Now There’s No Need to Buy Fresh Air!

  • ‘Abstract’. What did you do and why was it important to you? What were your main findings from the project?

Hey guys, I am back for the last time. Our long journey in finding an alternative to expensive bottles of fresh air has finally come to an end. The final product is here, and the air purifiers are completely designed and are ready to be sold. In the making of this project, our team of scientists had to continuously make small changes and adjustments, but by the end, we answer the question : How can air purifiers be made to make it the most effective and affordable? During the beginning and the planning stages of the project, I was planning on, and had started to work on making a video. However, after I thought about it realistically, I realized that a website would work better for introducing something like a new product. When first choosing the topic for my project, I was inspired to do air purifiers because air quality, where I was living, had gotten way worse recently and wanted to do something about it. Then I started to research on already-existing air purifiers and found out about the smog free project, which really inspired me to start working on this topic and making the air purifiers public and for everyone, not just for use at homes.

When doing my research and working on this project, I was able to find out a lot about already-existing air purifiers and what sort of filters were being used. I chose the two best and inserted them into my design. In addition, to make my machine more reliable, I also researched about the unit for measuring air quality which I found out that it could be measured in how much square feet of air it could purify in an hour or two and had a rating for it. Other than that, I had many other findings in different types of filters and how they were being used now.

  • What were the main challenges for you doing this project? What were your strengths and what were your weaknesses?

My main challenge was when I switched what I was going to be doing for this project. I knew it was going to be way more effective than just making a video, so I couldn’t stick to my original choice of making a video. However, what I did, actually was make a website and have a video and an infographic in it so that it would be better than just a website. I also looked at examples of websites that are made specifically for commercials. My strengths, I believe was being able to come over stops and when I stumbled upon dead ends. My weaknesses, though was that when I switched my final product, I switched it pretty late so I was starting to run out of time near the end, and had to cram a little bit in the end… but so what? Now we won’t be needing to buy these bottles of fresh air!

Just before I move on, here is a reminder of my schedule. The schedule is with the wrong presentation day though; the presentation day was pushed back to May 23rd.

  • Your final product.

My Website


Looking… Searching… for the Most Affordable Bottle of Fresh Air

Hey it’s the second blog post, me talking in my second step towards answering the question : How can air purifiers be made to make it the most effective and affordable? I’ve made some progress since the last report for you guys. I have been on line with my schedule, and I have been researching about how air purifiers are made and alternative materials/models for air purifiers. The purifier I develop should ideally be able to bring the air quality back to how it was globally in the 1900’s.

Q. What have you learned towards your research questions so far?

So, I’ve been looking at different types of air purifiers and with different sizes, and are made with different materials. Air purifiers, in two big categories are divided in to two types. One being portable, or are able to be easily installed and the others requiring the assistant of a professional. Both sides have pros and cons.

The ones I talked about first, are easy to install and use, but the ones requiring assistance of a professional are usually more effective.

The other deciding factor for making air purifiers is to choose if it will be a generator or if it will have a filter. The downside of having a filter is that you will have to switch the filter every once a while, but if you have a generator, it will take more electricity and will be more costly.

The last deciding factor I researched about so far was on what will actually be purified. Using different types of filters, you can change a lot of different parts of air quality. Some purifiers will have multiple parts included to it which will change many properties of air. One thing purifiers can change from air quality is by having ions and ozone generators which will remove allergies from mold, dust, pollen and smoke.

One of the most famous types are the HEPA filters. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor. It is known to purify 99.97% of air particles through radioactively pulling in air and removing the dust particles from it. So far, I believe HEPA filters have a 99.97% of making it into my filter! 😀

The last type of filter I have been considering are active carbonated filters. These may be more effective in pulling in dust as it can also pull in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Active carbonated filters also can pull in gases, removing odor from the air as well. 

Q. What has been challenging for you? How have you managed to work around your problems?

The most challenging part for me was not the research. Most of what I have done so far was research, but now I feel like I have come to face the real problem. There are actually so many filters and already quite effective filters, it’s just that now I have to solve the problem of making sure that air purifiers will be affordable, effective, and will change the global air quality. To work around this, I have done extra, deeper research on how exactly these purifiers/filters/generators work and have been weighing the benefits and the downsides of each filter. I am still stuck with this problem, but I have been making more progress than when I first came to face this problem. I may still get stuck with this problem again later though, so I will have to keep on researching each filters specifically.

