Ecodome Reflection #4 Day 1


This is the final ecodome.


We planned to do something similar like the 3rd one because they survived. We planned to put in 2 grasshoppers and try putting more plants in to see the difference and the effect that the plants give. We also planned to put thin layer of soil because it gave out better result than putting a thinner layer.

Changes made on the design

We didn’t make any changes from the planning.

Ecodome Reflection #3 Day 12



This is how it looked like inside.

On the 12th day, both of the grasshoppers were alive. The plants grew more than what we began with and the stems also got thicker but some leaves were fallen and dead and some were yellow. There weren’t any mold even on the corner of the container. However, there were some water on the wall of the container. The cabbage and plants seemed like it was eaten because there were some holes on them. Both of the grasshoppers looked like they were healthy enough because it was jumping around when we moved the container with the grasshoppers inside.


These are the grasshoppers that were alive.

Research & Conclusion

I think our grasshopper had survived because there was enough water and soil for the ecosystem. For the final attempt, I think we should do what we’ve done for this because it seemed like the grasshoppers were healthy and not weak as if they were going to die right away. I think we should try to keep the leaves out of the wall because one of the leaf that was on the wall turned yellow, because there were too much water on that spot. So, to keep the plants healthy, and make it to last longer, I think we should just be careful with that. For the next attempt I think we should try to add more plants and see what kind affects that the plants give depending on the number of them.

Ecodome Reflection #3 Day 1



This is our planning.

For our third try, as what we’ve concluded on the second attempt, we planned to get more plants and added some cabbage that they can eat. Also, we planned to add two grasshoppers this time so we can see if the problem was that the grasshopper is weak or if they ate each other, then we could know that the food was not the right one. Unlike last attempt, we decided to rid off the plastic wrapper on top because we didn’t really see a significant difference than what we expected last time.

Changes made on the design day

We didn’t make any changes and did what was planned.


This is how our ecodome looked like in the beginning.

Ecodome Reflection #2 Day 7


After one day that we put our grasshopper in, it was alive. However, on the 7th day, it was dead. Also, there were some water on the sides of the box, but there was less mold than last experiment and it was black instead of black. Some of the plants were dead and some were almost about to die so the plants were generally not that healthy. Also, both of the soils were hot from the sun. The dried soil was little wet on the side but the center of it was not.

Research & Conclusion



This is how it looked like outside.

Our grasshopper didn’t survive. Even though we thought that the design will make the place inside the box dry but it got wet. I think our grasshopper had died because they didn’t really have enough food and the food was not right for them. From the experiment, I think that the oat that we put inside the container isn’t that useful and that they really don’t eat them. I know this because in the last experiment, there were some mold on the oat more than the amount that was on the cabbage. Last time we also added cabbage because we knew from the research that they like vegetables. However, this time we only added the oats and it didn’t really work out well. Also, later as the plant started to die, it could have been the biggest problem because then we are not going to have enough oxygen inside the container for the grasshopper to survive. The place that we made was focused too much on the grasshopper and I think we didn’t really considered about the plant and its habitat because if there’s lack of water, there’s high probability that the grasshoppers are going to die. Next time when we try it out, I think we should try to also consider the plants so use the soil for planting plants. Also, I think we should try putting more plants than the first try because one of the problem could have been lack of oxygen. I think we should spray similar amount of water that we sprayed last time because there weren’t too much mold like the first try. I also think that we should try putting thinner layer of soil because the weather is too hot and could make the soil too hot. For food, we can put cabbage and no more oats and test if gets better because grasshoppers like vegetables.

Ecodome Reflection #2 Day 1



Second trial first planning

We decided to have the same amount of soil like last time which was 1/3 of the box. Also, we decided to have half of our soil to be wet, fertile for the plant to grow and other half to be dry sand and have some oat at the top for the grasshopper. We only added one grasshopper in this trial because there were some information that if they get hungry they could eat each other. We were planning to put grass all over the half of the side to plant plants because grasshoppers eat most of the grass. We planned to just spray little bit of water to the grass because grasshoppers don’t really like humid environment and it will cause mold to appear. We also planned that we should have a plastic rapper at the top so the water won’t go to the side where it’s supposed to be dried.

Changes made on the design day


Final Ecodome for the second trial

When we were designing the ecodome, we changed the type of plant because we could get grass and we only had few of them. Also, we didn’t a lot of sand even though we planned to have them 1/3 of the container. For the other materials, we kept everything because we were fine with the designs.

ELA – Quarter Two Reflection

  • What was biggest success?
  • Biggest difficulty?
  • What would you have done differently?

