This is the final collage that I've made in the Art Class, there were many difficulties for me to adjust the color and balance of the shape to create a beautiful piece, since I am not fond with making abstract collages. With the help of Mrs. Jardin (our art teacher), I ended up having idealistic art work.

Out of all the collages I made, I have chosen this layout because there are clear patterns of shapes and colors that attracted my eyes which made the unique movement in the artwork. While many of my other collages did not have those aspects (they did but they were not very clear). The things in the artwork that made my enjoyable to look at is the two dears. They are the only prints that consist the colors of black and white, they are also the focal point of my art work (focal point is where you mainly look at). If I was to do this project again, I would do it differently by cutting my prints and color paper neatly so that the artwork would look more professional. Also I would put more thoughts to the colors that I would be printing, so that the color choices will match each other. Throughout this unit I've learnt to make printing with variety of objects. Not just the lino blocks, but we used some of the plastic box to poke holes and made some deep lines on it to create many different patterns.

In this writing, we focused about how the media is negatively affecting the teenagers' bodies.

One of the popular brands among many teenagers is American Apparel. American Apparel is highly rated with good reasons: it has a clothing line that fits a variety of body types, unlike other brands whose  clothes are only suitable to slim and tall people, plus the models of American Apparel were not often pretty. Many teenagers are concerned to the perfect images of models that they are exposed to everyday on the media. The images of models on media had huge impact on many teens. As a result, many girls stated that they wanted to lose weight looking at beautiful models on magazine, while boys wanted to build more muscles and be big, influenced by real-life role models.. Although some claim that images of models on media can be motivational to people who want to lose weight by exercising, in reality, many people are dying due to the eating disorder they have after being influenced by the images of models on media. Therefore the alluring images of models on media can harm teen’s body image destructively, many people are concerned with models and celebrities’ looks, and some people try anorexic methods to lose weight.


Many people have extreme obsessions of stalking glamourous models, which would lead to them having concerning thoughts about their bodies, This is very unhealthy for their mental lifestyles. Some women have extremely sharp eyes to notice appealing body parts, such as curves, hip bones that stick out, and especially, the thigh gap. Meanwhile, men look for the muscular and handsome real life role models to compare themselves. To illustrate, anonymous person K was very satisfied watching the “Victoria's Secret Show”, due to the fact that many of the models did not have hip bones that stick out, and having the thigh gap. The evidence suggests that anonymous person K was very delighted because the body she had looked more appealing than the bodies of the models on Victoria's Secret Show. As a final point, many people have disadvantageously sensitive personalities that compare themselves to the beauty of others and they become obsessed with it, which  could lead them to have many concerns about their own bodies.

At the present time, there are people who believe that being skinny is the key to have beautiful bodies and faces. Some people may exercise to lose weight. In the other hand, some people may stop eating to lose weight, which is extremely harmful. Images of models and celebrities on media partly takes responsibility for anorexia that many people sufferably tolerate. Basically, Ali Tate is saying that Holly Hurt was a girl who was overly obsessed with her appearance, influenced by the celebrities on media and her boyfriend, who lost lots of her weight using anorexic method. As a result, she was skeletal and lost a lot of energy, until the doctor told Hurt that she was experiencing eating disorders. The evidence indicates Holly Hurt was unhealthy, due to the fact that she wanted to be skinny, and she thought being skinny would bring her popularity in school. Therefore, it is reasonable that the media has a great influence on many other teenagers by tricking them to think that being skinny is alluring.


Others may hold the opinion that pictures on (the) media are motivational to many people to exercise, girls through boys, which leads (to a) healthy lifestyle to everyone. In an article Dying to be Thin, Katie Ford argues that obesity is the primary issue that America faces. From the graph readers can assume that more teens are exercising to lose weight instead trying to lose weight with anorexic methods. Critics indicate that it is very safe to publish photos of media, due to the motivation that the media gives, which will make others exercise. Although this argument appears persuasive at first, the media can extreme harmfully affect  many teens and adults, wiping out many other’s lives. According to article Dying to Be Thin, the evidence informs that, five millions are horribly experiencing eating disorders. In fact, approximately 1000 women are dying each year due to the anorexic methods to lose weight. The evidence indicates that there are many people who are suffering because of anorexia. Therefore, people are influenced negatively to the media. After looking closely at both sides of the issue and the evidence, one can see that, people are influenced negatively to the media.


The special negativity of adding perfect looking models on media, is that many girls are concerned about the beauty of the models and many people are losing weight by not eating anything. Not just girls, but many more people are highly concerned with the beautiful models, and sometimes people will try to find the negative things about the models to bad talk about them. In the future, people should not be concerned with anyone’s appearance, but instead their personalities.