Q. How is your timeline going? What have you managed to achieve and how is your timeline evolving to meet the deadlines?

So far, there has been only two this on my timeline up to this date, working on the research and the second blog post. Everything has been up to date, and I actually have gone even further into my project : starting with thinking of the design of my prototype. My future steps into the project is working on the script of the video and planning the video. I actually will have to finish this within three to four days. Considering what I have done so far, I feel like I might actually go behind schedule due to my poor planning. Still, I have left a lot of time to complete the rest of the project so I am pretty sure I will still finish my project in time and come up with a purifier that will restore earth’s air quality back to how it was in the 1900’s before it gets too late!


Here is another reminder of my timeline :


We Need to Buy Fresh Air for our Descendants

The air is so polluted, and this situation gets worse by worse, day by day. The atmosphere sometimes can contain too much greenhouse gasses or not enough oxygen. I recently read an article on how fresh air was not starting to be sold in some places, while in the city of Xi’an in China, a 100 meter tall air purifier was built in the middle of the city, as efforts to help reduce the smog levels. This got me interested in problems with the air. Not only that, but air around here in Ho Chi Minh City, also definitely have gone worse, so this issue felt more sudden and more current.

My project was going to be based on developing technology that would help make air purifiers more affordable and effective. My research question is this : How can air purifiers be made to make it the most effective and affordable?

I am unsure of what I will make out of this project, but I am thinking of developing lightweight product that can be brought around by everyone, or either small generators that can be installed either in your house or around public places in the city. With only one thing on mind, purifying air in the best way, I will work in this project and develop a product that will make the air clean globally within a few years.

When doing this project, I was going to make a video. I debated with myself between making an interactive slideshow through Prezi, but after having my last project done in Prezi, I realized that people actually did not find it as interesting as I thought people would. While making a Prezi might take less time than making a video, I thought making a video would be more beneficial because I am able to talk more, and while the audience will have to click through a Prezi slideshow to go through all the information, the audience of a video can just sit back, relax and watch the video.

What I need to do By this date Comments
First Blog Post!

What are you planning on doing and why is it so important to you?

 May 4th
Research on Air quality and how air purifiers work  May 14th
Second Blog Post!

What have you learned towards your research questions so far?

May 16th
Finish Script of video May 17th
Try to peer assess before recording May 18th
Create Video May 18th
Presentation May 21st
Reflection May 24th

Wanna Have Sushi When you are Sixty?

Work work work, and it has finally come to an end. Today, you will be able to decide the fate of sushi after going through my final product. I realized in the end that it wasn’t the factory owners that were going to naturally change or everyone that was suddenly going to start using public transportation, it was us – now properly educated – that will go out and about and inspire others to change their ways of living. After all, nobody would want to live in a world without sushi… I can’t even imagine!

Just in case you forgot, this is the question I will be answering : To what extent does global warming affect the production of sushi rice?


What did you do and why was it important to you?

Okay. So in the beginning, I wanted to work on a prezi with a voiceover on each slide. However, as the deadline started nearing, I found that I might go a little short of time. Because I also broke my computer in the middle and had to have it repaired, I had to find media again. I was finishing up my script, but realized there was no way I had enough time to record and video-edit. I ended up spending the rest of my time shortening the script and moving it onto the prezi instead.

I decided to research on sushi because I mean who doesn’t like sushi? Not only does everyone love sushi, but sushi was also going to be heavily affected by global warming and sea level rising due to the fish’s habitat change and the change in environment for growing rice.

What were your main findings from the project?

After researching for countless hours, I found out that in fact, sushi will be affected to a large extent. People start burning fossil fuel, resulting in the emission of greenhouse gases(Carbon dioxide, methane, etc.) Then, because of the greenhouse gas filling up the atmosphere, the radiation being emitting will not be able to escape the earth’s atmosphere back. The earth will be filled with radiation and heat. The earth will heat up, which will then cause ice caps to melt. Ice caps melting will then result in sea level rise. In addition to having some parts of the world sunken, the change in climate will not allow the rice to grow properly.

What were the main challenges for you doing this project? What were your strengths and what were your weaknesses?’

While doing this project, I faced countless challenges. I was literally stuck and could not do anything for 2 days because I had lost all my research files and my media. However, I quickly recovered and was able to get back and find all the media again. Because I was behind, I had to go ask for help during times of the project, but I was able to learn and catch up. One of my weaknesses during this project was trying to keep on time and having enough research. I was unable to have enough information in the beginning, but by the end I was able to finish successfully. My strength was that I was able to ask for help and execute tasks quickly and effectively.

