Learnings on Astronomy Project

Throughout this past month I worked pretty hard on this project and I chose the topic of Living on the International Space Station. I really enjoyed researching about this topic because I’ve actually learnt a lot. The facts that I found were pretty interesting but some I kind of expected. First I thought that living on space would be pretty dull and there would be absolutely nothing to do but after some research, it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The options for fun still would be limited but I expected less.


When I started this project I didn’t know you had to exercise a few hours to keep your muscles going. I knew they were going to be in microgravity environment 24/7 but I didn’t know that it would cause muscle loss. It causes muscle loss because when you’re up in space, you don’t need that much of an effort to lift something thats 500 pounds on earth. You don’t use your leg muscles when you walk, you float. So your leg muscles aren’t really being put to use. Exercising a few hours per day is essential. If you don’t exercise enough, you could get puffy face syndrome which every astronauts has to experience at least once when they’re onboard.


Yes all my questions are pretty much answered, the basics are pretty clear.

AOW- Clothed in Misery


If you earned so much money from all the labour your workers had done to you, how would you spend it? Would you keep it all to yourself? Or would you spend it on the workers by giving them a higher payment or a better environment of the building? According to the article “Clothed in Misery” by Liz Dwyer, a gigantic building came tumbling down and ended up killing workers from all ages, kids to adults. Those workers are having a really tough and hard life because of poverty. They get low wages and the working environment just stinks, no doubt whatsoever. This collapse is compare to another well known collapse in 1860 The Collapse of the Pemberton Mill. So this isn’t the first time that something this tragic happened. It was all because of the rich owner that isn’t willing to pay extra expenses to stabilize the building and improve the working environment, because it would not be beneficial to their salary


The author’s purpose is to tell us not to be so selfish and don’t exploit your workers just because they’re poor and they have no power at all. They should be provided protection and many other advantages because without them, your company probably wouldn’t be standing this tall today. If an unfortunate incident like this happens, the company’s reputation would definitely change very dramatically because nobody would want to work under such an unstable roof. It can’t possibly cost that much to do a little repairing on the building. The wages the owner has to pay the workers are already pretty low and they probably are making huge profit already so cutting a little slack for the workers shouldn’t be so hard for this multi million company.


I think after this disastrous happening, it will take a lot of convincing and explaining in order for the company to get their workers back working for them again. The company will probably have to pay their workers slightly more because of what just happened, it wouldn’t really affect the owner that much. The factory is in Bangladesh where people are all broke and finding people there to do labour work wouldn’t be that hard because of the poverty rate. We really shouldn’t look down on them and exploit them in every possible way.



Boxer Rebellion

This Revolution affected the foreigners more than it did to the Chinese  The rebels killed hundreds of foreigners and completely wrecked their properties. The cruel heartless rebels also killed hundreds of Chinese that were Christians  I think the rebels were scared that the Chinese people might go under European influence so they thought that killing these foreigners are the solution. They also had the support from the Empress Dowager Cixi, she was the commander of the boxer rebellion. She ordered all of the foreigners currently in China to be executed.



Boxer Rebellion made 8 (Russia, Italy, United States, France, Austria-Hungary, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom) other nations to unite creating 20,000 troops and that weakened the Qing Dynasty not only that, but they also crushed the rebels. The troops left the Qing Dynasty no choice but to sign a contract and to stop the pandemonium. After the defeat it made China open to the world and they were letting China modernize unlike before, they didn’t like the Chinese getting influenced by all the foreigners.


Boxers put the foreigners into siege for like 55 days until the 8 nations came along marching in and freeing the foreigners. There were 400 troops guarding and unfortunately 150 were killed and the others didn’t escape, but obviously with injuries.

Empress Cixi was actually trying to overthrow the government instead of kicking out all the foreigners but then she got sick and tired of the foreigners action so she then saw the boxers as the solution to all this. She was just secretly supporting the boxers. She was one cruel and really selfish woman because she talked or did something to her son’s wife to making her commit suicide. Then she somehow gained power. She was secretly ruling for over 40 years.

AOW- Girl Who Got Arrested

Do you think doing a little experiment in school without adult supervision is illegal and you should be thrown in jail for that? So teenagers, we get curious easily and the only way to resolve the curiosity is to actually do it and see it for yourself. One day this curious 16 year old girl decided to do it in school, not in the lab, not in a classroom but behind the cafeteria. She did the mixing toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil experiment, it created a pretty big explosion which she probably was expecting because its most likely that she has already seen this on YouTube. The school then immediately called the police in and then she was arrested for that tiny little explosion. She was charged for having firearms in school, which isn’t true because this is just some kind of chemical reaction not any sort of firearm! To make things worse, the school didn’t encourage her to pursue her in future chemistry but they expelled her instead. Not only that happened but now she also has to spend years in jail!


