IB Art buddies

The artist I met during art was named Khang. He drew mythical creatures like the mermaid at the bottom. I thought it was interesting because I would think it would be hard to draw something that doesn’t exist like a unicorn or something. He mainly used watercolors, acrylics, beads and glitter.

The living museum!

For the newest unit I had to choose someone who explored something. I chose Charles lindbergh. If you don’t know who that is he is the first person to flying across the Atlantic with no re-fuel and solo and the first man too! This is how the Living museum worked like this: One class stood on the perimeter and one in the center. So the class in the middle chose who they would want to hear and when they chose, they press the press me button and they have one minute to talk.

And here is a picture of Charles lindbergh-

G4 sleepover

Because we finished our G4 talks, for our unit celebration we did a grade sleepover. At first I thought it would be boring because none of my friends are in my group but after it was fun. first the people who had after school activities[ASA] went and I had geek squad. After I went back we did a couple tag games like octopus tag, dead ant and toilet tag. We played for about 1 hour and started to move to the restaurants. I went to a japanese restaurants called Osaka Ramen. I was with some of my friends and i ate a roasted pork rice bowl. We ate and talked for a while and went back for activities. First I played silent ball and wink murder for 30 minutes and then i played jungle speed for another 30 minutes. After that I finally got ready for bed and slept. i had a hard time sleeping because i used my tiny  ninjago pillow. but finally i fell asleep at 9:00.

G4 Talks

Today was a very scary and exciting day. today we did something we were preparing for weeks.


My talk was about e-cigarettes. before I had to take a lot of deep breaths. and after I really don’t know why I was scared because it was fine when i was on. I think I did pretty good overall. Two things that went well and i was proud of were the info we found which is very useful info on e-cigs. Also I was proud of the slideshow Stella and I made. One thing that could have gone differently was on the computer one paragraph was missing so me and stella just ended it there. I want to thank Mr.hoa for helping me and stella and also giving us tips for the script.

g4 talks

Today some teachers showed us an what the G4 talks would be like. I liked mr Papaseit’s G4 talk because he told us how he had a dream to be a inventor since he was a kid and I liked how he told us he wanted to be a superhero but he didn’t have any thing special about him some one day he found out about batman he wasn’t from another planet or any thing he invented him own gadgets and he was inspired by him and thought anything was possible!