End of The Year

The most interesting part of 5th grade was when we went to Cat Tien because it was my first time going on  a trip without my parents and my first educational trip.  Additionally we saw a lot of interesting things. For example, moon bears, gibbons and bugs. The funniest I did was playing with my friends and joking with them. We made funny jokes and tried try not to laugh I didn’t have any difficult challenges, but I think I should get out trouble and be more mature. This summer I’ll go travel Europe. For example, France, Germany, Korea, Italy, England, Switzerland and Denmark.

In 6th grade I think the math will be really hard, so I think I should study more than usual. The other thing that I’m worried about is Middle School life and rules.



Green dragon reflection

Our group was the Balcony group which was trying to make garden  on the garden in building A. We wanted students to feel more comfortable in school because sometimes I feel tired in school.

This idea really sustainable because some plants can make people release stress, concentrate better, read better and feel comfortable. Economy is kind of expensive because of the plants cost. For politics there will be no problem because who wouldn’t want a garden in our school cultures either.

We sometimes fought with each other, but we did our best to finish our proposal and write it down. We had people who didn’t work that much.(including me) We had hard time taking ideas from sites and practicing our presentation. I didn’t have difficult time making the infographic because I was working on project description. I think our group members had hard time working on it I guess.

I learned that our future jobs interview will be as hard as getting a green light in shark tank. We learned how to speak, look and answer difficult questions. I think we don’t have to worry about our future if we do this often. We won’t get shy in front of people who will be choosing us or not. It was quite interesting speaking out our own presentation we made with our brains.

I think the most difficult thing was writing our proposal. Everyone of us had to write executive summary, solution, evaluation and making our own cover page. In our final meeting, we chose the best writings and added all together. That was our final proposal. We had difficult time thinking.(I think)

Even though we had difficult times we didn’t gave up and kept writing. I think it was our patience which helped us work well. That was our advantage and a thing that our group did the best.

I will try to work together more with my group because I hanged out with other people not our own group. I really control my body either.

I don’t any suggestions to people, but for me. These day I’m playing this game name TF2. Sometimes I play it in school so I should stop playing.

This is the end my reflection.



About Hackathon

Some people might wonder what is hackathon. This is a project to hack into classes and make our school better. And we organised our topic in STAR. We had to think about ecology, culture, economics, politics. It was hard to think about ideas that was good for ecology, culture, economics, politics.

situation:Kids sometimes don’t eat lunch because the food isn’t really good and foods are always the same. (The foods are boring)

Task: We can make parents to volunteer making foods not hiring chefs to cook foods. Parents can volunteer to make food for own children. 

Action: We will add menus so that kids can ask them what they want and what they want to eat. 

Results:Students will start eating lunch because they get what they want and their countries food. And the school can get profits by selling foods that kids love because when ever students buy lunch, the school gets the money either. Our whole can get a lot of profits from students.

I think our STAR idea was not really helping the environment plus it costs to much money. This didn’t fit our whole hackathon idea. Takes a lot of money to buy ingredients. Plus there will be more wasted foods. I guess we could make foods that can get decomposed easily.

Educational Travel to Cat tien

  1. What were the TWO most interesting things you did at Cat Tien? Give some details about them, so your reader can understand why it was interesting.

2. What was the most interesting thing you LEARNED at Cat Tien? 

3.What was the most difficult or challenging part of the Cat Tien trip for you? How did you meet the difficulty or challenge?

4.Next year, we might add another day to the Cat Tien trip. What ideas or suggestions do you have for adding or changing activities so that it is even more interesting and fun?

I thought the night safari was interesting because I’ve never seen animals in the wild. For example, deers, porcupines and rabbits.  They froze when the park ranger flashed the light to the animal. We had a really good look at the animals some male deers just kept moving. We saw a rabbit hopping around really fast. Porcupine walking across the road.  The next interesting thing was morning hike on 5:30. We started walking when we heard gibbons singing. It was beautiful. The sound got higher and higher than it dropped. 

I only thought Moon bears was endangered, but after walking around the electric fence. I saw sun bears playing. I asked Mr. Edward why are sun bears endangered and he said it was the same reason as moon bears.(Additional: please help moon bears and sun bears being rescued.Image result for sun bears in cages

The most difficult challenge was the bugsImage result for bugs. I hated bugs and hated to get bitten by mosquitos. In micro ecosystem, some people started catch crickets, grasshoppers and spiders. I was grossed out. And I sprayed an insect repellent that was out dated so I had to scratch my bodyImage result for insect repellent the whole night plus my roommate name David was hitting while he was sleeping.

