How to project reflection


What did you do? Summarize what you did.

Our last and final project in I.T was the How To project. Basically in the project we had to make a tutorial on a thing we knew how to do. We started of by brainstorming some ideas and then choosing which topic we wanted to create the tutorial on.Next we wrote the materiel needed for the tutorial and the steps.After that we wrote a paragraph with  the steps and few adjustments.Next we were told to create a snapguide or video tutorial on the topic.This step took a long time as we had to get photos and videos  and many more things.Lastly we edited the video with Openshot editor which was not the best editor and uploaded it to youtube

Analyze your learning (this needs to be a paragraph):

What did you do well?

I think I did a good job putting together my video in Opeshot editor.Doing this was quite difficult as Openshot was quite laggy in my laptop which was really iritating .

What was challenging?

I found collecting the photos and videos the most challenging as we had to take many trials and even if there was a minor mistake we had to redo the recording

What could you improve? Identify 2-3 areas that you could improve on.

I could improve more on the audio.

Learn (this needs to a paragraph)

What did you learn from this learning activity? 

I learned how to make a video and how to use Openshot editor:)


Here is my tutorial video and my steps!

How do you make  a good braid in a short time ?

Well a fishtail braid is a pretty hairdo that can be done in a short amount of time..The materials that you need is a comb, hair tie and some hair accessories (accessories are optional). The first step is to smoothly comb your hair. If you hair is curled straighten it a bit with a straightener. Next divide your hair into two parts.After that take a little bit of hair from the right side and move it to the left side.. Now do the same  thing but instead of moving the piece of hair from right to left move it from left to right.Remember to keep your finger in the middle of the partitions.Keep moving it from right to left and from left to right until you reach the desired length for the braid. Finally tie a rubber band at the end and remember to leave some space at the end.Lastly you can accessorize your braid if you want. Enjoy your work!

The Science Journey

Dear Parents

Throughout the science class I have learned many different things that helped me grow a lot.It helped me build up team spirit and made me more patient. The first semester we learned about diversity of life and physics. I did not find diversity of life that challenging as we had studied it in grade 5. In diversity of life, we studied about the behavior of various animals and we did major labs on tadpoles and fish. Diversity of life was a fun unit and we discovered many things that we did not know and also things that we thought could not be done!

The second unit during semester one was PHYSICS! To me, physics was a very difficult unit as I was not there when we studied it and there were various things with various names. To me physics was a contraption which I never understood well. The summative lab was quite intriging though and I did not do that bad on it. Although we did have some fun projects like the rubegoldberg machine where we had a special appearance. Although physics was quite challenging for me we did have some fun moments.

After a mixed up semester one of science we reached semester two. Semster 2 was a semester where we got to mixup and work with totally different people for many of our projects. In semester 2 we studied about chemistry and earth science. To me chemistry was the unit that I understood the most.This is because I find chemicals quite facinating,but my bad luck that we did not study or do labs with chemical this year,but we did a project on condensation which was known as the international boiling point project.

The last and final unit was earth science. Comparatively earth science was the longest unit and the dirtiest.We had done most of our projects with sand,mud or water and as a result

Jewelry in Ancient Greece

                                                                 The Fine Art of Jewelry in Ancient Greece

The jewels of ancient Greece shimmered with beauty. They were no less valuable than the temples in greece. Ancient Greece jewelry  is fascinating because of what they wore and who wore it, class difference and how was it made.

The jewelry of ancient Greece had a variety of ornaments made from different materials.The main things that an ancient Greek Jewelry set contained was a necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, pins, finger rings,  elaborate hair ornaments and diadems. Diadems is a type of crown made out of gold and is worn by most  people. Jewelry in ancient Greece was mostly worn in matching sets and  by women but men too wore jewelry like bracelets, diadems and various finger rings that were usually shaped like plants or animals. Women  often wore jewelry to show off their wealth, social status and beauty.

