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In this project on Michelangelo, we focused on improving/learning about his lifetime, information about him and his accomplishments. This is an important subject to know because Michelangelo was a great influence to the Renaissance and his artworks are still admired today.  One new thing I learnt about Michelangelo is that he was born on March 6, 1475 and he was not only an painter and sculptor but, also an architecture and poet.. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

What helped me stay organised?

The plan for my project in the Renaissance Faire helped me stay organised because it helped me know what I had to finish each class.

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Science Blog Post 3

What did your group do today?

Our group finished making our stations and finished making our cardboard oven with aluminium foil.

What methods did you use to remove bacteria?

We used the heat from the sun to remove bacteria in our oven

What methods did you use to remove salt?

To remove, salt, we used the heat from the sun so that the it could cause the water to evaporate and we used a plastic wrap on top to get the condensed water.

What methods did you use to remove sediment?

We used cotton and coffee filter along with cloth to remove sediment.

Would you drink your water after it has passed through your filter system? Why or why not?

I would not but after the testing and it is clear to drink, then I would drink it because if there are still bacteria in it, then we could get sick from it.

Science Blog Post 2

What methods (chemical, mechanical, biological, or natural) are you using in your design?

We are using Mechanical and Natural Filtration. We us Mechanical Filtration to remove dirt and other substances in the water and we use Natural Filtration (from the Sun) to remove the harmful bacteria.

What steps do you need to do tomorrow to improve or test your design(systematic testing)?

Tomorrow, we would connect our filtering stations with a tube and, we would test the pH of the water after being heated

What is your prediction of how it will work? Add a picture to show your model.

I think that it would work because the heat would kill the bacteria and make the water drinkable and all the dust is filtered out


Food Drive Promo Reflection

For our Food Drive promo poster, we chose to have a picture of a bowl split in half. One half was full and the other was empty. The full half was what we had and the empty one was what the students at Anh Lin School have to show how much food they have compared to us. This way, we could persuade others donate to them. For our video, we chose to let the viewers know that when students at Anh Lin School do not have enough food, they will not be able to focus during studies and it would take them a long time to make them back in shape and be ready for studying. Parts that were challenging during the process included on how we were going to persuade people to donate, how the video was going to start and what to do in the video. Parts of the process that were fun were trying to act in the video and editing the video. I have learnt that there are many ways to be persuasive and it doesn’t always have to be being funny and, colors on posters could also affect the person’s mood which could then persuade them to do something.

Science Blog Post

How did you work with your group to brainstorm?

I helped my group brainstorm by giving them ideas on ways we could filter to make it clean and how our machine would look like.

What ideas can you offer?

Other Ideas I could offer includes ways we could transport the hot water to another station for it to rest and ways we could make the machine more easy to use and modify it to be even better.

What is your group’s next steps?

Our group’s next steps are to test whether our filters would work in a smaller replica of our design

What should you bring?

I should bring a hose, cotton and cloth


Science BLog

What is a “tragedy of the commons” problem?

A tragedy of the commons is where a common resource is shared among people and some of them use the advantage by taking more than they need to making the others have less and not enough of something.

What situations right now are we facing that shows how water is a commons problem?

Situations that we are facing include the use of water, space and food.

Which one is the most important for us to solve in the next ten years?

The most important thing is definitely water because lots of people are wasting it and there are also lots of people who need it and does not have access to it.

How can a student in middle school help their community learn about the problem or create a solution?

they could make posters to help the community learn about it or, they could themselves save water and when someone sees them doing it, they might do it too

Byzantine Counter Claim

Many people believe that we should study the Byzantine Empire because of the Eastern Orthodox churchOn document C, it states that there are 250,000,000 Eastern Orthodox followers in the world, with 75% of Russia, 76% of Ukraine, 44% of Europia, 88% Romania, 98% of Greece. This shows that the Eastern Orthodox church has impacted a huge amount of people and countries so, we should study about it.

Although this argument seems convincing at first, but then compared to the amount of people that was impacted by Greek Literature, it’s like the whole earth because nearly all schools use Greek Literature preserved by the Byzantines for example, socratives. Also, without them, we would now know anything about Maths, scientific writings and others that are important to what we study and we will not be this advanced right now. Evidence says that the Byzantines helped preserve ancient Greek Literature in the minuscule script and that nearly everyone uses the literature that the Byzantines helped preserve. This example illustrates that they impacted the World and not just a few countries and in comparison, the Ancient Literature did a lot more than just impacting people, it changed how we study so, it is a lot more important than just the Eastern Orthodox Churches. So, it clearly shows that the Ancient Greek Literature has impacted a lot more people than the Eastern Orthodox Churches so, Greek Literature is a lot more important than eastern Orthodox Church.


Pictures of Owls

Favorite Picture:


Tutorial Video

How to do Lino Print:

    1. The tools used in this case are straight knives, V-shaped tools and U-shaped gouges.
    2. The basic idea is that you cut away those areas you wish to remain the color of the paper you are printing on. The images can be as simple or as detailed as you wish.
    3. It is possible to draw your idea out on paper first, then transfer the image onto the linoleum using carbon paper.
    4. Once the design has been carved into the lino, you are ready to print using a small amount of ink which is rolled onto the lino.
    5. Paper is placed on the plate and rubbed lightly.
    6. Repeat until you have an edition of prints.


I think that this image is simple yet creative ad easy to do. It also has a good pattern that is simple to make and has a rough like texture. Also, there is lots of shape in the owl and it looks pretty good.


I think that this image is very creative and has lots of details. It also is very neat and looks pretty realistic. It might be kind of hard and takes a long time to draw and carve.


I think that this image is really creative with lots of details. It also looks very good with reflections in the eye. I think that lots of effort is put in it and it took a long time