Science project reflection

The most surprising thing I learn after doing this project is knowing that there’s a supermassive black hole in the middle of the Milky Way but that did explains why the Milky Way is a Barred Spiral Galaxy.

I think I did pretty good on this project even though I can’t find more information on the supermassive black hole. I did try to included as much information as I can as well as some animation. But I think I can present better with some practices first.

The most difficult task is researching. Most informations were repeat in many website I’ve been on so not much information can be found.


Stitches of Pain

The alternative for slavery is probably the garment industry. This industry may be view as the best job for most girls, but it can easily take away your life. It’s not possible you might say, but did you predicted the Washburn mill explosion in 1878? The Grover Shoes Factory disaster in 1905? The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911? Or the latest incident, the collapse of the Bangladesh Factory? No you didn’t, and neither did the employees. The article is written by M.T.Anderson with the name Clothed in Misery.

One of the worst incident is the collapse of the Pemperton Mill in 1806. It start out as a normal work day until everything goes tumbling down faster than the employees can finish a piece of cloth. “They were used to singing at their looms — mill girls always are — and their young souls took courage from the familiar sound of one another’s voices,” Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, who used to be a child at that time shared. “They sang the hymns and songs which they had learned in the schools and churches: ‘Heaven is my home,’ ‘Jesus, lover of my soul,’ and ‘Shall we gather at the river?’ Voice after voice dropped. The fire raced on.” All because of the manager’s ignorant of the inspector’s warning about the feeble metal columns. Then come the cost-cutting measure and the firing of anyone demanding a higher wage. People goes out, new people goes in.

Not only did they crush the employees’ future but also their dream. The employees are mostly from the rural area where they treats weaving machine as their first step to a better life. But they ruin everything with the unspoken danger lurking every where. Where are the government when we need them? I though people’s life was their top priority? Even if they come to help after the incident had occur and life had been lost, it doesn’t erase the fact that they stand by and didn’t do anything until people gets hurt. With death hovers over their head and brutal treatment killing them slowly days by days, it’s no different from slavery.

The Haitian Revolution?

The Haitian Revolution is the only successful revolution at that time in the New World. It’s also made Saint-Dominique the first independence Black state. Before that, Saint-Dominique was an island ruled by the French, used as a plantations. The working conditions is harsh and the slaves were treated badly. Their only dream was to be free from this horrible life. While the French revolution started to obtains the equal rights for all men, French still refused to abolish slavery on the island. I think the French was being very selfish here. All they think about is how to benefit themselves. Not all the citizens would knew about the slavery on Saint-Dominique but the government definitely should.  When they finally receive the freedom that they want, I think they should make sure that the rights are actually divided equally to everyone, including the slaves. The outcome was absolutely the best of all outcome. The slaves obtains their freedom, they discovered a military genius among the free black, and lastly, they can finally stand up for themselves and start a new life, govern by themselves.

Introduction to Puzzles

i ask them to scan the incomplete picture

and pick out the first piece

their eyes catch

or listen for whispers of the hidden story


i say blindfolded runs their hand over the heap

and stop at the centerpiece


Or create a TV show

to interview the puzzle pieces


I want them to throws a ball

so the pieces can find their matches,

to be filled or complete another

in the square of relatives


But all they want to do

Is use tricks and hints

and outnumber it


They wants a hasty tornado to fits patches into place

to get the credit of completing it.

STEAM Carnival of Explosion

A new science project, STEAM Carnival, was launched by Two Bit Circus in Bartow, Florida. This project was to get the kid to recognize science, technology, and engineering or as the kids refer to, “lasers, robots and fire”. Those three words immediately makes you think of an explosion, which is what a sixteen year old girl recreated. This article is called Want Kids to Become Scientists? Don’t Arrest Them For Experimenting, written by Liz Dwyer.

Just like the video on Youtube about the chemical reaction when you mix toilet bowl cleaner and aluminium foil in a plastic bottle, Kiera Wilmot tested it out behind the school cafeteria instead of in-class  There was an explosion that take attention of the whole school. She was arrested afterward for “possessing or discharging weapons or firearms at a school sponsored event or on school property and making, possessing, throwing, projecting, placing, or discharging any destructive device.”

The school clearly do not understand kids. They should be aware of this when the project is launch. But they should arrest Kiera either, she didn’t know what she was doing or what she was expecting to see. She was curious, not planning to kill someone. I think the organization should be the one with the responsibility. It was them who brought the idea up and it was them who didn’t warn the kid the safety rules for people around them and themselves.



Term: a number, a product, a variable                                                                                     Monomial: a number , a product with nonnegative exponents                                                 polynomial: monomials

Monomial is one term: 25x³                                                                                                   binomial is two terms together: 25x³+5y²                                                                                               Trinomial is three terms together: 25x³+5y²-20y                                                                                   Polynomial is four or more terms:  25x³+5y²-20y+4x-6y³

Degree is the sum of the exponent in a variable. Degree of a polynomial determines the leading term which is the highest degree and it follow a decreasing order. That’s the standard form.

