On this panel, I spent some time perfecting the background. Since I learned that backgrounds play an important role in creating a good graphic novel. I played around with the colors and the shading to control the mood. I want to imply what my character is feeling, which is insane. I chose blue, purple and black to imply that to the reader. I also drew out twirly circles, some big and some small. Her facial expression also conveys her mood; eyes getting bigger, mouth in a weird shape. There are action lines next to both of her arms indicating her movements. How she's somewhat swinging her arms around her head. Overall, this panel is giving out the insane vibe.

soda - gif 

Video - demonstration 

Day 8 - Lesson about 'pressure'

How to:

--> Heat the can up using the hot plate

--> Pour a bit of water into the can

--> Wait until it is heated

--> Use the tongs to flip in upside-down and put it in cold water

Science Behind it:

--> Pressure

--> Low moving to high pressure

--> Sudden contact

--> Molecules suddenly shrink creating a vacuum because of the change in temperature

--> The pressure outside is higher, crushing the can

Daily Routine: This is our 7th topic, talking about our daily routine. I learned a myriad of new vocabularies that I have ever heard about before. My best success in this class is the vocabularies quiz. I find them easy to do, just memorizing vocabularies. However, a challenged that I faced in this class is when we have to do the interview or/and talking and record it as a video. I find the pronunciation really difficult for me. 'Practiced makes perfect'

This is my poster about the topic:

Blog 1: I think the easy part would be painting/decorating the chair sculptures and the challenging part would be making the each of the sculptures. I have never really tried doing any solo sculptures before and I'm really looking forward to this project. My sculpture is going to be a little astronaut on the beach with floating planets. I'm thinking of solar systems, black holes, galaxy, and beach. I think it will look really different to combined the beach with the galaxy. We use the designing process because then when we actually start the project, we will be able to know what to do and uses our time wisely. I will be using wires and plasters as a base to my astronaut and the umbrella. Foam balls will be for the planets. Tissue papers will be for the smoke and the black



After the planning, I got started on making the 'black hole' using wire, tape, newspaper and paint.  It didn't look like what I wanted so I worked on another sculpture, astronaut. I worked each of the body parts, head, helmet, arms, etc. Using newspaper, tap, and plasters.


 Before:                                 After:
This is a video tutorial on how to make palm trees. This video is going to be really useful in the future for me because I will need to make 3 palm trees for my chair. I'm planning to put it in the corner of my chair to add the feel of the beach.
Pinterest (Themed)  Pinterest (Sculptures)

My timeline:

Studio Time Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5
Plastering all the sculpture pieces Fix the black hole. Glue the body parts together Continued working on the black hole and make the palm trees. More palm trees Paint more planets. Make more movement sculpture near the  black hole (if necessary)
Class 6 Class 7 Class 8 Class 9 Class 10
Glue different type of sea shells onto the waves. Make stars for the black hole. Paint the chair

The progress grade that I got was the around the grade that I think I would get. I need to make sure that I have a proper plan of what I'm going to do with my chair within 10 classes. To achieve an A, I need to be more specific in my blogs, time management and work on my bigger pieces first.


We have 7 more classes to finish our chair sculpture and I think I will be able to meet the due date. I'm working my way onto painting and gluing each sculpture together. I'm not really stressed out by the due date because there's always stupid time as well. I already finish with the making all the sculptures and plastering process.

The feedback that I got was really useful because I didn't really realize it before that the bottom of my chair is just the black hole. Now that my chair is viewed from a different person, I get a different perspective.

This is my most recent 30HANDS video: No more contracting, just painting and decorating.


BEFORE:                           AFTER:

I really feel proud of what I have accomplished, especially the structure of all my sculptures. During those 10 weeks, I learned a lot of new skills and techniques into sculpting and creating objects. Before this project, I have never used, frankly know how to even us plaster. Plastering takes a huge amount of time and at first, I was pretty nervous that I wouldn't finish the chair in time.

Through a variety of materials and techniques to create unique sculptures, I think the elements on my chair are:

Texture: I used a variety of materials including; wires, clay, plastic, CDs, paper, hot glue, plaster in order to create interesting textures.

Movement: Through this chair, I created multiple sculptures that guide the viewer's eyes through the details and different aspects. The main emphasis of my chair is the astronaut and the rocket ship, which is in the middle. Then with the waves and spirals, the viewer's eyes are lead through the other parts of the chair.

