Eco-dome: Original build

In science, we were asked to make an eco-dome for a cricket, to put to the test what we have learned about how Earth works. From the nutrient cycle, photosynthesis/respiration, different spheres of Earth, and so forth, we had to replicate all of these things from provided by nature and fit it all in a box. For me, the main goal is to build an eco-dome that would sustain the cricket for the longest amount of time possible.



Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Plant 20X Plants, 6 leaves on each plant A lot of leaves for the cricket to eat The plants are moist from the water constantly evaporating and condensing.

The also started to slowly die.

Sticks 4X 25cm sticks Structures for the cricket to climb around in the ecodome The sticks are moist for the same reason as the plant.
Carrot 8 grams So the cricket has variety in food The carrots either has water on it, or it has turned to mush.

Carrots have a lot of mold on them.

Dirt 3cm 3 cm of dirt, enough for the plants, but not so much that it takes to much space in the ecodome The dirt is less wet since the water evaporated and is condensed on the walls.
Mulch 0.5cm For variety in the dirt The mulch is less wet since the water evaporated and is condensed on the walls.
Grass 0.2cm Soft bedding, so that when the water reaches the ground, it doesn’t create mud The cricket moved the plants in such a way that hid most of the grass, which is also wet.
Snail Shell 1 snail shell A place where the cricket can hide in Snail shell is barely visible with all the water that is condensed on the wall.
Rocks 25 marble sized rocks Structure for the cricket to climb and hide Rocks are all still there, unchanged.
Ladybug 1 Will the cricket eat the ladybug? Nowhere to be found
Transparent cup 1 Structure, so the cricket can climb around Unchanged
Water 15 sprays, and 25ml Moist, so that the cricket and plants could drink. The water has evaporated, and is being cycled through the plants and on in the air.

Original Ecodome


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