Field Trip to the Caravelle Hotel

Today we went to the Caravelle hotel. We went because we were learning about systems and they show us how the hotel’s systems worked. In the first and second picture, they showed us a slideshow on how much water, power, and food the used. In the Third picture, it shows Gavin producing electricity with a bike and the bike make energy because there’s a generator in it. The fourth picture is 4DR is standing in the heating room. Even though it is for heating, it shoots out the cold air. The 5th picture is the cooling system on the roof. The 6th picture is also a picture of the cooling photo . The 7th, 8th and 9th picture is a class photo. And the last is the sewage and poop.

Learning Journeys

First, in the beginning, I showed my mom and dad some of the reading I was doing. Then I showed them the writing piece that I was most proud of which was my science conclusion. Then we played a fractions math game. After that, we did the super unit part and I had to show the driving question and the essential question. Also, this was my Favorite part of learning journeys. It was the mini-stream table. I liked it because it is a cool way to represent the way water moves in Vietnam. I think something that I would like to work on is my fluency in reading and my penmanship in writing.

G4 Documentary

I was a little nervous at first when I walked on stage but I was also excited to see some other documentaries. And also during the song we played, I forgot a lot of the notes. The things I like were the food which was really good. I wished that I got more photos of bun bo hue because we had more pictures of fast food than bun bo hue.

Cultural Fair

Today, at 10:00 we walked downstairs into the auditorium officially started our new unit: Viable Vietnam. We went down to the auditorium because we were doing something called the Cultural Fair and this is where we get split into groups and every station is about something related to vietnam. We had this fair because it was our unit launch. The first station I started at was the rice farming station, at that station I got to eat rice but I forgot to save some so I can eat it with fish sauce. Then at conical hats, I chose my strap for the non la. After that we had the fish sauce station and everyone got to eat it with rice. Then we had the ao dai station which Mr. Hoa was in. The next station was the musical instruments  which Mr. Ross was in and tried to play the flute. And the last one was the traditional games group and I learned how to play . I learned at group #1 that rice comes from a plant. I learned at group #2 that the hats were made out of bamboo and palm leaves.  I learned at group #3 that in fish sauce they had other fishes like anchovies and other small fish. I learned at group #4 how a ao dai is made. I learned at group #5 that the vietnamese flute is made from bamboo. I learned at group #6 how to play O an quan. My favorite thing about the Cultural Fair was the fish sauce because I got to eat.

Pottery Field Trip

Today was a very exciting day because we went to spin&gogh. It is a pottery place where they teach you how to make boxes, cups and bowls. First I learned how to  make a box with clay and a knife and they taught us how to cut and glue which is needed for making the box. After a couple hours we took a break and ate lunch. Then my group switched with another group and we made a bowl with the wheel. At first it was REALLY BAD. I damaged the rim and had to restart with Gavin. Then I finally succeeded. My favorite thing was doing the wheel because I like the feeling when you shape the bowl. I also learned how to use the knife properly and I learned the proper way to glue things with the clay glue.

Exploration Stations

I was really excited about art because I was able to show my mom/dad the artwork I did, and like stop-motion and clay building. I also learned how to jelly-print! I also liked music because I got to show the cool wacky instruments that we made out of PVC pipes in the makerspace. I also sort of don’t like music because the instruments sound is a little out of tune. I’m proud of this because it took a lot of work for all of this to happen, for example the wacky instruments it took a lot of people to make one.