I think the author’s purpose is if America wants to have more scientists in the future to compete with other countries. They shouldn’t be going around arresting kids that are willing to put the time into trying new experiments. For this article and the way she wrote “instead of encouraging her future in chemistry, the school also expelled her, and if the criminal justice system has its way, she’ll spend years in jail” I think she’s not taking the authority’s side. So it means that I’m not the only one who thinks that it isn’t worth getting her arrested just for that little explosion she caused in the back of the cafeteria.


This girl shouldn’t be thrown in jail because of being curious! If you’re not curious then you’re not learning, this girl is curious because she wants to have a bright future maybe even something that has to do with science. She still made a mistake because why would she even do it behind the school cafeteria. She should’ve acted out the experiment somewhere empty and somewhere no one could hear the explosion. Its so stupid how she has to serve in jail for a few years instead of just getting a warning or being charged. After she comes out of jail, her life will be completely changed. She’ll have a bad record and that might prevent her to pursue whatever she was dreaming of for the past few years. I think if you have a criminal record it’ll be really hard for you to find a job.

AOW- Tsarnaevs

How would you feel if you got accused for something you have no relation to at all, but the people accusing you have loads of evidence to prove that you are the person that caused the problem, while you have no proof that you are not the person they think you are? In the article, “F.B.I. Released the Tsarnaevs’ Photos because of Reddit and the Post” by Connor Simpson, people have been accusing innocent people and blamed them for the Boston Bombing, only because they appeared several times in pictures/videos the people at the bombing took. Things got more chaotic, and lead to danger for the innocents, which made the F.B.I.post the photos of the REAL criminals to calm the confusion.


The author’s purpose of this article is to show us how the Bombing has been affecting other people, and how rumors can spread really quick because of technology. It’s also moronic how they are leaving this all to the amateurs. People act like they know everything, and they start investigating the wrong way on the problem since they’ve never done it before, which leads to fake results which turn into rumors, then its just all a huge mess. If the people were patient enough until the F.B.I.s found out who the bombers are, then it would’ve been way easier for the F.B.I.s. These days, it’s easy to be deceived because someone might say something about someone that is in a video, and if everyone else sees it, they will believe it.

The F.B.I shouldn’t even hesitate to post pictures because why would the authority do such a thing and just watch the innocents being framed and make them face the harsh consequences when in reality they’re doing nothing wrong. Its obvious that nobody would like to get accused of something like that, so being such a popular website like Reddit which everybody reads, its pretty pathetic to frame someone. Its pretty easy to get a death sentence since this is such a major crime that its worldwide. Social websites can be helpful at times, but just good for nothing in situations like this.

AOW- Syria Civil War

Think about everything that belongs to you. Everything that is valuable to you. Out of all those numerous objects(or even people), if you were ordered to leave your home where everything belonged, and you did not have time to take all your things in a large luggage. What would you take? Why would you take it? All of the victims from the Syrian civil war left their homes with at least one thing that was valuable for them. Not all of them were “material”. Some were things you couldn’t touch or see see like “soul”. In the article: “In Pictures: Syrian Refugees’ most important things”, a lady which has disabilities who is 24 year old left her home without anything except for her soul. Some “lucky” others got to bring belongings such as phones and keys, which reminds them of the people they love. One man even brought something as simple as a picture to look back at all the happy memories he had with his spouse.


The author’s purpose is to show us what people from other places are going through without their important things. The author wants us to take care of our things while we have it, because one day, it might disappear, and you might not be able to get it back. For example, the fourth picture, which is a picture of an eight year old girl that was unable to bring her doll with her, and she is missing it very much. Now, the only possession that is important to her are her bracelets. The author is also saying that if you were in the same situation as they are, even the tiniest things could mean the world to you.


I feel really sorry for these people because they were put into the position of just taking one or two things along with them and they had only a few minutes or just seconds to make up their mind. I really couldn’t imagine myself in that position because of how much belongings I have and how I only could only grab a few things. I bet it was really hard for them to leave everything and everyone that valued the most to them behind because of how unstable their country is. I don’t think electronics or anything would even matter anymore because it probably won’t help you to move forward and not giving up, unlike the pictures of your family and the people that you value so much. Those pictures will help to motivate you! Sadly you just had to let them slip away on your finger tips.


How would you feel if someone offended you about your race? Even if it wasn’t meant to offend you, but it was said to be taken as a joke, how would you feel? How about if the joke wasn’t directed to you, but to someone else? Racism has been causing many problems and still does. Racism can lead to bullying and can hurt people’s feeling in many ways. According to the article, “Spreading Racism Via Facebook” by Tom Jacobs, it’s stated that Facebook is a big part of the spreading of racism, since people share jokes and insults about racism. For people who check Facebook more than twice a day, they probably like status’ and pictures without thinking so deeply. For example, racism.


