The design cycle in Minecraft

I went and played a bed wars game with many stage one just rush in and get kills but it did not work my bed got destroyed quickly so I lost. The next game I tried to stay at defense but I got nothing done so I got ganged up on. lastly, I ask my teammates 1 to stay and the other activities with me and it finally worked and we won.

This  is are played about the explore This was the end of the unit. The ship and this play Is was the big thing in the in this unit.  I like making the ship the must because we had so much fun building it. I learned About How it was live back in the day.

I read the book the spray paint mystery. I would give it 4 out of 5 I like the book a lot It is good for you if you like mystery books. It it also good if your not much of a reader and you have to read you can read this.  I like it long so that is way I give it a 4 instead of a 5

Are epic ship

My group is Junhang Me Brian shu. together we are building the Santa maria. It is fun to build.  Back in the explore age,
” width=”300″ height=”200″ />a bag of spices would make you rich. There was a bored that Spain and Parochial made. a

The rise of Krouns

The Rise of the Krouse


One day I and Brian decided to go hiking on a mountain. When we got to the top a man came out of rock me and Brian help him up. We asked him “what is your name?”He replied  “I am Hades” me and Brian looked at each other Brian asked “are you the god of the underworld ?”   he replied, “yes and I came here to warn you Krouse is coming!” I said “How”  hades responded with you have to “you have to soon  Zeus and Poseidon .”  Brian asked, “why can’t you do it.”Hades said “because Zeus doesn’t let me go to Olympus. What about Poseidon We need a 2 weapons mine and your stick.” brain asked, “what does this stick do?” Hades said “it will summon an army of warriors”  next we went to Poseidon kingdom we got int to the fight and he told Zeus to come it started in new york Krouse was getting bigger I stayed with brian we sumed his army so did the gods.It went fast But I saw Krouse weak spot but is they went someone got in they would die.   I told the Gods Zeus went in Brian army detract  Kouns long echo for Zeus to get Krouse weak spot. At the end of it, all Zeus died and Posiden and hades shared the thrown me and Brian we heroes That the end for now.  


 The end 

Book Clubs

Book clubs was great my group read a book called Otis Spofford THis is a great book if you like kid theat are big trouble makers.  It is also a great book if you are a kid 7 to 9.  I love the book it is very funny and weird. I give it a 4 star It is a great book but I wish it was longer.