My Vietnamese Presentation!📕🇻🇳

We have been learning family-related words in Vietnamese class. We did a presentation about our family where we talked about them, answered questions about them, got compliments and feedback. It was VERY uncomfortable because I was nervous. I learned how to say older girl cousin, older boy cousin, and younger cousin. (Chị/Anh/Em họ) If I had to do it again I would speak louder and make more eye-contact. I was looking at the sky/ceiling the whole entire time. I also was super quiet I barely could hear myself. Bleh. I could answere questions and my teacher, Ms. Ha said I had a good accent.

My Little Pug Picture!!!

In art, I  drew a pug… Well obviously! My picture is the one above. My goal was to use shading to make my drawing of a dog/puppy more realistic, and… ahem… it totally worked! Next time, I think I will choose the breed before the last minute because my finished product was kind of procrastinated. Without the shading, my drawing wouldn’t be realistic, it changed a lot since the basic outline… in a good way!

My Minecraft Mall!#designcycle

Hey, guys! I made a Minecraft MALL and it was amazing! But unfortunately, I accidentally deleted it so there are no pictures. 🙁 Anyways, how it started was I saw my friend Chihiro’s city in Minecraft, and she had a school, a mall and a huge castle! It had every thing in it so I was inspired to make something kinda like that. I imagined that it would be big, have many shops and a spa as well as a hotel and pool! I planned to make the spa on the first floor, shops on the second and the hotel on the third! I designed by making a well-detailed picture of what it would look like in my head, with vines on the outside walls! Then I pretty much went all out and created it. By using many different materials, textures, and moods! I am so so sad I deleted it! How clumsy of me to push the wrong button! Then when it was all built, I evaluated. How can I make this better? What does it need? What should I take out? It was so fun to make this build! If you didn’t notice I underlined the words, IMAGINED, PLANNED, DESIGNED, CREATED and EVALUATED. That was because those are the 5 steps in the design cycle. Please comment on what you think! Bye bye! See ya’!

I’m Back!!!

Hello, everybody! If you read the title of this post, you would know I am back to posting! I’m back from summer! I have just started the new school year in fifth grade! I know right? Crazy! Anyway, so this post is mostly just to tell you guys that I am off the break and will be posting more frequently. Back to school! I am so excited for the rest of the school year because there will be new things to learn! Yay! I think this will be a fun year! Please comment down below to tell me something about your new school year!

Explorer Skits!

I did an explorer play with Veronica and Miso. It was on Marco Polo. After we made the ship we did a lot of researching to make the play be informational. We also made it funny! (Or at least I think we did) I’m happy that we made it humorous. On a scale of one to four, I think we had a 3-star skit.⭐️ I think that because we could have spoken a bit louder. I like my friend Yuki’s play because she got to drink apple cider in it and pretend it was beer.

HS dance!

Hello! My class and I  did a dance with some ninth and tenth graders along with Mr.Ross’s class. We had small groups with a mix of high schoolers and elementary kids and did a specific dance to a song that is called, “It’s good to be alive!” It was sort of fun, but I think that the mentors need to work on their teaching skills. F.Y.I. that’s me on the left in the video.(With the brown hair.) See me? Huh? anyway so yeah it was fun, they get to have dance as a P.E unit! Lucky! I wish we got dance as a P.E unit! Comment down below to tell me what you think! Bye!

UNIT 5! Geometry

We have done a math unit in geometry, it has been a lot of new knowledge for me, I didn’t know there were such things as rays and line segments in math but now I know there are. I don’t think this unit has been very hard but I still get confused sometimes. ✖️➗➕➖⇱⇲ It is a lot to learn in 2 or 3 weeks. I am happy with my learning. Comment on what you think about geometry below!

Age of Exploration!⛵️

Hello, guys! We are doing a unit of the age of exploration, I had a team with Miso and Veronica and we have made a ship for Marco Polo, Did you know he didn’t actually ride in on of those big ships?! He rode in a Gally!? I have learned a lot of things about explorers, ex: They explored to find new land and spices. Marco Polo went to china on foot, horse and on a boat. It was really fun to build the ship, my team and I fought a little but agreed on what it looked like in the end. Comment down below!⬇️ 

Time 4 Unit 4!

As you know I have finished unit 3 in math, “Now we have started unit 4!” (That was me talking). Anyhoo, It is Fractions and decimals! Fact: this number, 3.47 is said as, 3 and 47 hundredths. I learned that in our first lesson. Yay me! I already know stuff! I thought decimals were hard at first but so far, they are mostly easy. I am proud of my last test score (which was high) but am really going to try to get 100% and check my work… well!  Decimals are new to me but fractions aren’t. That’s all I have to say. Bye Bye! Comment!