I learned that crocodiles and hippos live near the Nile River. I also learned that you couldn’t drink the Mediterranean sea. I learned also that you cannot drink the Red Sea. I am proud of building everything also I am proud of writing the script because it was hard. I would like to change that make everything better and look better.


This is my memoir I have been working this for 6 weeks and we worked really hard . In my memoir is some stories about me and I enjoyed making iBooks they are interesting and fun and I have learned stuff life being your self. We have used a lot of time making these. You can download my iBook on iPhone, iPad, laptops and tablet. We made this because it can help us remember some old memoirs we had in our life. To download my iBook please clink the link below in blue.

This is my link to my iBook please enjoyed.

Cat Tien Reflection?

I got to go to Cat Tien for the first time. When I reached there I saw that there were no trash and stuff on the ground and it were clean and it was sustainable. I was a bit scared? but then I actually enjoyed? it. My favourite thing I did were seeing the Moon Bears and the gibbons and the roasting marshmallows. The scariest thing I did was the night hike because I was kind of scared to get blind from the light. When it was time to go I was quite sad to go back but happy to see my parents and my brother.

Moon Bears

I went to the Moon Bear centre, I saw the Moon Bears? and the sun bears and the baby monkeys. It was so cool I took pictures and videos of it. They were so fluffy and we got to feed them too when we got inside the playground for the moon bears. There were so many plants, ants and more but when I came out of it my thick jacket had holes in them because the little plant with thorns mite have poked it. I felt that it was nice to rescue the moon bears.

The Primate Centre?

We got to go the the primate centre to see gibbons and pygmy loris and Black  shang doucs it’s a type of monkey. When I went to see the baby gibbons, I saw them swinging and singing there was 2 of them one were a girl the other was a boy. We also got to buy the souvenirs, I bought a yellow gibbon mostly our whole group bought it. I felt good that they were saving the gibbons.


I was excited to be in a bonfire, because we get to roast marshmallows. On  the 1st bonfire we told scary stories and we did some skits the first day of bonfire was teachers were in charge. The second day  the students were in charge so my group was Dylan, Kris, Ben, Bao Loc, Billy we performed a game called 1st reaction and last reaction. After that we got to learn how to roast a marshmallows. So I did it and it was so good it melts in your mouth and my favourite were the  chocolate.

2 week Reading goal action plan

My Goal:

My goal is to read different kinds of genres like realistic fiction,Mystery and also read 20minutes each night.

Action plan:

My action plan is my mom or dad to check on me if I’m reading different kinds of genres and 20minutes each night.


Wednesday I didn’t get to read so on thursday I will do double. 

Thursday I read 40 minutes and I read Big Nate say good bye to dork city book.

Friday I read 20minutes and I read a realistic fiction book.

Monday I read 20minutes and I read a mystery book.

Tuesday I read 20minutes and I read a adventure book.

Wednesday I read 20minutes and I read Big Nate greatest hits book.

Thursday  I read 20minutes and I read Big Nate book say good bye to dork city. 

Friday I read 20minutes and I read Big Nate book say good bye to dork city.


Science Report

In science report we had to do our experiment and nothing happened so we had to redo it and nothing happened because my mom bought the wrong kind of mentos so we had to put nothing in our google slide and our experiment was what happened if we mix vinegar and mentos and milk and water.

Our 1st experiment was baking soda and mentos and water and nothing happened.

Our 2nd experiment was vinegar and mentos and water and nothing happened.

Our 3rd experiment was milk and mentos and there was a bit of fizz but nothing else. So our experiment was kinda boring. 


Mixture and Solution

Last week we started a new super unit and it is called mixture and solution at first I didn’t know what was mixture and solution but me teacher explained it to me so well I understand it know. So the super unit is about mixing solvent and solite together and Mr.Edwards picks groups for us my first group was Quoc, Hellen, me and Bao Loc and we also had a person who gets the items from Ms.Chi and we desided to do by the birthday who is coming out first so the getter was Quoc. So our first experiment was we had to put salt in water and see if its dissolve and we put some salt and it dissolve quite fast. So we record it in our notebook. So the next experiment was using citric acid at first I didn’t know what was citric acid but my teacher said it is a material that you put in fruits and food and candy to make it sour. Then we wrote what we saw when we put the citric acid in the water. 

Inquiry project reflection

Last week we started a new project about inquiry. Inquiry means you ask questions and research about them. So we had a planner to put our stuff so we know what to do so I got everything set up and Mr.Edward show us this steps on the class website. It told us about the steps we had to do like 1st Pose real questions and more and we also had to chose a topic to search about my topic was Megalosaurus. So I look up some question and I tried to find some answers. It was quite hard to find the answers but I did and Mr.Edward showed us this thing to help us find information.