As much as jewelry was common in ancient Greece there was quite a huge difference between the rich and the poor. Most of the rich people had their jewelry woven on dresses which were made out of cotton and poor people could not afford those dresses, whereas poor people had nothing woven on their dresses which were made from cheaper material. Another fact is that the jewelry that rich people wore was usually made from gold, silver, electrum and ivory. Poor people had to make the jewelry with  bronze, lead, iron, bone and glass.

The Greek jewelry was made in many different ways and shape.The Greeks had raised jewelry into a fine art by the fifth century. Most of the Greek jewelry was made by ancient Greek craftsmen or goldsmiths.They designed the jewelry in simple designs and was often dedicated to the gods they favoured.The Greek craftsmen could mould the material into many different shapes and  textures, and sometimes added enamel to the jewelry.The jewelry did not use gemstones until the Hellenistic time  which  is the most recent time in the  ancient  Greece.The Greek workers could add countless designs to the jewelry: stud them with gemstones, outline the jewelry with borders, create rippled designs and many more creative touches.

The jewelry of ancient Greece was quite intriguing because of what they wore and who wore it, the class difference and  how was it made.Though we are talking about ancient jewelry, these ideas and patterns are still used in modern times to create magnificent pieces of fine art that are famous all over the world.

Egypt Festival!


February 22, 2568, B.C.E

Dear Journal,

Today was a really fun day in the festival that was held in the marketplace. It had competitions, stalls, potluck and many more things to do. I got figs for the potluck. Some of my friends bought meat, some bought beans and some bought peanuts.

I did not do anything special but as I was walking through the marketplace I met a girl named Mayeiz. She is really good and kind. Her honorable job is a goldsmith apprentice.I met her when I was buying some bananas and she came in to buy some bananas too. After that we both strolled in the marketplace and talked to each other. She told me that she lives with her father and her dog.Mayeiz told me that she had recently been making some gold cups for the pharaoh.I was really impressed with her.Moving on, Mayeiz has invited me over at her house to have some dates with her on Monday.I am very excited to go.Anyways Mayeiz really liked my baskets and I have decided to make her a basket and give it to her on Monday.My mom has gone to sleep and I too have to go to sleep. Goodnight!

Art Studio

                                                                                          The Art Studio

I see the bright crayons,

shining at me.

I hear the “swish” of a paint brush,

going round and round.

I smell the fragrance of wet clay,

flying through the cold wind.

I sit there,peacefully with my sketch book



I feel the atmosphere capturing me,

deeper and deeper

ITs a pleasant day don’t you think

just me and art

sitting there and thinking



Traveling Ants

       Travelling Ants

Once on an isthmus, a narrow strip of land connecting two larger area of lands, there was a big army of ants suffering from a drought.They contacted the ants on the nearby island.They contacted them back and said they are sending help.

While the ants on the isthmus suffered the ants on the island had landed with another problem.As the island  was covered with water from all sides the ants didn’t have any way to reach the isthmus.They tried to call the crocodile that lived in the inlet nearby.An inlet is an area of water extending into the land.They  got the crocodile to take them to the isthmus.

On their way they saw a volcano covered with insects who were in bad condition.The ants felt very sorry for them.

When they reached the isthmus they decided to take them to the  island where the ants who were not in drought,  lived.Then all the ants present climbed  the crocodile.While boarding on him many ants fell into the sea.

When they reached the island they thought of moving somewhere else.They got this idea after losing their fellow mates in the sea.

So they decided to move to the savannas.Savannas are areas of grassland and scattered trees.They even decided to take the crocodile with them.They reported this news to the ant royalty and they agreed to go to the savannas.Meanwhile the crocodile called  a few of his friends to go with him.

They next day they packed all their stuff and sailed the crocodile.As it was a big journey,the next thing they saw was the tall trees of savannas.

They got down the crocodiles and told them to tell the ants in the plain to come for a visit while they make their new anthill.While they were making their anthill they saw a few insects helping them, the ant king went and asked them from where were they?They answered him and said that they were from the peninsula.

