Human Rights Blog Post Reflection

In this project, we learned about human rights, specifically poverty, our goal was to make a presentation that would help people learn about poverty, we also partnered with an organisation called SOZO, SOZO employs disadvantaged people to work at their cafe, and they also programs for the youth to help with their practical skills. 

I felt like I might be able to go to SOZO someday to visit it again, because I enjoyed my time there a lot and that I felt like not only was it a great learning experience for me, it was also beneficial to the people I was helping too. I have expanded my career choices too after working with SOZO, as I am also considering doing charity work in high school as one of my possible ways to gain experience. The consideration of the user didn’t really influence me a lot, since this was targeted to middle schoolers, so I guess that it would be easy for me. Our leaflet, on the other hand, was targeted to a different audience, it was targeted to university students and high school students, but since our audience may not be able to understand a lot of English, we had to make our leaflet simpler to understand.

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Service Learning Reflection Social Studies

Our team produced a display to raise awareness for poverty in Viet Nam, specifically in children and youth in general. Our target audience is everyone who would want to know more about Poverty, maybe middle school students and up. Our team partnered with SOZO, an organisation that helps disabled people and people in poverty, and we came over to their Café to help them with their weekly tea talk where we talk to people in English to help them improve in their speaking.

At first, I was quite shy about going to the tea talk as I thought it would be awkward talking to strangers because I was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to talk about anything, but as I arrived at the café and started talking to people, I found that they were really friendly to us and the conversations were very fun too. To be honest, I was surprised when I met SOZO’s representative, because she was so supportive of or group and tried to help us as much as possible, she gave us tips, and provided us with lots of information, so that we felt really comfortable at the café. Overall, it was a great experience, and I wish that I may be able to visit SOZO again in the near future!

Poetry Unit Exploratory Writing Reflection

I have learned so much about poetry in this Unit, I have learned so much about the style and the different types of effects you can put in your poem, such as line breaks and white spaces, I also learned about figurative language that helped me a lot with my poems. One thing that was very challenging for me was actually coming up with the ideas on what to write for the poem,  not to mention that I had to try to put as much figurative language in my poem as possible. I enjoyed the process of writing the poem the most because I felt like I had a lot of fun doing it, the part I disliked the most was coming up with an idea on what to write because I found that extremely difficult, and I also hated handing my poems in (of course!). Overall, this was a very fun and exciting unit, and in the future, if I would have to write any poems, I will be sure to remember what I learned in my writing class and apply it then.

Human Rights facts for Social Studies

While looking at the Human Rights books section in the library, I found two facts. One of them was: before the Africans, Native Americans were the first victims of enslavement in America. The second face was that numerous African children were the victim of kidnapping during the Atlantic slave trade. Bands of organised kidnappers roamed the countryside and kidnapped the most vulnerable, they were sold to European and American slave traders.

Reflection for ELA Resumé

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A few of my professional qualities include that I am a great listener, although sometimes people think i’m not paying attention because I tend to look at something else when i’m listening, I am also very creative, I can come up with a lot of cool and funny ideas sometimes that kinda bend the rules.

Of course, nobody is perfect, and I do have some bad qualities too. These bad qualities include the fact that i’m quite irresponsible, i’m usually late and sometimes I forget really important things. Also, sometimes I feel like i’m quite immature as I tend to make a lot of jokes and laugh at silly things, which some people find really annoying.

Reflection for Imperialism DBQ

In this project on European Imperialism in Africa, we focused on improving our Inference and Analysing skill of different sources.

The methods I used to stay organised was keeping track of time and checking the time every now and then to make sure i have used my time efficiently. I also set goals for myself so that I could have the most time to peer review and edit the final touches, as I prefer to spend more time revising than writing.

A strength I showed was my ability to analyse different sources and connect evidences together to create a bigger impact on my claim.