In this project on human rights, we focused on spreading awareness and allowing people to learn more about the deaf community. This is an important skill because it is great to give back to the world and help make changes. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to present my visual presentation. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?

I learnt so much from the other exhibits. I have learnt that there are so many different things you can do to help change the world. There are so many people out there are struggling and there are ways that you can help them even if its just donate a little to a lot you can still help change the world.

What will you do to continue your involvement with this group or social issue, or with other service work?

I will still keep in touch with harvest bakery. Whatever they need will still continue to support them and help them out. We are also working on getting harvest bakery to cater for more school events.

How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

As a group, I think we came together and thought of great ideas and ways to help and to support the deaf community. I think the whole experiences with my team mates was fantastic, because we all worked really well together, we were focus when we had to be and we finished on time.

This was such a great experience, it was such a fun and easy way to end 8th grade and I hope that there will be more projects like this in high school.

Here are some pictures:

The first photo was when we first meet the representative from harvest bakery that will be helping us with the project, the second photo was at the human rights fair, I was talking to the representative from harvest bakery.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.26.22 PM

Our last unit in Social Studies was about human rights. We wanted to take action in making the world a better place. My ground and I, we took were very interested about deaf rights so we partnered up with Harvest Bakery, a well known bakery that had very deaf workers and started to brain storm ideas of how we can help the bakery. They said that  we can make some posters to teach their workers some sign language and that was what we did to help. We all explored many other informations about this topic and are looking forward to present it soon on June 2nd. We wanted to build an awareness and let people around us understand and know more about the deaf community.

  • How do you motivate yourself to to do this type of service?

Especially from this unit, I found out that there are a lot of people out there that are less fortunate than I am. Watching videos and finding more information about why I should help the deaf and other communities really help motivate me.

  • What are the most difficult and most satisfying parts of the service you are performing? Why? 

The most satisfying part of the service is helping someone, helping them get a better education or even a better day makes me happy. Just knowing that I can contribute a little but even then it can change someone's world and make it better for them, then imagine what we can do as a community.

Overall I really like this project. I think that it is great we are taking time to learn about some human rights issues. Especially when we don't really know a lot about it right now. It was a very easy and fun way to end the school year and I really hope we can do this again in high school.

I have learned so much about poetry, I didn't know that there are so many different ways you can write a poem. I surprisingly really enjoy this unit. I think that writing poems isn't about grammar or punctuations and such, I guess it's about expressing yourself. I've learn so much more in this unit and I would love revisit this topic and continue to write poems.There are many challenges I have to face while writing a poem. When I'm writing a poem I try my best to be very poetic, which I am not. I have to try to think out of the box and try my best to use different elaborations in my poem. I really like my last poem, the one

I just finished writing because that was the one poem where I tried my best to make things perfect. I used one extended metaphor, imagery, smilie, metaphor, personification, alliteration and idiom. It was very different from my other poems, and I also really enjoy reading this one. There are many ways I can use visuals to enhance my poem, I didn't know there were so many different ways to write a poem. I thought that poems had to rhyme and such, but in this unit we mostly used stanzas, white spaces, repetition and line breaks to enhance our poem in a sophisticated way and that was what I tried to do with all of my poems. I found different ways to make my poem look unique and different from the others. I really gave my poems a special effect.

I really enjoyed how there is a rubric on what Mr. Jardin was specifically looking for in a poem, because I think that you really can't grade a poem since different people have different perspective on things, so it was very easy when he told us what he was looking for, which made the whole process a whole lot easier. Something I didn't enjoy was writing the poem, it was really hard for me to think of a topic to write about so maybe next time Mr.Jardin can give us some suggestions on what our theme should be and such. Overall this was such a fun unit and it was such an easy way to end 8th grade.

Book: The Civil Right Marches

The first slaves were brought to Virginia in 1619. This is pretty important and interesting because this was the first ever slaves that were brought over to the Americas and it was the start of a very important event.

Book: Slavery in Ancient Greece and Rome

A lot of slaves had to work for the government. They experiences many abusive buyers, they have to face being poked by the buyers. This is interesting because I didn't know that the slaves were treated this badly. They are treated like something in a supermarket. That you can just pick up and look at.

In Language Arts class a couple weeks ago, we made resumés. First we chose a job we want. I wanted to be the head designer of a very popular brand call Hermés, because I find that being a well known designer in the fashion industry can be very beneficial and interesting. One of my best professional qualities is that I am very hard working and organize. I am good with managing time and balance out the things I have to get done. I want to get my job and get things done right away. I am very productive and won´t waste time doing nothing and will try my best to get everything done on time. I think that is a very good quality to put in a resumé, it will help my future boss know a lot more about me and see me in a very professional way.

One of my best non-professional quality I included is that I am good at volleyball This is not very professional to put on a resumé but it will show that I am a team player and that I have a lot of experience with team work and that is a professional traits that I can include. I did include that I am very interested in sports in a column I listed as other interests. Even though this is not a professional traits, I still wanted to include it because saying that I am good at volleyball, and that I am very committed and passionate about volleyball can I help the readers know more about me and will help them understand that I am a team player, I am very committed and passionate about the things I love to do and that I am very fast learner.


In this DBQ project, I focused on making my hook/introduction and conclusion much more interesting and unique. This is an important skill because I will probably need to use this skill a lot throughout my life.

What helped me stay organized?

I tried to stayed very focus in class. There are times when I will be going off task especially the first class. I was having a really tough time concentrating and understand what I am going to write about. But during the second class, I tried my best to be very concentrated and understand what I was trying to write and by the end of that class I about to finish.

What trouble did I have and why ?

