WWW Project

With everyone concentrating on her, Emily Shultz zip lined through air with her legs straight out into pool of saltwater at in Bintan, Indonesia. - by Ms. McDermott, 2014
With everyone concentrating on her, Emily Shultz zip lined through air with her legs straight out into pool of saltwater at in Bintan, Indonesia.
– by Ms. McDermott, 2014

Are you the type of person who craves for a life full of adventure and excitement? If you are I’m sure you have heard of the famous Flying Fox at the Loola Resort. Wait you haven’t? Well today’s your lucky day because you are going to know everything about it. The Loola Resort is located on a breathtaking island in Bintan, Indonesia.The Resort isn’t a fancy place, it’s a place where you can get in touch with nature and experience relaxation. In the resort, there is a pathway that leads to a green pool of saltwater and a gigantic tower. The tower consist of a side filled with small plastic stubs that resembles rocks for rock climbing. The side that is directly adjacent to the pool includes two strings that connect both the tower and the pool. It was raining cats and dogs when it was my turn to do the Flying Fox. The ladder to the top of the gigantic tower was slippery and very unstable, luckily I had a harness on. As I climbed up the ladder to the top of the tower, I felt my heart beating faster and faster by the second. Suddenly I was relieved when I arrived at the top, but it all ended as fear took over when I saw the drop of the tower. I was so nervous when I stood on the platform, my head was filling up with of all of the things that can go wrong. When I heard someone said “Just jump!”, I suddenly jumped involuntary. I threw myself into the air and glided downwards until I landed in the green pool. As I got out of the pool, I felt adrenaline running through my veins and the only thing I thought of was how fun that was. My advice is if you are ever in Bintan you should try out the Flying Fox at the Loola Resort and if you don’t, you are a complete idiot.

“It was really fun, but my crotch was in pain.” – B.Y, WWW participant

“The ladder was so creepy and it was slippery too. – Kenna, WWW participant


The sun rising early in the morning over the beautiful blue sea in Bintan, Indonesia. - by Mr. Georgia, 2014
The sun rising early in the morning over the beautiful blue sea in Bintan, Indonesia.
– by Mr. Georgia, 2014

One of the worst things about living in the city is how the sunrise is so underrated and overlooked. Well if you go to the Loola Resort, you are able to clearly see the sunrise and it’s beauty. The Loola Resort is located on an island called Bintan in Indonesia. It is a magical place that has the power to bring people together. The resort has Mother Nature written all over it, the plants and trees are very diverse there. It was our very last day where I was able to experience the beauty of the sunrise. I was woken up by my friend, Josh, he told me to come outside with him. I was pretty surprised because I’m usually the one who wakes up the earliest. As I stepped outside of the boys’ dorm, I saw more of my friends sitting by the beach. I felt the cold air on my skin and how it’s making all of my hair go up, so I decided to go back and grab a hoodie. When I joined the guys and their conversation, I saw the dark blue beach and how lifeless it was. It was incredibly cold, but I didn’t mind, I enjoyed the cool breeze gliding through my hair. My friends and I just sat there and indulged in casual conversations, most of it about girls. Then out of nowhere, I saw a glimpse of light appearing from the ocean. Finally, the sun was coming up. There were colors and life filling the beach as the sun slowly crept out of the ocean. The sky and the ocean was both filled with a majestic purple mixed with a warm red and a brilliant yellow. The ocean was morphing from a lifeless dark blue to a glorious light blue. The air was becoming warmer and warmer by the second as the sun came up. Finally the sun was in the skies and it gave life to the beach and every single thing that it can shine on. The city is great and all, but people should not overlook and forget about nature. So what better way is there to connect with nature than to come here and experience it with a front row seat.

“Oh my god! It was magnificent!” – Josh, WWW participant

“I mean the sight was breathtaking, you can rarely see this sight in the city.”- Peter, WWW participant


Students surrounding the hot flaming fire, quietly listening to Kaithe Fadreguilan’s beautiful voice in Bintan, Indonesia - by Ms. McDermott, 2014
Students surrounding the hot flaming fire, quietly listening to Kaithe Fadreguilan’s beautiful voice in Bintan, Indonesia
– by Ms. McDermott, 2014

A lot of people hate the cliche ending of a camping trip that includes a bonfire. Well I actually really enjoy it, it’s one of the best thing about a trip. As the moon started to appear and the stars started to shine, we set up the fire and sat around it. We selected David and Josh to be the host of the night. They decided they wanted to hear Jerry’s famous guitar skills and trust me, he was incredibly good. He played Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day, as Morgan started to sing along with the beautiful tune and more voices started to join in as well. The song really setted up the mood for the wonderful night we were about to have. Next was the angelic voice of Kaithe as she sang Please Don’t Say You Love Me by Gabrielle Aplin. Her strumming of the guitar really complimented her voice as she played for everyone there. Her voice was beautiful, she was truly singing from her heart. Everyone was absolutely even the wind and the trees were, all you could have hear was her voice and the sound of the bonfire crackling. Unfortunately as all good things must end, her song ended with a huge round of applause from every person there. After that there was a few more performances, it was mostly comedy. Even I perform too, you can’t have comedy without me. When all the performances came to an end, it was time for a little treat, marshmallows. Everyone was given 2 marshmallows and a stick to roast their marshmallow over the bonfire. The fire was incredibly hot to stand close to, but everyone was determined to roast their marshmallows. As the world leading expert on marshmallow roasting, my marshmallows were perfect, crispy on the outside and sticky on the inside. Because they were so extremely delicious, I devoured them as quick as I possibly could. Then I talked to my friends for hours, which felt like minutes to me. Finally, the fire went out and everyone walked back to their dorms as they had incredibly sad expressions on their faces because they knew when the sun rose, it would be time to leave. I’m glad one of my best memories was made with my friends.

“Her voice is really good, it made me feel really relaxed.”- Adam, WWW participant

“Uhhh! It was so hot!”- Dao, WWW participant


Jason and Josh Michael Jordan Sonnet

Air Jordan is the greatest of them all.
He did not make the team in his high school.

But that did not stop him from trying hard.
He became the star of his JV team.

That led on to get many scholarships.
Joined the big league when he was twenty-one.

Got drafted by the Bulls in ninety-eight.
In his first year he was the fan favorite.

Earned rookie of the year in that first year.
His second year, scored sixty-two point game.

Had won six finals, thirteen MVPs.
He left marks on court that can’t be erased.

MJ made his fans jump out of their seats.
You best believe that he can not  be beat.

Tarea 3

Here is the video! we had to make a video and pretend that we were customers trying to buy clothes and clerks. I was the clerk and Jason was the Customer. I couldn’t get subtitles onto the video because I didn’t know how but It was fun to go find clothes and try to film a video.

40 Book Challenge Ultimate Reflection

 jvo    I read 24 books, I knows that doesn’t meet the requirements the 40 Book Challenge but I am proud of myself for even trying. I excelled in Free Choice, Informational and Realistic Fiction, but my favorite genre was Free Choice. The genres that I’d really struggled in were Autobiography, Biography and Historical Fiction. I didn’t tried this year. I didn’t really feel the drive to keep on reading books. Last year I read 20 books and this year I only read 4. I don’t like the 40 Book Challenge because I’m not really fan of reading and there were many genre that you have to fill out. Each genre had it’s limit, and some of the genre that I really like had a limit to it. Limits  make me feel compressed, like I have no space. My point of view on reading kinda changed, I may like reading, but only the books that I am interested in. I hope next year I will read more and read books that has a wider range of vocabularies and books with more pages.