In this quarter, we worked mostly on the research question essay. We got to choose whatever topic that we wanted to research on. Then we researched it and wrote essay on it. I chose to write and research about the effect of computers during class can give. The biggest success that I had on this quarter was researching and organizing the information. While we researched about our topic, we had to use our notecard and make a work cited page and I think I was well organized on that. Also, that helped me when I wrote the body paragraphs and state out 3 effects that computers give. However, there were difficulty like writing the introduction and conclusion. For conclusion, I didn’t know how to write the sentences that can make the readers to get thinking more about the topic. Also, for the introduction, I wasn’t sure how to write about generate reader’s interest. I think that my body paragraphs didn’t take a long time to write than the time that I spent for the intro and conclusion. If I had another chance to do this project again, then I would proof read few more times and compare it with the rubric, because I didn’t get to do these. If I read the essay few more times and edited, I think there will be fewer mistakes in the paragraphs. Also, if I compared some parts with the rubric, then I think I could add some major parts that are missing or delete some useless parts.

Ecodome Reflection Day 7



This is the view from the top.

After two days, we looked inside to check if they were alive and we’ve checked that the grasshoppers were alive. However, after about 7 days, the grasshoppers were both dead. Some of the cabbages were eaten because there were some holes on the cabbages. However, there were white mold almost everywhere, covering all of the soil. Also, there were water on all of the sides of the plastic container. We found one of the grasshopper dead on the lettuce and another one dead on the soil. The plant that was planted on the soil had a slimmer stem than what we started with.


This is one of the dead grasshopper.

Research & Conclusion

Other groups also added some water but not a significant amount, and different types of food inside the container. Also, they added enough amount of soil that is enough for the roots to fit in and grow in. In different research, it says that all organisms need air (oxygen for animals, carbon dioxide for plants) and nutrient for them to function correctly. According to some research, it shows that, plants get carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen while the grasshoppers breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide so we need some plants to get the cycle going. Also, the white mold that was created is created where the place is moist and mold can affect negatively on living things. Referring to the research, since the grasshoppers don’t like humid places so it’s better to put dried sand on the bottom and wetting the grass that the grasshoppers eat can help them to have enough water and they can eat 16 times their weight. Grass also removes a large amount of carbon dioxide and they can stay without water for a long time.

In conclusion, there’s a lot of possibility that the grasshopper died because of the mold or the humid habitat that was created because the container got humid. Also, it’s possible that when the sun lighted our container, the water that had plant inside was evaporating, however, since it was totally closed, the water stayed inside and made the whole container moisture, which created the white mold.

Ecodome Reflection Day 1


In our plan for our first try, we’ve decided to put 1/3 of soil so that the plants can have an enough space for their roots and roots for the grass. We decided to add grass for the grasshopper to have a better place to live and have two plants for oxygen because we knew that the plants release oxygen and get carbon dioxide. Then we planned to have 4 grasshoppers because crickets might eat each other. We also decided to add branches and gravels for design. Also, we planned to put cabbage for food for the grasshopper and 4 worms for fertile soil.


This is our first planning.


As we designed our ecodome, we had different things that we added and subtracted to our final design. For our final design, we took out the grass because we thought that it was unnecessary and we also thought that there won’t be enough space for the roots to grow. Also, we thought that they won’t get enough water to last for a week. Then we changed from 4 grasshopper to 2 because we thought that there won’t be enough food or space for them. Also, we were planning to have a lot of small gravels but we only had one gravel in the container for design because we thought that if there are too much gravels, it can distract the plants from growing. We added some other food like oatmeal cereal and cabbage for the food for the grasshoppers. Also, we were planning to plant the two plants on the soil but we had one that was planted on the soil and the other one was in the water. The plant that’s in the water is a plant meant for releasing oxygen at night because most of the plants release carbon dioxide at night but not that plant.


This is our final design for our first try.


SS – Quarter One Reflection

1. What was good/bad?

2. How comfortable are you with research? Why?

During the quarter, we were working on researching any important figures from science revolution. I chose William Harvey for this project because I was interested on how he discovered the circulatory system of human body without using microscope or any modern technology. One of the things that I think that I did well on this project was researching before I wrote the personal narrative. I think that I did well on this because I had some information from the database and they all fitted CRAAP test for the suitable sources. Also, I had 5 variable source that I used to get all of these informations. However, one thing that I did bad were few mechanical errors and conclusion. I needed to read it more carefully again and add more to my conclusion. I think I’m really comfortable with research because I already learned how to research in trustable sites and find out if the sites are suitable to use it in my research.


ELA – Quarter One Reflection

  1. NP – What did you do? Good + bad?
  2. What did you learn? Don’t just say NP article.
  3. How was Q1 for you? (Put NP article on Blog)

In Language art class, we’ve been working on making a news article based on other articles from different official sites like CNN. We had to choose one topic to work on and do some research and interviews before we wrote our article. One thing that I did well was on the format of the article/newspaper. I looked at some newspapers like New York Times with other people in our group and tried to find some designs that we can follow and applied it in our paper. However, I think I need to improve on writing the introduction because we had to write who, when, where, why, and how in the first sentence. My introduction was quick and detailed but I didn’t summarise what my article is about. I learned how the newspaper was designed by looking through different kinds of them. I think Q1 was quite busy but it was fine.