This was my project, and this is my works cited page :

Sea Level Rise and Global Warming on Sushi Rice…

This post is an update on the previous post where I said I would research on sushi rice and how it will be affected by global warming and sea levels rising. Again, I will be answering the question : To what extent does global warming affect the production of sushi rice?

What have you learned towards your research questions so far?

So far, I have done some research on sushi rice and have started on my prezi. Although I have not worked much on my prezi, I have researched on how and what sushi rice is made with. I found out that there were three types of rice. Rice was divided into the shape of the rice grain. They were either short, medium, or long grain rice. The type of rice used to make sushi was short grain rice because it would allow the rice to be sticky and to have that melting sensation you get when you eat sushi. Then, I went on to research which conditions would be the best to grow rice in. The places with the highest rice production were mostly near the equator. However, with global warming and sea levels rising, there would be less land and the climates would drastically change, not letting rice to grow. Image result for short grain riceImage result for sea level rise

What has been challenging for you? How have you managed to work around your problems? How is your timeline going? What have you managed to achieve and how is your timeline evolving to meet the deadlines.

One challenge I faced was when I first started the research and when I started making my prezi. When I started my research, I had a hard time finding where I should start with. However, after asking friends for suggestions, I was able to move on smoothly. When I was starting my prezi, I went and talked to other people that were using prezi for this project. Because I faced a few problems along the way, I was not able to keep up with my schedule actually. Instead, I had to start my prezi 1 day late, and so far have not done much on the prezi. Although I may be a little behind my schedule, I believe I will still be okay since I was able to research more thoroughly. I will still try to move on as planned on schedule. Here again, is the schedule :

November 27th Finalize question
November 27th-onwards Research
November 30th Blog post 1 due(What are you doing, how will you do it and what is your timescale?)
December 3rd Start working on Prezi
December 5th  Blog post 2 due(How well are you doing? What have you learned so far?)
 December 6th Write Script
December 9th Record Screencast and edit video
December 10th Submit video and final blog post


The Future of Us and Sushi Rice

Sushi. I absolutely love sushi! I mean who doesn’t? Well, would the future of sushi still be the same even after global warming, resulting in sea rise and lower salinity in the sea? Would the fish, that salmon and tuna on the top of your sushi still be there in the future? Well, in this project I will not be researching about how fish will be affected from sea level rise, but instead will be researching about that rice that goes under. After researching about the rice, and the effects from global warming and sea level rise, I will be answering the question :

To what extent does global warming affect the production of sushi rice?

Image result for sushi rice

Well, what method will I use to answer this question then? I first considered two possibilities of making a Prezi presentation or a poster. I weighed the benefits and drawbacks of both ways.

In the end, I was more convinced to project my ideas through a Prezi, but instead of just making a prezi presentation, but instead of just having a presentation, I will be having a screencast of it. By doing it that way, I will be able to present more thorough ideas.

In order to be able to successfully make a good screencast presentation rich with comprehensive information I will have to space out how I use my time in the most effective possible way. I ended up creating a schedule for myself, marked on the calendar so that I will not have to finish everything in the last minute. I finalized my research question : ‘To what extent does global warming affect the production of sushi rice?’ by November 27th and started research from that day.

November 27th Finalize question
November 27th-onwards Research
November 30th Blog post 1 due

(What are you doing, how will you do it and what is your timescale?)

December 3rd Start working on Prezi
December 5th  Blog post 2 due(How well are you doing? What have you learned so far?)
 December 6th Write Script
December 9th Record Screencast and edit video
December 10th Submit video and final blog post

Human Rights Project Reflection

Our final unit for social studies was to create a display on an ongoing issue related to human rights. We spent around a month learning about an issue we picked with our partners and NGO’s if we picked any and created a tri-fold display with information about our issue and what we did and how we took action towards trying to help out with the issue, and this is the reflection for this unit.


 How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

Collaboration with classmates helped bring out new ideas. Also, having not just a partner, but a group helped stay each person focused and also since it was not a group that was too big, we were able to hear from everyone and our final product was equally from everyone. Overall, this project without groups would have been harder, since it would be harder to get more ideas and have more people helping.

Because of this service-learning, I have learned a lot about this project throughout the process of making my project. In addition, I have taught a lot of people about the issue. I felt like I actually took a big part in helping out solving global crises and it was great.

What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?

Through visiting other’s projects I learned a lot of other issues in the world and how each group helped out. Through this process, our group also was able to teach others about the issue and it gave us opportunities to learn more about the world and teach others about what you learned. It was something that I will not forget for a very long while, and it hopefully is the same for others.


