Giami-Discovery


Explaining to Alien dude about Germany 1585


The alien I met today was strange looking. He doesn’t seem have a nose, but instead he has three eyes and three fingers on each hand along with pointy ears, and something popping out of his head. I’m pretty sure he is shorter than me, and maybe a bit greener than me too. Does he even speak english?

“Hello, my name is Rob”, he said in a squeaky voice. Causing me to get shock and take a few step back.

“Could you explain what’s going on here?” he asked.

“OK. So you’re currently now in Germany, the time is 1585.” I spoke, not stuttering on my words.

“A few years ago, we had just finished our protest against the Catholic Church about indulgence, and our priest Martin Luther  along with some other protestant, was burned at the staked. The reason that made them die, was because they were all against indulgence and also Martin Luther hammered the ‘95 thesis’ on the church’s door to show them that he against it, and that they broke the rules. Aside from everyone, Jan Hus was also with them against the indulgence. He was a priest in Bohemia, which today is in the Czech Republic. He red Wycliffe’s writings and agreed with many of his ideas; sadly soon after that he was also burned on a staked with the others that was against indulgence.So on, some of us changed our religion while others just follow on with what they had.” I continued; but then I don’t know if he was listening or not because i saw him took something out of his pocket, which seemed like a soft stone or more like a big and thinner leaf. Aside from that he was holding on to something almost like a pen, but very classy and very pretty, simple but looked precious.

“Excuse me, are you listening to what I’m saying?” I questioned him, causing him to look up from his paper (I think).

“Oh yes I am, I’m just taking note so I won’t forget.” he replied with a smile on his face.

“What taking note?”

“Taking note is remembering things, kinda”

“Ah ok then, so then later on. There was a war between the two religion, and it’s about which  one which should follow, so then some people follows the Catholic and others follow another. Before my parents, along with my grandpa and grandma followed the Catholic, but after the reformation; my parents stopped following the Catholic while my grandparent still follows the Catholic.”

“I think that is enough information for today, thank you very much!” he said, and before I could open my mouth a blue and purple light opened beneath him, and under 3 second he disappeared.

The 7 Minute Run Challenge

The 7 minute run challenge was definitely a challenge (that’s why it’s call the 7 minute run challenge). The 7 minute run is when we run around as far as we can, and then see how much we can run. Many of us had run over 1,000m in 7 mintues, while some of us are still behind (like me).  My goal for the 7 minute run challenge, is to run 1,000 k in 7 minutes. Sounds easy right? Well it depends for some of us really. I’ve met my goal once, or twice. That’s all. It was surely hard, but for a moment it was also fun. Now let me be honest about something. I DO NOT LOOK FORWARD TO IT IN THE FUTURE. Why? It felted uncomfortable while running, because while running, there are  it felted like nails pinning through my stomach.


rest 78
tag 90
popcorn 87
suicide (wind sprint) 127
7 min run 116

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