Im back to SCHOOL!

Hi my name is kwan mo.I was very happy to have my summer break, but while the break I was lonely because I could not meet my friends that I could meet In school.I am happy to be back to school so I can learn and play with my friends.I am happy to be in 5th grade because next year I will go to middle school.I wish that I can have a very good school year.I really like my teachers Mrs.Ross and am more happy that our school is the 20th anniversary.I am even happy to be in this school.BYE BYE.

explorer skits.

So we had to research and get true thing’s that happened to James cook.Int his play I had me:(kwan mo),hung Yu, Hiroki, Ian.n.Our skit was about James cooks death.I am proud of our self’s because our team memorized the whole script.I think we could have done better If we had make our play longer.If I had a scale of 1-4 I would give us a 3 because we were too loud.I liked son’s because he had some comedy in his play.


Yesterday we did SISAC In BIS.We war riding the car for about 45 minute.We first had a very good stamina so we won the first game by 4:0 to AMIS,But as we went to our second match against ISMCH we were beaten up by 5:1.We were sad because we were undefeated until now.The third match was very important to us because if we lost this match there was no way we could get the trophy,But we won the BIS by 2:1 with Emre’s gorgeous penalty goal.We had our last match against AIS.The first half we were having a close match until Emre scored a goal.It was raining.We ran to the closest shelter.It was time to present the winner of the SISAC.5th place was AIS.4th place was AMIS.3rd place was BIS.2nd place Was SSIS(US).1st place was ISMCH.We got the runner up trophy.It was the third time seeing the runner up trophy this year.I was happy and proud of my team.

The B team got 4th.Actually they did better than I thought!


This unit I had a lot of fun. Our group made a huge ship.I was sad that we couldn’t finish our  ship.Our ship was HMS Eagle.We mostly made our ship by card board.We found out that hot glue is not the best choice alway’s.I wish I could make one more ship. 

Book club.

Book club is finished.I read a book called Double Fudge.I enjoyed the book because I really like the part when Fudge ask Peter “can I buy the whole world”.I think that was a weird question because buying a country is very expensive.I think the most important part Fudge saying to mr golden mini is my double.I recommend this book to people who likes money because tis book is mostly about money.

earth week!

This week Is earth week.I mostly hate meatless Monday because I love to eat meat but we were not aloud to eat so I was sad.I think I will have a hard time on no trash day because I almost  every day I throw trash on the floor.I think lights off day will be pretty easy because I have habit of turning off the light.I am looking forward to Friday to do the gallery walk.

Unit 5 Math

Today I finished unit 5.Unit5 was about fraction and decimals.I kind of found out this unit easy when I started to learn.I was proud of myself because I learned how to change a fraction to a decimal.I really wish If I could work my work carefully because I made a silly mistake again.

Film Festival!

When the sunsets the 4th graders comes to SSIS.As Mr.Ross started each group enters and smiles.The MC enters and speaks.As first 5 documentary were  shown on the large huge screen.Then there were 5 more documentary. Then there was a intermission with delicious Vietnam food. Then we had 9 more epic documentary and the film festival was over.I wish I can do the film festival one more time.