After the ants  were properly settled they went for a holiday to a delta. A delta is a triangle-shaped area of land at the mouth of the river.They enjoyed themselves very much.They could see the beautiful ocean from their room.After that the ants never had to suffer from anything else.


Amazing Scratch Project

Summary –

Describe what you (and your partner did) . 

What did you do? Summarize what you did.

          We started the project by choosing the scene that we were going to elaborate. Doing this was not that hard but the problem was that we both had different scenes in mind, we ended up taking a long time for choosing the scene.Finally when we had not reached a decision  in half an hour Mr Appino told us that we could mash up Giami’s and my idea.First we did not agree on this but we thought on this for a while and then agreed.The second step that we did was start designing our scratch project.As I am not that good with scratch programming Giami was mostly working with scripts while I was working with the music.After the project was done we fixed some flaws and then we submitted the project on moodle and on the scratch website.This was our  procedure towards a amazing scratch project:D

Explain which scene your remixed and why you remixed it the way you did.

The scene that we remixed is scene 8.The remix that we did was change the interaction.As I told you before we had mixed up both our ideas for our project so the scene was my scene and the interaction was Giami’s idea.So we din’t exactly have a specific reason for the remix we did.

Analyze your learning (this needs to be a paragraph):

What did you do well?

I think that our project had good timing and was not lagging.I also think that our sprites which are all hand drawn by Giami are quite good.

What did you find challenging?

I personally found the music challenging cause we had to try many instruments and then work out how we are going to play it.It might sound easy but it was not.


What did you learn about the four modes (text, image, sound and interaction)?

I learned that all of the modes are important in a project like inanimate Alice and without the modes it would not be a good project

How did you use the modes to tell your scene? How do they change the scene.                                        

We used the modes to define the mood.After the modes the scene looked much better and was better to understand.

Click here to see the project

      Click the image to go to the scratch project                                     

The effects of Soil on Water Drainage




How do(es)       sediment size (independent variable)

affect       drainage   (dependent variable)?




If           use soil or humus   (planned change in independent variable),

then  it will drain water slower that the rest materials   (predicted change in dependent variable).


I think               pebbles will drain water faster   in 10 miniutes                                         (restate relationship above),

because    they are larger  and take up more space                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (include background knowledge AND provide references to support your prediction).



  Method of Management and/or Measurement
Independent (Manipulated)Variable soil  sediment,soil and pebbles
Dependent(Responding)Variable  Measuring of how much water filters in 10 minutes pour 50 ml of water and see how much time it takes to drain
Controlled (Constant)Variable


 Amount of water  50 ml


 Amount of soil  80ml


 Paper filters  1 paper filter per cylinder




Materials List:


Include a detailed list of materials (including quantities) needed to carry out the experiment.


Resources Quantity   Resources Quantity
1.)funnel  3 4.)pebbles 50 ml
2.)graduated cylinder  3 5.)sand  50ml
3.)soil  50 ml 6.)water  50 ml each





Include an easy-to-follow, step-by-step, set of instructions repeating the experiment.


  1.   First we collected all the materials
  2. Then we put the paper filter on the funnel
  3. After that we put the funnel in the graduated cylinder
  4. Then we poured 50 ML of water in the graduated  cylinder
  5. At last we collected the data of how much water was collected in 10 mins.



Independent Variable Dependent Variable
Manipulated Value #1(compared to baseline) Trial 1




 2 ml
Trial 2
Trial 3
Manipulated Value #2(compared to baseline) Trial 1




 42 ml
Trial 2
Trial 3
Manipulated Value #3(compared to baseline) Trial 1




Trial 2
Trial 3









Connect to the Hypothesis – Was it supported or rejected?

Make a concluding statement related to the Problem – Use data to support the statement.

Explain the Data – Provide reasons why the data is what it is and how it connects.

My hypothesis was supported as it was that pebbles will drain water water the fastest and it did in 10 mins  the funnel with the pebbles drained 42 ml and the funnel with the humus drained 2 ml and the funnel with the sand drained 9 ml

We did I trial and this was our data.