Shape: Creating a sculpture that represents an object. Through the newspaper, tape, and plaster, I was able to create different shapes with different materials. I created the UFO, rocket ship, the astronauts, palm trees, planets, etc.

Colors: Through painting, I was able to convey emotions with a variety of colors and shades. My color theme is very tropical and dark since my theme is space and beach. The colors I mainly used are, blue, black and a combination of mixed paint.

'Movement' is the main focus of my chair. The motion of the waves on top my of the chair gives an interesting view.  Both 'wave' sculptures are curving to different directions, constructing a flow to the sculptures. At the bottom the chair, I have a spiral-looking shape representing a black hole. I wanted an illusion of dimensions to the sculpture, making it seem more appealing from all angles.

This is my Skitch:

Debate Statement: 

The telephone revolutionized human life in a more significant way than the invention of the refrigerator.

Pro team: Sung Kyu, Esther, PePe

Con team: Vicky, Kolton, Yeoun Jae

Judge Assesment 

Self Assesment 

Peer Assesment

Planning document


  1. From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain.

I learned a myriad of things from this debate. From preparing my speech, to finding the perfect rebuttal. It takes a lot of hard work and time to come up with a great speech. It takes a lot of people to have a proper debate. The room has to have a proper set up; the debaters table, moderators, timer keepers, judges, etc. It takes a tremendous skill to persuade someone. One must have the right tone and hand gestures. Eye contact is also very important because or else the audience doesn’t feel engaged and wouldn’t trust the debates as much.

  1. How do you establish credibility as a debater? Explain fully.

It was pretty overwhelming at first because it was my first time doing a debate. I was shaking and my voice was kind of cracking. I didn’t know it was going to be that nerve wracking. I was the first one to start the debate which was not really a good choice because I don’t have any experience about the debate at all. However, I discovered that I have to sound confident with my claims/facts even if I think the other team is correct. No matter what, I have to stand my ground and respect the others. Respecting others is crucial in a debate, something that i have learned two days ago.

  1. What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience?

I didn’t know that we would have to be so respectful to each other because I thought a debate was a talk argument where people prove each other’s wrong. Therefore, I didn’t think about hte respecting aspect at all. It also surprised me that there’s so many roles for one debate. As stated earlier, this is my first time debating, and it was kind of scary for me which was surprising because I wasn’t a person who is scared of public speaking.

  1. What were you most proud of in your own debate?

I was proud to be able to improve and pushed my nervousness away after a few minutes. I was a bit scared when the debate first opened. However, I coped with it, and I tried my best to sound confident and be loud. Even though, the other team had way more facts and greater claims, our team still tried our best to stay calm. We weren’t freaking out like we were thinking on the inside.

  1. What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently?

I would practiced my opening speech for my next steps. I didn’t know that we need to greet the audience or acknowledge them at all. I would also chose to be the second or third person to speak not the first and loud even more confident. Something that I would have like to do differently, is to use my hand gestures appropriately while I’m talking.

6. Additional Comments, Questions, Observations or Suggestions.]

My additional comment was that, this debate was really interesting and new to me. People during the debates mostly use different tones and are loud while talking. Everyone worked really hard to try and win their argument. They all use statistics and facts to prove their claims. So far, everyone is doing very well in their debates.

My debate footage: 


My partner (Vicky) and I got assigned to letter "F" and Fossa was our endangered animal. To be honest, at first we didn't reallt enjoy looking at the animal because of it's look but over time we learned to see the cute side of it. I really like their eyes, it has dept in them. I worked on the animal and the some of the small drawings. I drewed and colored our final Fossa. I am happy with how the page turned out because we were just experimenting with the tissue paper on the fossa and we really like the texture look it gives. I think our NY student's (Kelly's) work fit in perfectly, she worked on the letter and her style was lovely.


2. Show/Insert your other jobs (anything extra you did for the book) ie research, drawings, layering 3 animals/ cover. Discuss what was easy and what was challenging. What are you proud of and how have your skills grown?

I find drawing Fossa a bit challenging because even though the pictures made the animal seems to have an easy outline, it wasn't that simple. It took me quite a few trials with the proportiongs and lines before I'm satistified with the results. The easy part was putting everything compond together in a page. After that, I did the lettering for 'U'. I find it very entertianing to come up with designs and because I love details drawings/designs. I decided to go all out with the details on the alliterations. Then, I used the app "Superimpose" to arranged the 3 versions of the animals on to one page for letter 'Q'.

