Child Poverty In Vietnam - Presentation

In this project on Human Rights Issues, we focused on learning how to help those already established and fighting for a human rights issue, then we focused on getting people to know the established place in order to contribute more. We also looked at decorating something as to make it appealing to the eye so people would like to see what was in our display.. This is an important skill because if people like our displays, they'll start caring about whats in the display and all the information too.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to inform. I spoke a lot when people kindly came to see our work and our success at our work. Since we had a lot to say, we all had equal contribution to it and it has given me practice for whenever I might need it next time. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?

I learnt that some other groups had used different ways to attract their views from people. To catch their eye when they are walking by skimming all the displays. What they used was food. Not just any food, sugary food, and EVERYONE knows that everyone loves sugary food so they are just attracted to that station and end up having a cookie, cupcake or something else and a bit more of knowledge!

How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

Collaboration with classmates helped a lot in this project and without my team much would not be possible. It is very easy to know why a team helped, just for the sole reason that it is a big project, more the merrier as they say.

For our Human Rights Project, we decided to work with Sozo Centre, as the issue we were helping with was Child Poverty in Vietnam. We helped create flyers for Sozo so more people know about what Sozo is doing and we went to Sozo and taught all the people who come there, English. This helped build there language knowledge as many people speak English and it gave them education outside Vietnam Culture, etc.


Did anything surprise you? If so, what?

What surprised me most was when we went to the Tea Talk. We were asked to teach English to people double our age and more. We were expecting to teach them one by one but all we did was have a conversation. They were all pretty decent at English and Sozo  helped them by forcing them to speak English in their Cafe.


What are the most difficult or satisfying parts of your work? Why?

The most satisfying part of our work is that we are helping a bunch or people. By a bunch I mean a whole community of people from living lives they don't appreciate. Making flyers and spreading Sozo to people here who are educated could lead to bigger contributions and much more development for Sozo and reducing Child Poverty.

Book Title: The 1963 March On Washington

Author: Jake Miller

Fact 1: "On August 27, 1963, a group of carpenters were hammering the last nails into a plat form on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial." On this day, a large group of black men and women marched down to the scene and demanded equal treatment of people of all American Citizens, black and white.

Fact 2: President JFK, or John F. Kennedy, tried to call the black leaders to call the movement off when he first heard of it. This was because Kennedy was having trouble getting some of his ideas passed into law and the black movement was distracting him from doing work. Later, when the march was really going to happen, Kennedy supported it instead of fighting it.


In this project on the movie review of Toy Story, we focused on improving/learning the philosophies of world famous philosophers. This is an important skill because in life we might need to know what to do during specific things and we can think about what other philosophers would have done.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to think critically and doubt things. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

What helped me stay organized?

A person that really helped me stay organized was my partner, QA. He did a lot of the things to keep the document readable and understandable so it was easy for us to read the script and not get confused during the actual recording. We also set the quotes in one place and divided the script for both of us so we both got to say what we wanted to. In the end, because of the organization we were able to do the recording with no errors and keep it very clean.

How did I stretch myself as a writer on this piece?

I really had to think about another person would say instead of me so it changed my opinion and had to think about what my philosopher would do. This made me stretch myself as a writer because I had to do something I hadn't done before and really expanded my view on things.


The government has a really hard job of controlling societies around the world, maintaining power in a fair way. The Enlightenment idea of government should be a priority to society because without government the country will be uncontrolled and we will be living in anarchy. Historians may claim that economics should be considered as more important, but it is less significant because the government runs the country and decides and protects laws so that the country isn’t in chaos.


First and foremost, without the government there will nothing to prevent anarchy. Government helps the society by keeping everyone in controlled and equal rights so someone doesn’t have the right to harm someone else. According to Thomas Hobbes, without the government to keep order there would be “war of every man against every man” The evidence suggests that without the government, there will be no rules or order, making every person do whatever they want. In conclusion, it is clearly seen that the government has a big role in societies maintaining power.  In conclusion, it is clearly seen that the government has a big role in societies maintaining power.


