GIN – 23/1/2016

Today we played a game of “All Mah Homies” as an ice-breaker and is was quite fun, I was surprised with the amount of energy and enthusiasm even if it was at the end of the day, and found myself enjoying the game more and more. There were new faces to the club as well as familiar ones and after an introduction to the club as well as a brief explanation on upcoming events and the groups you can join, we finally settled down in our own groups and planned our separate roles.

ITU – 20/1/2016

Today in ITU, I continued to help Misha in doing her homework and helping her access edmodo and become more comfortable with typing without looking. However, we encountered a problem, she forgot her account password. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out her password, but to no avail :’( , we even tried asking the technician, but there correct person wasn’t there, so we gave up. Afterwards, we continued with practicing to write without looking at the keyboard using a game, I was really surprised by how quickly she can remember  the key board and look forward to tutoring her again next week.

MUN – 19/ 1/ 2016

Today in MUN, it is mostly news on the up-coming UNIS Conference in Hanoi and the SAIMUN2016. We listened to the positions and the countries available for us in the SAIMUN2016. Hopefully the upcoming meetings would be more exciting. During the meeting, I was still deciding whether I should join the SAIMUN conference or not: on one hand, I’ll gain valuable experiences, on the other hand, I’ll lose one day of school :(, I don’t know which to choose, hopefully I’ll come to a decision soon.

Anime and Manga Society-18/1/2016

Today was very fun, I meet a lot of people that shared the same interest as me, anime and manga and we came up with a lot of ideas for a manga that our club might publish, splitting into two groups to plan the manga, one the illustrator and one the writer. For my part, I prefer writing the actual story and be in control of the plot more therefore I volunteered to joined the writing group, after a few words of persuasion, we made up a team of 6 people who would plan the story. It turned out making up a character is quite hard, but at least we got a setting chosen and decided on the genre and the main characters: 1 main boy protagonist (currently called “A-kun”, and his friend “B-kun” and a new female teacher). I look forward to our next meeting!