25x³+5y²-20y+4x-6y³                                                                                                                                             25x³-6y³+5y²-20y+4x       standard form

Bombing in Boston

The Reddit, FBI, and the New York Post had been in a race to reveal the face of the Boston bomber. Due to the misinformation the Reddit and the Post have scatters, FBI decided to releases the picture of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev to stop the Reddit and the Post at their track to do more harm to the case. This article is F.B.I Released the Tsarnaevs’ Photos Because of Reddit and the Post, written by Connor Simpson.

All three of them drive in to find the bombers but so far, the Post had been misidentified innocent people. The Reddit is also on the case but no suspect had been spots. “I’d take thousands of people over a select few very smart investigators any day,” one officer of the Reddit says. But now that the F.B.I had release the brothers’ photo, they are on a different mission to prevent the chaos of the manhunt. Then, a victim gives them a hint about the bombers. The brothers’ aunt, once saw the image, called the F.B.I to identify them.

If I were the F.B.I, I would keep the investigation a secret and banned any other investigator from joining the case. This way, there will be less confusion and the work will be done faster. Or they can just all work together because when they compete like this, the bombers have more chance to escape.


The Refugees’ Treasures

More than once, war had forced millions of innocent people to abandon their home to escape to safety. The Syria’s civil war is just another painful example. The article is in picture: Syria’s refugees’ most important things. The pictures were taken by Brian Sokol.

Have you ever experience the moment when you have to decide which toy to bring with you when you’re on a trip? You have a lot of toys, but you can only takes one or two. I spend a lot of time deciding when that happens to me. It decides which toys is the most special to me. When the people of Syria feel danger when the war approaches, they know they have to finds safety. When packing for a trip, you have plenty of time to decide but when you have to flee, you bring with you yours most precious things. A 25 year old woman escapes with her son Ahmed, her daughters Aisha and Koran, and a religious book which she believe will protects her on the journey. A blind girl also flees but brings nothing with her but her wheelchair which she insists that it’s part of her body. “Soul, nothing more – nothing material.” she says. Some other refugee takes the things that bring memories like a picture of your wife, or a buzuq, or a phone that contains the photo of your loved one or to connect with your relative. “With this, I’m capable of calling my father.” Some people brings things to start your life over in a new place, some brings things that will help when they gets back to their home, some brings the person you can’t live without.

It’s hard to choose when you know the amount of things you can bring is limited. They must have had a hard time. But besides bringing your treasure, I’m wondering if the refugees’ family are all together because in some picture, only one person is there and they didn’t mention their relative in the caption either. I really hope this will happens to me or anyone I know.

Racism spreading device: Facebook

Facebook is a social network where people can connect with other. It’s main use is for people to stay connect and share information to another but most use it in search of social inclusion, which leads to a problem that involve the world, the spreading of racism. This article is called Spreading Racism via Facebook by Tom Jacobs.

To research deeper into this matter, Jack Brown and 623 Internets user with the majority of people who already have a Facebook account was ask to help. Jack was assigned to create and wrote three Facebook pages, each include a perspective about racism while the 623 users’ job is to read the Facebook pages. The result will depend on “how much people agree with the message,” “how accurate they found it,” “how likely that they will either argue or share the post,” and “how much you liked the author.” The first page is called “superiority messages” by the researchers. In this page, Jack wrote about the behaviors from both races of black and white but the result turned out that the write are the superior. “Victim message” is the second page where Jack blamed the white in America for being the most racism towards other race. The last page is the “egalitarian message,” a post about the anti-black racism event he had witnessed. It turns out the more frequently the user logged on to Facebook, the more likely for them to be influence by the negative message about racism. But there is also one more cause.                                               “Agreement and positive attitudes are driven by a need to belong and connect with others,” wrote Shannon Ruach and Kimberly Schanz, psychologists. Most Facebook user join to find the feeling of being involve and, like peer pressure, they are more likely to agree with whatever the majority agreed on but most didn’t think thoroughly about it yet.  “Frequent Facebook users are likely susceptible to negative persuasive messages because they engage in less critical processing, either because of their online experiences or personality traits.”

I think this is a very serious problem because Facebook is known all over the world so if one tiny piece information somehow gets through to a lot of people, from a rumor, it could likely become facts to some people. Not to mention some people likes to exaggerate the information so that it sounds better and misunderstanding are easy to occurs. Even though the white are the majority, sometime, I think it’s a bit unfair to them. For example if you saw someone with white skin, you can say something like “you’re so white,” and still be less racist than saying “you’re black” to people with dark skin. If people already say stay away from racism, then I think there should be no problem saying someone is black or white because that’s when they don’t care about each other’s skin color.

Function Notation

daum_equation_1365385758575With this equation,                                                                                             it’s either y of x or                                                                                             f of x, there are no y. They are write like this, and the way to simplify it is like this.






y=1/2x-4                                                                                                                                                        To graph it, count the down the y-axis 4 points and plot the point. Go one up and two to the right to plot the next point which is 1/2.