Social Studies

Around million african people were captured, or kipnapped and traded by Europian and American slave traders and sold to labor on the plantations and the mines of the America. (They came in Chain, Milton Meltzer)

Imagine waking up at five o’clock every morning to start work in a dimly lit carpet factory.Sitting on a hard wooden nech in front of a loom, your job is to tie wool

while you can hear laughter of school children outside.(We need to go to school, Tanya Robert-Davis)


Imperialising Africa

We wrote our final DBQ’s of middle school. Yay! This DBQ was based on Imperialism in Africa.

In this project on Imperialism in Africa, we focused on improving our knowledge with the driving force behind imperialism in Africa. This is an important skill because imperialism has affected a lot of events and even affect us until today.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to write better conclusion. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

How did this writing help me improve as a writer/researcher/thinker?

Throughout this writing piece, I really tried to improve my conclusion paragraph. I don’t think i might have done a too good job on making my conclusion better, but I think my analysis really turned out better than my previous DBQ’s. To do that, I tried to finish up my writing quickly and asked other people to peer edit my DBQ. After receiving comments from two different people, I was able to be quite successful in this.

A strength I showed was my ability to write a strong introduction that specifically answered the question, gave clear reasons and organised structure and focus for the body paragraphs, and acknowledged a counterclaim. Also, I had good reasoning and a fairly strong supporting evidence.

Something I should work on in my next essay is being less repetitive and referring to different documents. Also, I could construct even more strong evidence and analysis.

This is my writing piece :

Imperialising Africa

Imperialism is extending and growing a country’s power through colonisation. This happened in the 18th century up to the 20th century when European countries wanted more power and entered Africa. By the 16th century and the 17th century, Africa was an unknown continent for Europe, and Africa for Europe was a place where they could trade slaves, gold, and ivory, and this also happened only in the West coast of Africa. Africa seemed like a dangerous place for Europeans as there was all sorts of diseases such as malaria. Then, as slave trading was outlawed, Europe instead started colonising, or imperializing Africa. One of the strongest driving force behind European Imperialism in Africa was nationalism because it changed up the way people thought of Africa. It might appear as if technology was the main driving force of Imperialism. However, this is not true since Imperialism still wouldn’t have happened even with technology if people didn’t have nationalistic ideas.

The main cause to European imperialism in Africa is definitely nationalism. Nationalism changed European’s thoughts and changed the way Europeans thought which then affected their actions. Basically, Doc B is stating that European nations should enter Africa to bring them peace, protect them, and be their source of light. Given the evidence, it is logical to conclude also that nationalism gave a strong support towards imperialism since people would start supporting imperialism since nationalistic ideas have changed up their minds. As time passes, more and more people would start supporting imperialism because of nationalist ideas in their minds. After all, nationalism was a main factor that has helped out imperialism since nationalist ideas would change people’s mind, which would then give a strong support for European imperialism in Africa.

It is true that technology was one of the main driving force towards European Imperialism in Africa. Since technology opened a road for Europeans to be able to enter Africa in a more safe and an effective way. Doc C shows some of the technological developments that helped make imperialism more effective, and without some technological developments such as the treatment for the disease malaria, Europeans entering Africa would have been virtually impossible. Many new inventions such as the steam engines and new sources of transportation made imperialism a lot more effective. Also, the electric telegraph enabled communication over long distances, so they were able process things quicker and report current situations back and forth faster than ever. This may be true, but nationalism was definitely the stronger driving force towards imperialism in Africa. Although technology could have made imperialism in Africa more effective, but it was not a necessarily a requirement for imperialism in Africa. A quote from John Ruskin, a well regarded English intellectual states, “This is what England must either do or perish”. ‘Must do’ is a phrase that is used only when it really has to be done, and not only did he state that, he also states England will perish if they do not imperialize Africa, and a well regarded English reformer wouldn’t have asserted this without any reasoning. Ultimately, technology might seem like the most important factor to European imperialism, but nationalism is the strongest driving force imperialism in Africa.

Even though economics seems to be the driving force Africa’s but the evidence states the other way. The strongest driving force behind European Imperialism in Africa definitely is nationalism since it changed people’s thoughts towards Africa. Although technology might be considered as the the strongest driving force, this is not true since Europeans still would have been able to enter Africa without the technology. Nationalism is the patriotic devotion and the vigorous support towards one’s own country. Europeans were proud of their own country and wanted their countries to be better than any other countries. To achieve that, they needed imperialism to happen which then also caused people to invent things that made the process more effective and easier. Without European imperialism in Africa, would Africa and Europe be the way they are today?