Human Rights Project Reflection

  • What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?

I’ve learned many things and a lot of other people’s problems and kinda similar as ours and  it was somewhat related. I learned that many other orgainizations are doing many more different things but they are all aiming for one goal, which is to end poverty, hunger, or labor, and all of that leads to a happier Vietnam.

  • How can you continue your involvement with this group or social issue, or with other service work?

I can still get involved by visting their website, and if they needed volunteers, I can maybe go and help them sometimes if I have time. I  can also get involved with this ISSUE by maybe checking out newspaper each day and if there is some articles or information about housing, I will be able to get more knowledge about it, so in the future, I might be able to put this knowledge in use .






Africa Imperialism Writing

Reflection Questions

  1. What helped me stay organized?
  • One thing that helped me organized is the DBQ writing template. It helped me stayed organized because it has instructions of how to write the essay. It tells me when the write the thesis, the claim, the counterclaim, and the conclusion. This time, Mr.Post removed the sentence stems, with is a little bit more challenging for me to write, but I think this is good because we are going to high school next year, and in high school, there will not be sentence stems.


2. What trouble did I have and why?

  • One trouble that I’ve had during this writing is the sentence stems. Mr.Post deleted the sentence stems from the template, which is a really useful thing. Before, I can use the stems to quickly and easily write my essay, but now, I need to think by myself, I need to create my own sentence stems, which is a bit challenging to me.


My Writing

During the late 1800s, the Europeans found a new continent that contains endless natural resources, Africa. To avoid war and unfairness, in 1885, the rule of occupation was created many European countries contended, and they all divided Africa evenly. No Africans were invited to the conference, even if there was one African who contended in the act, the whole forced labor in Africa might change. People in Africa were cheaply treated, they are forced by the Europeans to do task that they told them to do, and many of them were killed during this time. The one driving force behind the European imperialism is the economy. The primary driving force behind European imperialism is the economic benefit for themselves. With all of the unused and unclaimed resources in Africa, European countries compete with each other to get the most cheap resources from Africa, you might say it is the driving force is nationalism, but you will need money first for you to run a country.

To Begin with, I think the primary driving force is the economic benefit for the Europeans. Because since there are so many cheap resources in Africa, all European countries must be thinking about it and the benefit it could get them. Based on Document E, in 1854, the exports to Africa was around $2.5 million, but within 46 years, it grew to $21 million, 8 times more the amount in 1854. This evidence shows how much money the Europeans made during that time, and this is a primary driving force, no one can resist attraction from money, and with all of the money they’ve got, European countries also started the Industrial revolution. To sum up, the main driving force behind European imperialism is the economic benefit, since they are too attracted by the wealth and benefit.

It has been argued that the primary driving for is not economic benefit, instead it is for national pride. People claimed that instead of wanting more money, Europeans wants more power and land. Based on Document A, the European countries has divided Africa evenly. But of course all European countries will want more lands in Africa since with more land, they can have more cheap resources and with the resources they can use it on many things. On Doc B, John Ruskin said “That Their First aim is to be to advance the power of England by land and by sea. This shows that England wants to expand their power by advancing their power by land and sea. This evidence shows that all European countries must want to expand their power and land and this is why national pride is the primary driving force behind European imperialism. Although this argument sounds convincing, but the primary driving force is not national pride, instead it is the economic benefits. In particular, you need money to run a country, since Europeans wants to expand their power and land, they will need money first. You can have a country, but if it does not have enough money, then the country will suffer. This leads to the conclusion that money is more important than power, with more money, you will have more power.  For the European countries to expand, they will need more money. After looking at both side of the issue, one can see that if you want more power, you will need more money to do so.

To summarize, the primary driving force behind European imperialism is the economic benefit, not national pride. And if you want more land, you must need more money to run it, so the economic benefit is more important than the national pride. The Europeans came to Africa and claimed as theirs’, they forced the Africans to work for them for their own benefit. If you were a European ruler, would you let your men  enslave and kill Africans for your own benefit?


Reflection Questions(After rubric)

A. Bright spot  A strength I showed is that I have included good background and context in my introduction. I’ve also included good counter claim in my writing.

