The main purpose of week without walls is to give us some time to take a break from school. I think throughout this trip the 2 moments that made me feel the most distance away from school is when i was biking, and the bus rides.

I like the biking part the most in www walls it’s very active, and along the way i get a chance to ride through the beautiful countryside, which is something i could’ve never experience in Ho Chi Minh. I think it was also quite competitive since everyone is trying to get to the top stop.I really got a chance to talk to people i don’t know, and marvel at things i usually don’t see like the rubber tree. Overall I though it was fun and I hope I have more chances to do that in future events.

What else was fun for me was the bus rides. I find it fun not because I’m lazy but because it’s really a time where we can just sit back and relax after a long and tiring day. It was also I time to reflect on what we did so far and to hangout with people we don’t really hang out with. The fact that we spend so much time in the bus during the trip just contributes to the we have to be together as more than a bunch of students, but as a small community


intro to poetry rephrased

I ask them to snatch a basketball
and throw it up the hoop
like a bulls eye

or compress their hands against the treasure

I say pass the ball to their teammate
and watch him slither his way through the defense

or walk inside the the court
and find the answer

I want them to climb
across their obstacles
waving at their trainer.

But all they want to do
is lie on a bed with a laptop and play 2k13

They begin bragging about
how they are destined to play Basketball.

People working in poor condition in clothing factory

Poverty may be more catastrophic than it seemed. “ clothed in misery” this article is by M.T Anderson. The collapse of Bangladeshi factory on Wednesday, the latest and deadliest story of miserable labor conditions in international garment industry. Similar disaster happened in national industrialization the 1878 Washburn mill explosion in Minneapolis, the 1905 Grover Shoe factory disaster in Brockton, Mass. The 1911 Triangle shirtwaist factory fire in Manhattan. In new England textile mills were the beating heart of america’s mass production infancy, the most famous 1860 collapse of the Pemberton Mill in lawrence, Mass. With unvarying historical predictability, the cycle involves tremendous suffering, riots, like the one in Dhaka, the persecution of labor organizers. Child labor infractions lives whole population reaching adulthood without money, education or hope, and the generations of workers who are laid off during downturns and end up with nothing to show for life of toil. Then the catastrophic disasters arising from the interminable squeezing of expense.

The author purpose of writing this article is to aware us of the cruel clothing industry are to their workers, how their workers are working under these unprotected situations, and what we can do to help them. “It’s well past time for all of us to reflect on this cycle and how cheap it would be to break out of it if only there were enough public pressure on the apparel industry. The cost for us is minimal; the cost for others is great. Bargain-hunters at Wal-Mart and haute couture customers on Fifth Avenue alike should shame those companies that pass the savings on to us as they pass the suffering on to others we never see. This is not a remote or distant problem.” This applies we don’t need to give up a lot to help get these people out of their misery. All it takes is something as simple as going on Facebook and causing awareness.

I think that we should take solution of causing public pressure into consideration. Since everyone uses social media, and we use it almost all the time. It isn’t hard to just post a comment on Facebook, we do it all the time. Simple things like going to the internet and putting a lot of public pressure. Can help complex problems of things as people working poor conditions, child labor, poverty, things that have been going on since forever. Things like cruel owners willing to let their workers die just because of profit, is something worth our attention, it is an act of cruelty that gives us a duty and responsibility to get rid off. I believe if we use some of our time to act against these type of cruelty, it will be worth it.

Rewritten declaration of independance

When in course of human events, it becomes necessary for us, the students to cut all the chains that we have with the teachers and the filthy h/w which have clutched us together for years. We have done all that you have asked us to do in class, we have suffered in the process. What more do you people want? We have tried to reason with you of why we should have less h/w, but all you did was turn those reasons into complaints. Saying how we students are too apathetic, how kids these days play too much video games. We don’t know what you people want. As for us we want our independence from homework. All the bonds that have connected us together must be eliminated. We students shall start up a new nation where we govern ourselves, where every people is equal, and where god will takes us.

I believe that everyone are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of whatever makes them happy . I believe that the student is the one giving the power to the teachers and the school , since if there is no attendance there wouldn’t even be a school.Therefore the students have the rights to take down their teachers if they feel like the teachers are mistreating them in an abusive way, in this case giving them too much work. The students can have the rights to change to different classes that they think are suitable to them or not giving them as much homework as their previous classes.

Until this day we have been holding our grudges and complaints address to you , wishing that if we don’t spill them out you will be merciful and realize what sorrow you have brought to us. However, when in realization that you will never change your procedure on the amount on h/w you give us, we have no other choice but to list the grievances we have, on the cruelty that you have bestowed upon this nation. We hope you may one day you will interpret this list and adjust your pursuit. Now I shall present to you our complaints:
You have given too much h/w that we barely have any time left to do any other activities
During school years we have a lot of stress due to worries about if we have enough time to do our h/w
We find that we do not have enough rest due to tons of incomplete h/w waiting to be completed by us

We have not gotten a clue of what you wish we should do? We were nothing but at peace with, we were obedient, disciplined, we were so obedient that we only talk when we were asked to. Haven’t we done enough for you already? No. As you know we will only act when it is necessary to act. By violating, and disrupting our freedom outside school it is beyond violating our personal life. Therefore making it a necessity for us to act straight away, but we never took it too far. We tried to reason with you, we tried aknowledge you of our situation, we tried to write forms aimed for a better solution rather than giving tons of h/w. Instead all you have done is ignored us, if not giving even more h/w way beyond our limitation.