All students in middle school was required to do the Student Led Conference through April 2nd and April 3rd. The Student Led Conference is not a regular teacher conference that parents usually do, but it is simply a conference between students and parents in the campus. One of the advisory teachers will be observing the conference to help out students and answer questions that parents have.

Throughout the conference, I suppose I did pretty well. I knew what I had to say because I was very comfortable talking to my parents. It was a little nervous talking to my parents because they can be judgmental about my learning and my assigning teacher was watching over me. But the teacher's attention didn't just fall on us. There were more than two families that were having a conference at a same time and in a same classroom. I think I did really well on explaining without reading off the script and passage that I wrote on my pages.

The struggle I had was nervousness, since I could not speak very loudly at the beginning. But as I started speaking more and more I felt more confidence. I was also being too specific that is why it took me 10 minutes to demonstrate each class of mine. I felt a little rush so I speed up my reading and explaining rate, so some class was too short and little.

I can improve the problem above by practicing more and time myself before starting my conference. I think that would be really helpful for my next student led conference because I will know which time to finish my conference and if I practice more my confidence will increase.

The canvas painting project was the second project of “Where I am From”. The painting demonstrated the landscape of our home countries. I chose to paint Vietnam because that is where I believe to be my home since my parents born and grew up in Vietnam. As you see my canvas painting, you can see diversity of textures, and I believe they are the strength of my painting. They are the speciality of my painting because not many people have came up with idea of adding dots. If I was to do this project one more time, I would want to add some details on some plane places, such as the black space. I want to show some more movement in the artwork so that it would look more interesting. The most challenging part for me was to paint the small details such as the marbles and the land. It was hard because there were tiny details that I could not draw with big brushes. Of course I had to pick out some small brushes, although they were not strong enough when I was painting with them.

Throughout the task, I learnt how to paint better compare to the last project I had which was the conical hat. I learnt how to draw small details with brushes which was the difficulty for me.

The task of the project was to draw out the places/ objects that are related to the country the we are living in, which is Vietnam, and we are supposed to draw and paint on the conical hat.


I think my strength was painting the water for background, because I think I did that job pretty well compared to other things I drew, thats also the reason that made the objects on conical hat attracting and outstand.


Next time, I would love to plan some more and practice painting a lot more, since I wasn’t fond of painting tiny bits of details. For example the flower, I do think that I can work on it a bit more next time if I was asked to do this project one more time. I also want to add values of colors so that both background and the object would look very realistic and interesting.


The most challenging part was that drawing on the conical hat, it was very difficult to draw on the hat because it has a rough texture that would not allow me to fill the space with colors. I had to stroke few times to get the color right. Also whenever I wanted to stroke the brush to make details, lines, it does not go the way I want. The easy part was painting the background because, I didn’t need to add any very small details.


The things I learnt throughout the task was to paint on something that had different texture. I have learned that white color can help the objects stand out, and does not let the objects mix with its backgrounds.


IMG_1449 (1)

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CSI stands for ColorSymbol, and Image. In CSI, we are suppose to define a word by color, symbol and image. I chose the word as my CSI project, as you see the image in the top, the color is the puzzling orange. The symbol is the history text book, or a resource. For image, its a clock that represents the education and the past. I chose the color puzzling orange for the color because, this color glows in my mind because it is mysterious, and its old, which represents history. I think puzzling orange is not a fresh color too. For symbol, I chose something that we would always use for history class, the text book or a source, because whenever I think about history, the old book will burn into my mind. For image I chose the clock that is covered with many prism and inside there are education and the past, because I want to show how significant is the image and for me education and the past is the only image that came up to my mind.     

I've learned many essential information while we were working on the designing process. I've learned about many variables that can cause, positive and negative outcomes. For example, the heavy friction, while we were winding the rubber band, the rubber band was stuck in one of the lever, that was too heavy to spin, so our vehicle did not move. Other than that, we used the advantage of using light materials so that the vehicle would move much more smoothly. If I could do the process of this project again, I would want to pick on materials more carefully, because I think that if we choose better materials, the vehicles are going to be better. Furthermore, I think we should measure the vehicles more carefully because, the levers on the both sides were not really parallel. I've learned that Newton's laws indicate our vehicle, such as, the first law indicates that, the vehicle won't move without the source that is moving the vehicle, which are rubber bands for us. The second law indicates that, the vehicle will move in a different ways based on how much netforce we put inside the vehicle, or how much mass it has. If we wind more, the vehicle will move further. Newton's third law indicates that, the vehicle will move opposite to the way that we wind the rubber band, because when we let the rubber band go, it will start moving forward, and that the equal amount of force we wind up. Next time, I want to make the vehicle better by taping the disc, because there will be less friction between ground and the tire. If I could do the similar project and extend its step, I would like to experiment with wing, because I flying vehicle is interesting and I want to know how airplane and copters are flying.