It has been argued that economics is more important. Historians have contended that economics should be considered more of a priority. According to Adam Smith, “No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable”. Given the evidence, some conclude that the government don’t have much control on keeping everyone wealthy, which further leads that many people who aren’t wealthy are not happy either. Nevertheless, this argument fails to consider that although the government don’t have much control, they are still trying their best to keep a balance in society with their power. Thomas Hobbes said that, “To escape this chaos existence, man gave up rights to create a government and have law & order.” This leads to the conclusion that the government, although can’t keep everyone happy, they have maintained a balanced society which would have ended up in chaos without the government. Therefore, government is a greater priority than economics because the government keeps order in our society.

To summarize, government would be the greatest priority when creating a new society so that the society isn’t ripped apart as it starts. After examining the reasons, it is clear that the government is more important in a society than economics. Its what's best for all of society, not what one person prefers, this is why the government is there, to protect everyone's rights.

This year so far in science has been a real twist. More ups and downs than I have ever experienced in other classes. Classes have been tough, but for the most apart I enjoyed all the projects because they are fun and different from past years. They were creative, and exciting like the biodome project. We actually got to go into the world of how insects live and make a safe habitat for them. Unfortunately, our habitats weren't that good for our tiny friends, which made us learn more about what we did wrong and what we can improve next time.

A disadvantage of my learning style was that I don't usually like to keep notes but for one of the topics we did. It wasn't that bad and to be honest it helped me, but its not my learning style and I am not very comfortable with it. An advantage was the biodome project. The biodome project was to my liking because I don't like projects where we sit around and just write. I like to be more active and have a more fun project.

Ways I could have improved in a lot of things was do more work at home. Theres not much else that I can say as I have given a lot of effort into a subject I really like.


What are your academic, social, and person goals for the rest of the year?

My academic goals are to end up with an A in all of my classes and to learn more about things I am interested in like space and computer programming. I am very interested in space and I would love to know much more, space is in my opinion the most mysterious topic in this world. We know less than a small drop in the ocean about space and the only way we can know more is research.

My social goal is to try to win most of our soccer games and to win the SISAC tournament. I know that if our team and I concentrate and practice we can do better than we have ever done in soccer and beat even people who are three times bigger than us.

My personal goal is to play soccer everyday if possible and increase my skills. I can be much better at soccer and learn much more if I practice everyday and I am consistently trying my best to overcome challenges that I am facing right now.


  • What went well academically? Why?

Academically, this semester was great. In Language Arts we got to do many new things and many of our skills developed. For example, in Literature Circles we got a lot of time to read and we were forced to put it in our schedule, this developed our reading skill. During Lit Circles we also had to come up with new and fun activities that the group could do/play that connected the group with the persons job. If I was a Wordsmith then I could create a soccer activity in which you had to kick the right word, this developed our creativity skill. Then at the end of the book we had to present on our book to the class again in a creative manner, this developed our presentation skill.

  • Informational Paper

Link To Writing

My informational paper went fairly well. My topic was on the Andromeda Galaxy, the closes major galaxy next to us. It was really hard coming up with the main idea for each body paragraph. There isn't much on the internet that tells you about the Andromeda Galaxy, most people don't even know what it is. So making my notecards was really hard, making 4 notecards for each paragraph was a real pain. After the research part, everything went really well. As Mr. Benck had promised us, with the notecards writing our essay would be really easy. And it was. Since we had already written what we needed to write in the essay in the notecards, I got through the writing part is ease.

  • General Status

Grade 8 so far as been normal. The homework is getting a lot and especially the quizzes. We used to have maybe 2-3 quizzes every month but now we have about 2-3 every week. The work is building up in every class. This year I have also gotten close to friends that I wasn't close to before or didn't think of being close to before. This year many new students joined 8th grade but I haven't gotten to talk or speak with many of them much because of my schedule. This is why next semester I am really excited to be in more new students' classes.