To conclude we shall have no other choice but to declare our independence. We shall endeavour in another journey separate from yours. By declaring our independence we shall no longer have to learn in the class that we are previously learning in, but instead we shall move on to a new class where we shall choose our teachers of choice. A teacher that is generous, nice, forgiving, and most importantly does not give us a lot of h/w. We shall also simulate our learning area to a more fun place instead of just a dull classroom. That is the student electual final verdict.

social media interfere with police investigation

why won’t these annoying people just piss off and let the professionals do their jobs that too much to ask? “F.B.I. Released the Tsarnas’ Photos Because of Reddit and the Post” this article is by Connor Simpson. While the police is finding who the suspects are Reddit was on the case looking at every picture trying to find who the suspects are. The people didn’t help find a thing but they also made it more confusing by blaming people who were innocent. It was the confusion those people has caused that made the police decide to release the photo of the suspects early since they don’t want anymore chaos, people framing other people. The problem did not end right there, since those people decided to compete with those police to find the suspects. Now the police have to worry about the people and at the same time find the brothers.

I think the author purpose of writing is to tell us that the social media sites has been feeding us with useless and unreliable information about the Boston bombing. “A phrase from the article is the social media site and notorious tabloid emerged as front runners in the race to distribute potentially useful but ultimately useless information in the early days of the investigation. ” This suggest that the social media is not what you want to get involve with, It also feeds you with useless information. This is important to the article because it shows that you should not follow the social media websites, because they get you off track. This links in with the article because the whole purpose of the article is to tell you how the social media websites has messed up the police investigation.

I think that these people should let the police do their job, what they are trained. These people aren’t doing poop, but also messing up things for the cops. They blame innocent people, just because they saw those people in the marathon. Imagine countless of people going to the marathon countless of people going to the marathon, countless of people being blamed. Besides that they also interfered with trying to find the suspect, so instead of just finding the suspect the cops also have to try putting the civilians out of harm’s way. Also the cops have to post the image of the suspect who triggered the bomb so the civilians wouldn’t harm other civilians. If the cops didn’t post the pictures do you think the cops will have to chase the suspect killing the older brother? So the question is. Do you think it would be better if the civilians stay out of the investiagation?

Racism on Facebook?

Are you a racist person? If you are, why are you racist is there a particular social media or a person you are spreading racism to? “Spreading racism via Facebook” this article is by Tom Jacobs. The journal that psychologists Shannon Rauch and Kimberly Schanz wrote talks about how the heavy users of social media looks for social inclusion instead of information, so they are bound to not think to express themselves without thinking about it too deeply, since it’s about someone else writing about themselves. The combination of a need to connect and shallow processing creates and atmosphere for spreading racism. Rauch and Schanz describe a study of 623 internet user in which 95% uses Facebook. They were shown a superiority message that shows the superiority of the white to a black, an victim message a post in which a white is more oppressed in the racial group in America, and a egalitarian message a post that gives example of anti-black racism that he has witnessed The study participants were asked how much they agreed with the message, how accurate they found it, how much they liked the author, and how likely they were to share the post or argue against it. More frequent facebook did not differ from the other reaction to the eligeration message. They were positive toward the message with the racist content- particularly the superiority one.
The author purpose of writing this article is to show his worries about racism and how it could spread in Facebook. “This is a sobering finding, given that Facebook use has become increasingly commonplace, and … information-seeking is not a primary motivation of most Facebook users,” Rauch and Schanz conclude.” This suggests that Facebook might be major issues of for spreading racism since a lot of people use it. “Increasingly commonplace” this indicates that since more users are using Facebook it could possibly mean that racism will spread more rapidly. This is relevant the article because the whole purpose of the article is to talk about how racism is being spread.

I disagree with the whole idea of Facebook spreading racism. I depends on how the person is spreading racism, for e.x o it’s a racist joke, It doesn’t literally mean the person is being racist, cause people know it has a joke there even might be a black guy making a joke about black people. I think these people took it to seriously taking a joke and just changing it into problem of spreading racism. Also if there might be some cases of people insulting other people race they shouldn’t just make an article about it, I mean it couldn’t be that serious. Also there are also other social media why direct all the attention to only Facebook?

Dogs looking for freedom from its human owner

Is life so dear and peace so sweet
As to simply be betrayed by a kiss
Are we destined to listen to the siren
As we are turn into their beasts
would we be so easily deceive
by their insidious smile
a smile that is proved a snare on your feet
freedom, but freedom there is no freedom
The master have been forging our chains for so long
we’ve been hugging the delusive phantom of hope
should simply lie on our back while the chains are forge
when shall we be stronger
I can hear the chains clanking in our cage
We are not alone, the gods of dogs presided over destinies of races
It is simply a question of freedom or slavery