Processed with Snapseed.



For my publicity job, I'm working on the donation box with Jane and I helped brainstorm ideas for the posters.


I think the skype call went really well. There was no wifi issues which was a relieved. It was really nice to see all of the students, it felt almost like they were actually in the room with us. They were just as happy to see us as we were.

On our shop, I think the colors of each text poped out real nice. I think the descrition will really hooked the customers into buying our book. Our shop looked really professinal, no one would believe that it's only teachers and students who is behind all of this.

Day 13: We found out that our 3 crickets were dead, which lasted 5-6 days. It wasen't our best ecodome but it also wasent our worst. This time there was no smell at all and no rotten foods. We were able to only find 2 crickets and we assumed that the last one either one eaten or buried under and died. We concluded that the box is too moist so the crickets died.

The minor changes: Food and the amount of water. We will add in lecces leaves and carrots in for the food section. We would also make a a smaller waterbed.

The biggest change: is that we would put two grasshoppers and two crickets in hope that no one would eat each other. We decided to do that because we want to test if the crickets would need the grasshopper. The last two trials, the crickets eat each other and we want to try and prevent that.  We also want to do an experiment on how long the grasshopper will survive. Since we saw the results from our classmates, and found out the the grasshoppers had a better results than the crickets.

This is what our final one looked like. still a lot of plants and sticks. The amount of water was very little. We cleaned out and started the build the ecodome again, (3rd time). We really do hope that this ecodome last longer than the last time. Our third ecodome would be totally differen't from Day 1 and Day 7's. We really do hope this is a good idea and the grasshoppers and crickets would survive after we come back from WWW.


Research: What do grasshopper eats?

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Barley
  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Bark
  • Seeds
  • Oats

Day 9: This time our ecodome only lasted for 2 days which was a bit of a downer. I think this is by far our worst ecodome. We decided to take a step back and take a look of what we did wrong.

The smell was even worse than the last time all because of the rotten and moldy grapes. Then, when we were done with the cleaning, we layered different types of soils. This time instead of using rotten grapes, we used a small, red fruits. We only put two this time, because last time we discovered that, the crickets didn't eat any at all.  We think it's because there were too many grapes.

This is our ecodome before we closed it up. Hopefully, there wouldn't be any mold this time because we put small tomatoes instead of rotten grapes. As you can see, we added more plants than the last time. We also put sticks/small logs in the middle of the box.


This is our ecodome, all closed up. The last ecodome only lasted two days. We buildt it on Day 7 then when we opened it on Day 9, it died.


Research: What do they eat?

Very similar to human's diet. They are omnivores that may eat fruits, vegetables, and meats. In nature, they eat what they can find, rotting leaves, rotting fruits, vegetables, and insects.

Raw vegetables that they like:

  •  Carrots
  •  Lettuce
  •  Cabbage (the outer leaves)
  •  Core of the apples

Changes to make next time:

  • No grapes
  • Put raw vegetables instead
  • Even less water

In our language arts class for the second quarter, we worked on a research paper. I did a topic about teens and each macronutrients, I topic that I was interested in but didn't have the time to look into it more. Therefore, I took this opportunity to study about it. I think my biggest success on this paper was doing the notecards. I had a lot of fun researching and discovering new facts about my topic, Nutrition. I was geniusly interested in my topic and I learned a myrid of things while I was doing my notecards. I was pretty proud of the end results I got after all of the hardwork I put it in.

The notecards made formating the paragraphs a bit earier because all I had to do was arrange time in the right order and format that into paragrapghs. However, the biggest difficulty I found while doing this paper was analysing it. I'm not good at analysing facts, to sum up things. There was a lot of time staring at facts, not knowing what to write. I had to re-read and re-read my facts, pargraghs again and again, before I was able to finally come up with something.

I'm pretty happy with my final paper; the citetations, the facts and all the time I put into writing this paper. However, if I have the choice to do something differently, I would maybe write a research paper on another topic. I geniusly love this topic, but I'm also curious about many things about this massive world that we live in. Why do people see shapes of clouds differently? Where do stars come from and why is it in the sky? Who created the zodiac signs? Those are just some examples of topics that I really want to know wthe answer to.

Here is my research paper 🙂