B. To Work On  One thing that I should work on is run-on sentences. In the rubric, I have multiple run-on sentences, and this makes my essay continuous and boring. Also, I did include a evidence in my writing, but it is not really strong. Maybe next time, I should take more time and find a stronger and more convincing evidence.

Social Studies Toy Story

– What helped me stay organized?

In this project on movie review, we focused on improving writing and reading a script. This is an important skill because i will need it in the future.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to writing a script. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplishedThe one thing that helped me stayed organized is the reminder from my partner, he messaged me to work on this project when I have nothing to do. He messaged me to finish my own part of work, filming, editing, and putting everything together. Also, Moodle helped me a lot, because i tried to look at the homework pages for each subjects everyday, so i will know what homework i have to do and when it’s due.

EAL Speech 2

In EAL this year, we had two speeches, and this is the second one where we talk about plastic bags. My Speech was about “Should SSIS students have a community clean up annually?”, and i think there are some strong parts about my speech, such as i had a loud voice, in which everyone in the class can hear me, and i also have included some hand gesture and eye contact with the students around me. My peer did gave me lots of feedbacks, such as adding more hand gesture into my speech and speaking in a louder and public speaking voice. One thing that i could do differently is that i should have less “emm..” or “ahh..” in my speech. Compare it to my first EAL speech it had improved a lot, i have a louder voice and more hand gesture and my claim and counterclaim are stronger than my first EAL speech.

EAL Reflection

Before the EAL class starts , will always either play games or go onto social media , which is inappropriate for the class , after we had this talk about classroom behavior with Mr.T , i will now stop playing games and going onto social media before class . Not everything i did is bad in the EAL class , i mostly participate in all activities in the during class time and i love to share my opinions to the class .


The new year has began , and with the brand new year comes with some brand new goals , last year has been pretty good , and i had achieved my goals that I’ve set for myself , and hopefully the goal i set this year will also be done .

For the academic goal this year , i would like to increase my grades for all subject to be hopefully all A , to do so I will complete all of the homework that the teachers gave me , neatly . And participate more in class , and also i will try my best to get out of EAL .

For the social goal , i would like to make more friends in the school , and participate more in after-school clubs , in-school activities and talk to more people that i don’t usually talk to in school . It might be funny when i say this , but i still don’t know some of the students names , even though half of the year had already passed .

For my personal goal , i would like to get rid of my computer gaming addiction . Now , when i get home from school , the first thing I will do is play video games online with my friends , and it always last for hours . First , it hurt my eyes a lot and second , it distracts me from school work , i will always leave my school work last because i am just so addicted to finishing my games first rather than finishing my homework

End of semester blog post

There are only three days left until the half semester break , I can’t believe how fast things are moving on , I can’t imagine next year we are moving onto high school , and all of the new things that we are going to experience . In language arts this year , we learned a lot of important skills from Mr.Benck , and he made the class really enjoyable with his funny ways of teaching , and everything went really smoothly this half semester , not only with Mr.Benck’s awesome teaching skill but also with the students cooperation .

One of the big thing that we did in the second quarter is the information paper (Link Here : Language Art Info Writing, and it’s new skill to me and the overall experience to me is pretty ok . I am a new computer user , back in my old school , computers are not commonly used , we usually write on paper , so the information paper which requires a lot of computer researches , is a bit challenging for me . All of the other parts except for the computer went ok , my topic was about 3D printing , and how it can impact our lives in the future . I think i have chosen a harder topic for myself , because I could not find any other sources other than internet sources (Books , Other people’s writing , etc), also Mr.Benck wants us to find good and trustable sources and with my topic , it is really hard to do so .

Grade 8 has been one of the best year I have experience so far , I don’t know if it’s the new school and the new students and friends , or it’s just the last year of middle school . I personally feel that grade 8 in SSIS has been a great year , with the friendly students and teachers , it made the learning experience for us really exciting . All of the classes I have chosen it’s really mind blowing , I did not know Mr.Crowell’s math class would have so much fun , and Mr.Benck’s language class would have so much laughs .