Screenshot from 2014-12-16 09:56:36

In this essay, we focused on cyberbullying.


Schools should sometimes be responsible for cyberbullying. Although  some opponents believe that no matter if cyberbully is hurtful and cruel, if it happened off-campus and online,  school should not be responsible, because the opponents think that1 no physical harm was done to the victim, and the topics are not related to school .


Schools should be responsible for punishing cyberbullies if cyberbullying affect students’ ability to study in school because  it is important for students to learn and do their best at school.  According to supporters of the victim of cyberbullying, It is not fair to remain and watch cyberbullying affect students awfully and get them to poor situation (Doc. Responsiblities vs. Rights). The evidence suggests that, it is not okay to know that cyberbullying is happening and not stop the situation. That would escalate and lead the victim to feel desperate. It might affect the victim’s behaviour or actions in school. Therefore, school should authorize  punishing cyberbullying, whenever the victim feels uncomfortable and it affects their ability of learning at school.


Furthermore, school should be responsible for punishing cyberbullies because cyberbullying takes place in social life repeatedly and victims might get influence to harass others on internet as a revenge or victims will lose their desire on going to school. Specifically, people should hold attention of cyberbullying because it happens very often online and it has overrun the school life states Lucas Chen in The New Bully at School. Furthermore, most of the cyberbully is done off-campus, but it’s ideas are mostly damaged, teasing, and revenge that take place in school. The evidence indicates that there is  lots of cyberbully that related to school, such as gossips, grades, and fights. Therefore, school should authoritate managing cyberbullying because cyberbully takes distressing role in school that influence the victims.
In conclusion, it is important for school to take proper duty on certain cyberbullying. Specifically, school is in charge of punishing cyberbullies that cause many heartbreaking troubles on internet, and that lead victims to feel depressed in school. Someday, I hope all the violations and threats online won’t occur as much as it is occurring often now.


Newton's laws are very significant study that we used for our vehicle. Each law tells us why our vehicle moves. Newton's first law tells us that an object does not move unless its acted by any external force. For our vehicle, it is important to know that it won't move if we don't exert any force in it, so we used rubber band as a source of the force. Specifically we attached pieces of rubber band to the tire holder (the tire holders spin), then we wrapped the other side of rubber band to the other tire holder very tightly, and then we let it go. The rapid speed of unwrapping made the tire holder started spinning and the vehicle started moving. We can tell that the rapid unwrapping that the rubber band made was the force that we exerted in.

Newton's second law tells us that the accelerations in the objects are depended on two variables, which are mass of an object and how much net force is exert in an object. Based on this learning, we've chose the accurate materials for our vehicle. One of my group members, Anne chose to bring a very light paper roll as a body. We were thinking about using pencils to be our tire holder, but we assumed that pencils might be too heavy for our vehicle, so the our vehicle won't be able to move much smooth and a long distance, so we used barbecue sticks instead. We've also found the smallest motors we could find which are the caps for coca-cola, and we attached it to our huge light tires (disk; made very little friction). So, we used the method of picking light materials.

Newton's third law tells us that the actions that we put into something will reflect (reaction) at the same amount of force. To demonstrate by our vehicle, the movement that the vehicle takes is the action. As the movement is occurring, there are the force that leaving the movement, which is the reaction. Reaction is a opposite force, like I said before, and it has same amount of force. Screenshot from 2014-12-11 22:06:52

Screenshot from 2014-12-05 16:25:23


In our science class we are working on Forces and Motion Vehicle. As you see the data above, the challenges that we are facing, is to create a vehicle that moves without battery or motor. The goal of this project, is to make the vehicle run for 1.5 meters. As you think, this project might be easy, but what makes it hard is that you cannot put any forces (inertia), such as pushing or kicking to make the vehicle move. We are planning to use pieces of rubber band  to move the vehicle. We were inspired by the creation of music box, because when you wind the lever, the music will play, same as this, we want to make a lever that is connected to piece of rubber bands to make the wheels move.


Screenshot from 2014-12-07 12:30:11


Here are the topics we've learned in science class. We've learned many key words, and importantly, we learned about newton's laws. Here are three key words that we learned, inertia, friction, and gravity. Inertia is the way of measurement, how much force it takes for an object to move. The more mass an object has, the more an object has inertia. Gravity is the force that pulls you to the ground. Friction is the force when more than one objects slide each other. Newton's first law is basically, inertia. The example for Newton's first law, is balancing on surfboard, because the wave is helping you balance. Newton's second law is how an object moves by how much mass it has and how much net force is inserted in an object. Newton's third law is the force that you put into an object will have a opposite force that going against you, which the amount of force is same.