3. To Wrap It All Up + My Product Link! :) LET’S REDUCE SOME DIABETES!

• I made some finishing touches and re-decorated some of my slides to make sure the sentences look short and easy to read. I also added a lot of pictures and examples to the main driving question and cited more sources. It was very important to me that my information are accurate, easy to read, eye-appealing to the audience and that there are images along with the information so that the audience doesn’t get bored. This topic was very important to me as my grandfather is a diabetic and I am going to use all of my knowledge that I had accumulated throughout this project to help him as best as I can!!

• In short, I mainly found that there are certain ways/equations to help you find your ideal body weight and number of calories needed to lose weight, what a diabetics’ diet should roughly look like, that there are existing scanners (such as SCiO, NIMA, Spectral Engines,…), how they use spectroscopy to work, and how all of that is crucial to answering the main driving question! Even though they can follow the slides, they can also check with a dietitian/nutritionist if they want. It is really up to them to make their lifestyle & habits healthier as the scanner and my product are just guidance and can only go so far because it actually all comes down to their MENTALITY & MOTIVATION (whether they are willing to WORK HARD for their goals or not)!!

• I mainly had problems with finding accurate information in the websites to cite the sources correctly as they did not provide the sourcing requirements that I needed. I also had to research a lot and skim through A LOT of websites because most of them didn’t contain any useful information and/or had super LONG essays that were practically not helpful to me at all. Yet I still had to skim through all of that! Researching is tough but I managed to gather all the information I needed in the end!

• My strengths were that I managed to stick to my schedule, which was mainly to get everything done and finalized during the weekends. Despite the hard research I went through, I found great informative websites that gave me different perspectives on the topic, allowing me to think more outside the box and consider more situations. I also found out that I have gotten better at summarizing things, organizing information and picking the main points from each text.

• My weaknesses were something everyone could relate to – time management. I did not REALLY procrastinate (I will explain what I mean by “not really”) as I kept my promise to work efficiently during the physics classes and the weekend. However, surprise pop quizzes, TESTS and other subjects’ homework & projects suddenly popped up throughout the weeks so I had to make changes to my timescale as I used my study hall and homework schedule (at home) to make room for all subjects!(I also planned to work in Study Hall and at home during weekdays but I didn’t). So I had to postpone the project to later dates so it is not really procrastinating because I was also working on other subjects!

• Anyways, here is my final product link!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2. More than 75% there! Here’s a little sneak-peek!

• Towards my research questions so far, I have learned that: losing just 5% to 10% of your total weight can lower your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels; just by eating healthier, being more physically active, and losing weight, diabetics can reduce symptoms, maybe even reverse it; how SCiO (a food scanner brand) uses near-IR spectroscopy to work and so much MORE!!

• In the featured image above, it relates to eating healthy by showing fresh colorful vegetables in different portion sizes!! YUM!! From researching and looking at different infographics, I also learned we should eat colorful vegetables as they all provide good nutrients for us!

• While researching, I found out that there are more questions I needed to be able to answer in order to answer my sub questions and main question as a whole!! Ex: While I was trying to find out “What are some common diets that diabetics go on?”, I realized that it is a little different for everyone because people have different body sizes (and other stuff like that). I needed to get around this problem so I wondered “How to find a person’s ideal body weight?” and put it into my powerpoint so that I could tell the diabetics what common diets they could go on based on their body weight. Turns out whether the person is a diabetic or not, the healthy diet they’re supposed to follow is not that much different from everybody else, except for the fact that they should watch out for certain foods.

• It was a bit challenging to find reliable websites with reliable and realistic data I could refer to and trust. I also had a hard time remembering to bookmark for later when I need to cite sources. I managed these problems by searching through well-known websites first (like the DailyMail or other websites people usually know about when we mention research or news about modern technology), and always remembered to bookmark the page even before I started reading it and when I don’t need to, I un-bookmark it.

• I also found it hard to find high-quality, resourceful images/infographics I needed in order to get my point across without making my powerpoint look wordy. In the end, I managed to get around it by making my searches more specific and putting speech marks so that Google helps me find images more relevant to what I want.

• My timeline is going VERY smooth. I have been working very efficiently on my project every physics & study hall class and spent only 1hr on Saturday. I managed to get 8 slides (out of 9 slides) done, which exceeded my own expectations and plans!! I thought my project would take a long time to finish but I am already almost done!! I am planning to get ahead and finish my product next class, finish my final blog post Monday night (May 14th) & comment on others blog posts during Wednesday’s class!!

• Ever since the project was assigned, it did not interfere with my other classes and quizzes since there were only a few of them and I also had A LOT class time to work on my project. I have Study Hall A Block and Physics D Block on the same day so in a day I have 2hr 40mins to work on the project, thrice a week! 

• I expect to finish the last slide and my project as a whole in class. I also cited ALL of my many sources to avoid plagiarism. I also made sure my slides are easy enough to read and look less wordy so that even a “non-science” person can understand!!

1. Intro: To what extent can a food scanner help diabetics control their sugar intake?

An introduction to what I will be doing for this unit 😉

• This is the big, driving question I will be working towards this entire project: To what extent can a food scanner help diabetics control their sugar intake?

• Some key questions I think would be good to work on in order to help the Driving Question:

– Are there any existing food scanners already? How do these food scanners work? How much sugar should diabetics take, actually? What are some ways the scanner efficient in helping diabetics?

• I chose to work on this question because my grandfather is a diabetic and sometimes he doesn’t know if the food he is eating contains sugar or not and often avoids it, just to make sure. It is quite inconvenient because it might not contain any sugar at all and just passed a food that might actually have been good for him! It is important to me that I know more about this topic because I want to be able to help my grandfather!

• For my main product I will make Google Slides because I think that it is the best way to express my work easily and simply, easy to use since it is accessible anywhere (I can do it anywhere!), and so that everyone can understand since it will be in order.

• Every weekend starting from this week, I would spend at least 1 hour in the morning researching and adding on to my slides. I will learn more about diabetics’ habits and how an existing food scanner works as well as other related research.

• My slides will be kept brief and short, but still informative so that it doesn’t look like wordy. I think this will help my product look interesting and not boring. I will also provide images! (Just like my blog post :))

• I will try write it in the simplest language that everyone understands (even a “non-physics person” would). I promise to cite sources and include them in my final product!!! 🙂