I suggest go hiking to see wild elephantsImage result for wild elephants in cat tien and have a camping there. I would really love to see wild elephants playing and I would really want to camp in a real forest that has wild animals around, but the problem is that some animals might attack our camping place. It might be dangerous.Image result for camping wild

Science experiment

Today our class had a huge science project. Me and my partner Dan  made a volcano and make it explode through a normal paper. It was really successful because when the liquid went through the paper was ripping  than the paper was ripped open. Our hypothesis was right. We knew the liquid would go through.

This is our experiment slide. It’s all about our experiment. ⬇️https://docs.google.com/presentation

Did you enjoy the presentation because we worked quite a while. 

I wish you enjoyed it.(Please enjoy it ?)


Peer Pressure ?

We learned about Peer Pressure for our amazing race. Peer pressure is a occasion when you get drunk.

You can learn what drinks are strong and how many % of alcohol do you need to get drunk. You can know how many % of alcohol is in each drink so you don’t get alcohol poisoning (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcohol_intoxication#Acute_alcohol_poisoning)

You need to first think about your health cause you might get sick when you drink to much alcohol. Oh, and you how they take out all the alcohol from your liver? They pump it out from your liver with a pumping machine. I’ll never force somebody to drink alcohol(even though I won’t drink it) cause they might don’t like it or what if they are allergic to alcohol. Plus they might not want to get sick.

Peer pressure problem

You are at a friend’s place for a sleepover. This is a really popular student and it is the first time he was invited you to hid place. Once his parents are asleep your friend suggests that you both sneak to liquor cabinet to try some of the alcohol his parents have stored.

I SHOULD NEVER drink any alcohol because I don’t want to get sick. So I’ll say “Nop, I’m not going to drink it cause I don’t want to get sick or get alcohol poisoned.


This topic I learned about nutrition and healthy food. Oh, and we made a nutrition plate for our future lunch, dinner and break feast.download

When you eat more healthy food then you get healthier (obviously..) If you eat to much protein then you get fatter so that means to much everything is bad for you. You need to have all of it equally is good.


When I was younger I loved meat, but for my health I eat a lot of fruit and vegetable with meat. I think it can make you very healthy  because I suddenly feel like I can do everything that I was tired about when I only ate meat. Oh, and my asthma is better cause I ate a lot vegetable.(I ate vegetable for my snack and sometimes my break feast)

Nutrition question: You come home from school with your little brother and find a note from your mom saying she will be home at 6pm, and you need to care for your brother till then. You are both hungry and your mom has asked you to make an healthy snack or buy and healthy snack. What is your answer?

I could make a snack with tomato, cheese, milk, egg and salad. It would be healthy because I has protein, dairy, vegetable and fruit. I could buy fruit cup. It would be healthy because it’s fruit and has vitamins.


First aid? ?

This week learned how to solve first aid problems. For example, sprains, broken bone, choking, cut, burn, unresponsive person.

This topic is important for our lives because when somebody gets hurt then you know how to heal it or solve it. For example, your friend comes to your house ad gets a cut, then you know how to solve it.

I thought you always need to help when somebody was hurt, but now I know that you need to check the situation is safe for you to help. I always have get ready my first aid kit and always don’t do something that is unsafe or dangerous. maxresdefault

I’ll make a first aid problem.

You’re on a camping trip with your friends, roasting hot dogs over fire. Suddenly, a log shifts in the fire and throws up sparks, which land on your friend. His arm is burned. It’s not a large burn, but it’s starting to blister and turn red.

You need to solve it like this: 1. put the hot thing away from the person who is burnet. 2. Wash it cold running water. 3. Make sure the burnet part can’t touch anything.( You can wrap it loosely with a plastic bag)

Amazing race!!!!!!!!!!!???

Amazing race is making our team work better and made us do challenges faster and better so that it was harder.

Our team did very well in doing fast but I think we need to do faster cause we almost did last place, but our good team work made us 3 last I guess.

Our hardest challenge was when we made chalk. I had to run up the stairs till 4th floor. I think we waste our time a lot. A least we solved it.

I liked how the race made us hurry up and our heart beat faster cause everyone wanted to win the race. Their eyes were on fire!!!!!! I didn’t have any part that I dislike.

I learned that the world will be fast as the race so, I need to do things properly and faster.

The End 

New school year in 5th grade

Today I’ll talk about my 5th grade life. We just came to school 2days ago. I thought it will be hard for me to be in 5th grade, but it’s easier. For example, we have more P.E and more Drama and we can go some where our selves. It’s going to be fun!!!!! ??? This is short blog ^^