Drawing Reflection

For 2 weeks on art we had a choice for drawing. One point perspective, 2 point perspective

and shading. I chose one point perspective because it was easier than 2 point perspective

for me. My drawing skill changed. Now I could draw 3D buildings. I improved my drawing skills

by drawing 3D blocks. If I could do this project again I would do shading because it looks easy.

The reason I am not doing 2 point perspective because it is hard for me and I think I didn’t

learn it. I was absent.

“Victories!!” this week 6

This week I had many things I accomplished in my school. I had finished my hogwards question and I finally started my 20 hour project. It was hard doing the hogwards question with my partner Nam but we did it. We started book clubs this week but I think it will be a long week with my book clubs.😂😂😂😂😂😂

Book Review 2

We were doing book clubs for 2 weeks. The book title was The family under the bridge. If I could recommend this book I’m doing 1 star. This book was confusing and hard to under stand this book. Also it was bad.  I am not recommending this book.

Open Genre

On May 3 we started to write something that is called Open Genre. A Open Genre is what we could write anything about it. For example you could write a poem or a story. Which would you choose? I wrote a poem. 2 poem,  and its about sea. I worked on for 3 days.

When the pirate captain first got his hook he had a lot of trouble…

When the pirate captain first got his hook he had a lot of trouble. He couldn’t fight with one hand. He couldn’t climbed up the mountain. He couldn’t eat with one hand because he is always hungry. The crew always tried to console him and said to him that his hook is beautiful but he never submit it.  The poor captain always shouted at the crocodile. Why that crocodile ate my good sweet hand. After one month he got used to it. He could climb the mountain with his hook and he could fight with his hook too. He could use his spoon with his hook too. Now he was happy. Now the crew was happy. Everyone in the boat was happy.




                            Lost at sea!!!!

IN the cold and hot sea, I could see… nothing. There is nothing I can do,  am going to starve to death or drown. I have no way to survive. I need water! I need food!  Finally I could see something. I could see a boat! I shout “Hel…” I have no more strength to shout. Then my eyes get dizzy and I couldn’t see the boat anymore. Am I dying? My gums are bleeding and I am getting scurvy….    

Book Club Recommendation

Our Book Club name is The Popcorns. The title of this book is Because Of Winn-Dixie. The main character is Opal and her dog. Opal and Winn-Dixie met the first time on the market that is called Winn-Dixie. When she went there she saw a dog running in the market. So she said that is my dog and she called it Winn-Dixie.

I recommend this book because it impressed my feeling. If I could give stars to this book I will give 4 because in my opinion it is kind of boring. I will tell you a little bit of the story Opal doesn’t have a mom! If you want to read it buy it! I will show you the book cover. Another fact about this story it is a movie and a book. All because of this dog she makes friends and do a party, but when they were doing the party the dog disappears. Hope you like book.