I really had a tough time with my thesis, I probably changed it a lot of times to really know what I want to write about. I had to go back and read all the documents again before settling down on one answer. But overall I think that I am very please with my final piece. I think that I have a very strong hook/introduction and conclusion and I am very happy that I have spent time on improving those things since it was very important and was a big part of my grade.

A strength I showed was my ability to create a clear conclusions. It was better than the ones I wrote before. I am improving by offering unique insights, questions and such.

Something I should work on in my next essay is making my evidence and analyzing y data in a clearer a way. I did a really good job with these two elements on my last paper but failed this time because I was concentrating on making my conclusion and lead a exceeding.


Dear readers,

Are you planning on getting a hoverboard? Well, don’t. I’m here writing this letter to  stop you from wasting your money on these well known devices called the hoverboards also known as the segway or self balancing wheel. These new technologies are worldwide, and everybody along with celebrities are getting one. Many people are getting one because it's a new trend and they think it will be useful in their daily lives. I got one and I have to say, I really enjoy riding mine, it was tough at first but when you get the hang of it, it moves seamlessly with you. But after awhile I realized how dangerous and useless it can be. If you are thinking of getting one, think again. So many people are planning to get one, but before you do let me tell you that these new transportation devices are no good. It is dangerous, it may catch on fire, it is extremely heavy and you won’t be able to use it as much as you think you will.

The hoverboard I have was given to me by a really good friend of mine. If it weren’t for her I would have never gotten a hoverboard because unlike my other friends, I don’t have money I can waste on useless items. Due to ( ), a website that writes review about new products, they said that a hoverboard can cost up to two thousand dollars, but some are sold at around 300 to 600 dollars. When my friend tried to ride her hoverboard outside on the road, it was hard for her to control due to the bumping and rocky road, she ended up falling, scraping her knees, elbows and legs. From then my friend would always ride her hoverboard inside her house. Riding any vehicle, whether it’s a skateboard, kick scooter or a hoverboard, can put you at risk for injury. Hoverboards can reach a maximum speed of 10 mph, so you can sustain a more substantial injury than you would from falling off a slower- moving skateboard. So think before you buy. Do you want your love ones to get injured? Before you buy this product just know how dangerous it may be.

There have been multiple reports in 2015 of hoverboards combusting or exploding, and it's due to a faulty battery. Hoverboards are powered by large lithium ion batteries that can overheat and explode under rare circumstances. An article that was written by Chicago Tribune ( stated that a man name Luke Abraham bought his 13 year old daughter a hoverboard. On Sunday afternoon, just days after it arrived at the family’s home in Deer Trail ( a small town in Colorado), the hoverboard exploded while being charged, it lit up like fireworks in Luke’s living room. His wife, Stephanie, burned her hand in the incident. This example shows that hoverboards can easily explode, they can damage your properties and hurt your love ones. Don’t put yourself at risk by buying a hoverboard. When I found out that my hoverboard can easily explode, I no longer charge it in my room, which is super inconvenient.

Now if you think you want to use a hoverboard to get around your school, or a local shopping mall, think again. Hoverboards are extremely heavy to carry around. A hoverboard can weigh from eight to thirteen kilograms. Making it hard for young kids to carry it around. I wanted to bring mine to local park to ride my hoverboard around, but it was way too heavy for me to carry it so from that moment on I only ride my hoverboard inside my house, and rarely bring it outside.

Hoverboards are cool, but some states, countries and airlines are not so excited about them. As stated in CNET, it is illegal to ride one on public roads or walkways in New York, Australia and the United Kingdom. Many well known universities including UCLA, malls, airports and other public places are banning hoverboards as well. Also know that most major airlines have banned hoverboards. American, Delta, United, JetBlue, Southwest, Hawaiian and others have put out advisories stating that they are no longer allowing them as a carry-on luggage. One example can be set with Wiz Khalifa, a popular and well known rapper. Hollywood life ( ) a website that provides new, exciting and juicy celebrity gossip shared a video of Wiz using his hoverboard in LAX, he then got in trouble with the securities, the video shows him getting pinned down on the floor because he refused to get off his hoverboard. So maybe buying a hoverboard can bring you some trouble. Troubles with the rules and troubles with not knowing where to ride your hoverboard.

Don’t get me wrong I love riding my hoverboard. It is easy to stop and turn, it is super fun to ride one and it doesn’t require any manual motion. CNET stated that even though they can be expensive, they’re smaller and cheaper than a segway, which can cost up to 5 thousand dollars, so they are much more accesible to buy, store and use. It is also extremely popular and trendy, you can be the coolest kid on the block if you are seen with one. But based on personal experiences, I can tell you that I rarely use my hoverboard unless it to show my friends how to ride one, or ride it around my house for fun. Yes, it is fun to have one but I can promise you that you won’t be needing it for long and won’t be using it very often. Due to it’s many inconvenient functions.

 Now that you have listen to what I have to say about these hoverboards. It's your turn to have a say. Even though these hoverboards can be cheaper than a segway, it is still pretty expensive, if you consider what it can do. These mini segways can be cool at first but after awhile it won't be as fun, enjoyable and thrilling. If you have plenty of money to spare, go ahead and get one, after all it is quite fun. But if you are like me and you are practically broke, and don't have that much money to waste then I would recommend you not to get one, like I said before, these self balancing wheels are more dangerous to ride than a common skateboard, it may explode and damage your properties and hurt your love ones, it is very heavy making it hard to carry around and you won't be able to use your hoverboard in most public places and countries.

The writing process was fun. I had to gather a lot of information that I can use for my piece. It was hard to think of a topic I am passionate and want to write about, but after I am done with finding a topic it was really easy for me to find information and write the whole piece. I really wanted to spend more time making revisions and improve my piece. Since there were a lot of grammar mistakes and such.