The author’s purpose of this article is to tell us to go against racism on facebook, simply by not sharing anything people share something inappropriate. Even if it’s a joke, some people might take it serious, so for those people, we need to stop racism. Why do certain people need to be criticized and joked around for who they are? Facebook is one of the greatest social media websites, and news spread really quick. If people make the decision to share something not nice on it, let them be. However, don’t get yourself involved in it. Leave it, ignore it, scroll down, and whatever they said would not be spread out.


In my opinion racism needs to stop. It was a really big problem back then when white people just took advantage of the blacks and everything had to go their way so the blacks voice weren’t really heard. Although things already got a lot better but some people still see themselves more important to society when everybody is just pretty much equal. Some people still see the blacks as uneducated and uncivilised human beings but in reality they’re just like  the rest of us except the fact that they’re not white. They should all be respected because look at Barack Obama, who is the current president of the U.S. right now. When he first became president, there were pictures made fun of him, and people told jokes about him, just because of his race. Yet, he was wise enough just like any other white person, and is the president today.

AOW- HIV cured?

HIV/AIDS is a serious crisis in society right now and finally we’re having some hope into resolving this crisis because there has just been a baby that was believed to be infected with HIV transferred from the mother which is really rare but the baby was on drugs and he was treated constantly. The baby is the only second documented case of the cure in the world! The child is now 2 and a half year old and he’s off drugs for at least a year with no sign of any viruses reproducing.


The author’s purpose is to is to informing us that there might be a cure for HIV soon so people wouldn’t have to go through so much trouble just trying to stay alive. If they find a cure for that disease then it would save lots of lives and complications for people. Every year around at least 2 million die every year just because of this incurable disease. However, one of the cons of finding a cure for HIV is that the cure only works on infants. Even though it’s not for people for all ages, at least 3 hundred million babies who are infected with HIV can be cured. This was the second time that HIV has been cured.


In my opinion, I’m really glad that there is a chance that there has finally been a cure for HIV. Even though there were multiple ways to get infected by HIV, there wasn’t a cure for it, until now, we have hope. I think it was brave for the doctors to try and cure the baby, because this was their first time defecting HIV from a baby. The baby could’ve died! I wonder why the mother of the baby did not take her baby to the hospital for three months, making it harder for the doctors to help defect HIV from the baby. In the future, I hope we can save more people from HIV and AIDS so it doesn’t even have to exist anymore. It’s interesting how sometimes, doctors find cure “accidentally”. I mean, that’s like the greatest accident you can ever make in your whole lifetime. It’s said that most doctors find cure on accident. Maybe in the future, we will have more accidental cures!

Creative Commons Sean and Derek

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Cartoons created by me and Sean
In ICT we’ve been working really hard on this project over the last few weeks. We were suppose to do some research on Creative Commons then create a cartoon to show that we’re actually working and not slacking off. I was paired up with Sean for the Cartoon project and it turned out pretty well. I think the best one is Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike because they can’t make money off my hard work and they also have to give credit to me.

AOW- Egypt Riot Redo

What a catastrophe! Thanks to human rights and social classes, citizens of Cairo have ended up in danger. In other words, they had a humongous fight where around heaps of people died and at least 300 soccer fans were injured in just a few weeks. 21 death sentences were handed down in court, 48 died because of the ongoing violence, 74 died due to the brawl, 37 died during the riot, another 11 died from the clash between polices and protesters, 2 police men were shot dead when trying to stop angry relatives storming the prison, 2 innocent soccer players were assaulted on their way to practice. This situation has got so much out of control that even the president cancelled his trip just to try to stop the chaos and prevent it from growing and growing.

I don’t think the author has a purpose to this article, she’s just trying to tell us the condition in Egypt and saying something so little like a soccer match could get hundreds of people killed in less than 3 weeks. Just a little match could lead to such devastation, its not even worth getting so much people killed just because the 2 teams are rivalries. The soccer fans from both teams should really look at the consequences that it could lead up to, and what do you know, it was so severe that the government has to cancel a trip to Ethiopia just to try to resolve this chaotic mess.

In my opinion there’s no doubt that its not worth risking and putting so many lives on the line just for a silly little football match. Now that I know that Egypt is such a violent place I don’t think I’m going to go there for a vacation any time soon. Now thinking about it even going to any ordinary soccer match could be a little dangerous after what just happened. Think about it, is it worth putting your life in jeopardy just for a soccer match?