Geology Blog Post


This model represents a fault. A fault in when there is a crack or fracture in the rock layers. The red layer is the oldest layer. As shown in the model, the newest layers are formed on the top. This will happen from tectonic forces. Energy is released rapidly casing the layers to all crack. Fault cracks are always not straight. Tectonic forces can be caused by plate boundaries crashing into each other. The rock layer might bend so it forces the layer to crack. And even sometimes the two pieces of rock that cracked can slide. If there is enough rapid movement on active faults it will cause an earthquake.

As you can see, the blue and the green is not parallel because it is a fault. It is sometimes tricky to date the rocks because the layers are not straight. There is a term called dip which means how steep the angle is in the slope of the fault. Hanging walls are the layer above the fault. And footwalls layers below the fault. In a normal fault, the hanging wall slides down. This creates tension. In a reverse fault, the hanging wall slides down. This creates compression.

Rocks can still layer on top of faults, so there is a layer of yellow rocks on top that is straight. Faults can appear anywhere; under the ocean, in the mountain, in a cave and etc.

To wrap things up, faults are really common among types of rocks. Faults are a type of way scientists classify how rock layer look and the processes it has been through.



When you hit puberty you always have to think positively because if you think really negatively you can get stressed easily and that’s really bad for your health. Everybody thinks puberty is really bad but actually, everyone has to get used to this.



In emotional it’s kind of like spiritual I think you sometimes think really lonely so you think that you need somebody next to you like a friend or other relationships it depends on people. Also, you have a lot of feeling that you want to be alone and suddenly you feels like you dislike everything.



Physical is you change your body for example: for boys is they change voice they usually get deeper…, they get taller and stronger…

for girls I don’t know a lot about girls… they get hairs in your armpit and I think your voice get different too.



In social you have a lot of troubles in friendship and especially in a relationship. Sometimes they actually make you and alone and that’s why they have problems but no always.imgres-1

Math Aleks

This report of the recent unit 3 aleks test. According to Mr. Schonard he said unit 3 was the hardest unit. I am proud of my score.


My favorite task was to sculpt the clay bowl because we could design whatever we wanted. When completing this I learned that scoring the pieces together will stick really well. I am really happy with the color scheme I chose for my bowl.

I think art is really fun for people that enjoy art. Because everything we do requires an artistic mindset.