Innovate SSIS (hack your classroom!!)

1st Day:

Today in innovate SSIS w e did a project called “Hack Your Classroom!!!” And the hack doesn’t mean the bad hack. It means “Make it better.”

So we made our project by using VR(Virtual Reality), 3D printer and little bits. And we could choose our 1st option, 2nd option and 3rd option. My first option was VR and my second option was 3D printing. I could have went into VR, but I had to do 3D printing group because VR group was full.

In the first day of “hack your classroom”, we started to plan the object that we want to make in order to make our classroom better. So we did it with a partner, and my partner was Thuy Linh. We first searched in the internet “DIY school life hacks”  to get an idea. But nothing good came up… Then Thuy Linh came up with the idea, “How about a bookmark that has a light that could light up? So we could see well when it’s dark.” I first disagreed because there was already a invention like that but a few minutes later, I agreed because we had nothing else to do.

2nd Day:

Me and my partner Thuy Linh went to the littlebits room the measure the size and the length of the light, power and the button. We first measured it and then we saw the fan the temperature sensor. Then we tried connecting the fan, temperature sensor and the power and try making it work. And it worked!!!! So we changed in to the fan bookmark. And we went back to the 3D classroom. And started making the bookmark. Then we were trying to put a hole on the top of the bookmark then we had no idea how to make a hole on the top. Then we asked Ms.Ralye for help and she even didn’t know how to make a hole on the top of the bookmark. Then the time was almost time to go home so we decided to ask Mr.Papaseit tomorrow.


true or false?

rectangle에 대한 이미지 검색결과

1.This shape is a quadrilateral.

A: True. Because quadrilateral is a shape that has 4 sides. And this shape has 4 sides too.

2. This shape is a trapezoid.

A: False. Because trapezoid has 1 set of parallel lines but this shape has 2 sets of parallel lines.

3. This shape is a rhombus.

A: False. Because the shape doesn’t have 4 equal length sides.

4. This shape is a parallelogram.

A: True. Because it has 2 sets of parallel lines.

5. This shape is a rectangle.

A: True. Because it follows all the rules for rectangle.

“Lemonade War” our thoughts

In our class, we are reading a book called “Lemonade war”.

The conflict in this book is that the two siblings is betting who can make more money in one week by selling lemonades. And the brother earned $120 by selling lemonades and used  $120 to buy more lemonades and sell them. But the younger sister thought that he was wining and put in a bunch of bugs in it. And the brother had to pour all the lemonade out. The brother got so mad that he sneaked into Jessie’s room and stole the $208 from his sister. And he went to a playdate with the money in his pocket and lost it!! what would you do when you are jessie or evan?

My thinking if I were Jessie I would: shout at him and tell my mom.

My thinking if I were evan (brother), I would: give all my money I have and then beg for forgiveness.



Multiplying Decimals

In class, we learned about multiplying decimals. We learned about it on the carpet using number blocks. I knew how to multiply decimals but, it was my first time learning how to visualize multiplying decimals. And It was much better than doing a paper work. Because we helped each other. And it was really fun to talk together and share our visualize.

Then when we finished, Mrs.Johnson said we could play with the blocks for 6 minutes. And playing with the blocks was the most exciting one. Today was the best math time in school.^^ :mrgreen:



Inquiry reflection

This week we were researching about a topic that we were interested for our non-fiction book.

And I was really interested in flutes, so this week,  I researched about flute in I read magazines, news and books about flutes in I first searched flute in and found a lots of article about flutes and I downloaded them in to our google drives to read it again. Finding the article that we downloaded in google drive and moving it to another file was a challenge for me. And I am looking forward to make our non-fiction books and decorating the books   :mrgreen: .

My questions:

  • How does a flute make a high pitched sound?
  • How is flute made?
  • Who made the flute?



Math game reflection

Today in class we did a math game in a group of 4 people in it. How you play this game is, there is one person that does the checking and the checking person give 2 cards to each person. And the cards have random decimals in it and you have to try to add them all up and make a number 1 and you cant go over one and if you don’t have enough number to add up to number 1, then you could ask the checking person to give one more.

I stopped when I was about at 0.870 because If I get a another card the card’s number might be 0.25 or something like that so I tried not to go over 0.900

How I added was: I added them in my head in order and added again to check if it’s right.

Estimating the tenths and the hundredths was actually kind of the same for me because It’s same numbers. And the estimating the tenths and the hundredths was the same.


Amazing Race 2

Yesterday, We went to district 1 to play a amazing race. The teachers made 12 teams with the whole 5th grade. With the teams we had to go to 7 stations one at a time. Each of the stations have missions to complete. If we complete the mission, we get a envelope by the teacher and we have to take a photo to prove that we  had complete the station. After we get all the envelope, we get a clue from the envelope to open a pencil case.

Our team could have been the 4th place, but we became 5th place because the other team arrived first than us because they ran. The good thing about this race was good for improving self-reliant. The thing that I didn’t like is we had to only walk under the hot sun. And it was not allowed to ride taxis, cars and etc. When we finished we went to the last place that all the teams gather. Then when we gathered, we got our lunches out and ate it. When we finished eating lunch, we had to go to the bus that the teacher said to go to.

Thank you for reading




Buu Long trip (Phat Tire)

The most challenging thing for me was abseiling. It was so challenging for me because it was very high(30m~40m), and if I lose my balance I will hit my self on the rock and if I lose the rope I might fall down in the river. I got to overcome this because I thought of YOLO and all the friends did it with out an big injury and all the adults did it too, so I thought I could do it too.

I enjoyed Zip Lining and abseiling the most. I enjoyed Zip Lining because when I jumped from the ground to the air, it felt kind of scary but fun. And in the middle of the Zip Lining it was really fun because it felt like flying in the air with out anything on me. And I enjoyed abseiling because I was really proud when I finished it, and it felt good because almost everyone cheered for me that I can do this.

The risks that I took was abseiling. I accidentally slipped but it was safe because there was a guide holding the rope to not fall and there was a guide on the ground to help people. I made thoughtful choices by going down slowly and listening the guide and did responsible actions by being gentle and calm.

I would like to tell others that it will be a good experience for you and it’s fun and kind if scary because it’s very high.




Nutritions 2 senario

Senario: You come home from school with your little brother (grade 1) and find a note from your mum saying she will be home at 6pm, and you need to take care of your brother till then. You are both hungry and your mum has asked you to make or buy a healthy snack. Describe one snack that you could make (using things in your kitchen) and one that you  could buy. Explain why it’s healthy–what nutrients are in the snack, and how they are good for your body.

I could make Peanut butter jam sandwich. It is healthy beacuse there is vitamin fat carb.

I could buy granola bars. It is healthy because it is all nuts and nuts are healthy.

granola bar and sandwich에 대한 이미지 검색결과


This week, we learned about nutrition. Nutrition means healthy food. We learned about different types of nutritions and learned about healthy foods and unhealthy foods.

This topic is important for our life because if we don’t learn about nutrition, we don’t know which nutritions help us with, and we won’t know what foods are bad for us.

nutrition에 대한 이미지 검색결과