I think I did pretty well but my variables might have gone a little off road.I am sure that we did a pretty good job with designing the lab.






  It was a long journey. Iris and Chase were  going to the Optiplex village, from the Asus city. Chase and Iris were friends since they were young, and they were going to optiplex village. Everything was going fine, before the tire was punctured

“Excuse me Ma’am, the tire is punctured, so I guess I need to go out and find a shop to buy a new one. Why don’t you and your friend stay here, while I get the tire?” said the driver. Iris nodded and the driver followed his way. Silence and darkness was at it’s peek. Iris and Chase were in the taxi, waiting for the driver to come. Sun started to set, and the sky was getting darker. They noticed that it had been one hour since the driver left, and hadn’t returned yet. Iris was worried, and she was terrified, and wanted to go home. Iris thought that going through the forest will be much more easier than the high way. “Chase, why don’t we go into the forest, rather than going through the highway?” Iris asked. Chase looked around, “I guess so, at least it would be better than highway.” Chase answered back, and they started to walk towards the forest. As they stepped in, they heard the rustling sound of dried, rotten leaves. Sliding sound of snakes, crying of bats. Iris stepped on something, and she thought it was a bug, but it wasn’t. Iris looked down and saw a tiny creature. It was so tiny, that Iris needed to hold it up, on her hand. The creature yelled, “Why did you step on me?” Chase looked down too, and he was surprised. “I’m so sorry.” whispered Iris, looking at the creature.  Very lightly the creature climbed up on Iris’s hand. Chase looked at the creature, and thought, “What would that can be?”. As they were examining the creature, they heard it murmuring. “ Oh no! I said too much” said the creature as he got down Iris’s hand, running away from the two kids, to the deep forest, “Wait!” both of them shouted, chasing after him. They chased and chased, until the creature jumped into the tall and thick tree.”We lost him”said Iris in anger.”, “Its okay,we don’t even know what that is.” Chase said, breathing hardly. They lay behind the big rock, and rested for a minute. Suddenly, Chase shouted, “Ouch!” and both of their mouth opened, very surprised. With a huge, noisy sound, the rock opened, wide. They soon got calmed and saw a gigantic pile of letters and pictures of a pretty looking lady, holding a baby. “ Hey, this baby looks like you!” said Chase, laughing. Iris looked at the picture, and giggled. “Don’t be crazy Chase, ” joked Iris.

They rested in the jungle during the night.The rested and finally it was morning, and the bright sun shined over Iris and Chase’s head. Tweet tweet. Iris could hear birds tweeting and insects crawling. Iris woke up first, standing up, slowly. Chase was still behind the rock, holding his knees and snoring. Iris looked at her watch. It was only 5:30 a.m. Iris peeked up at the tree, and she was surprised by something up at the tree. Iris woke Chase up. “Chase! Chase! wake up! I think I see somebody moving!, She looked exactly the same as the lady in the picture!” shouted Iris. Chase woke up, very exhausted. He stood up and walked toward the tree. Nothing was sitting on the tree now. “Hey Iris, I think you have gone mad after seeing those pictures about that  lady” said Chase, annoyed.“You’re right.It must be my illusion”sighed Iris. Suddenly, both of them felt a cold icy wind capture them, like it wanted to tell them something. Chase shivered. Iris saw him shivering, and asked, “ Come on. I’m so curious to find out who that lady  is”. Iris went to the rock, where the pictures and letters were, and Chase followed by. Iris picked the picture and the letters up and opened the envelop.
They stared at the pictures and read the letters. It was hard to read, but they tried their best. Chase didn’t notice, that not only one name was written, but there were two names. Chase stood up, and brought Iris. “What is it Chase?” asked Iris, annoyed. “Don’t be annoyed. Look. I was correct. This baby does look like you.” said Chase, seriously. Iris stared at the picture, and she soon notice, that Chase was right. The baby in the picture did look like Iris. However, Iris wasn’t sure. “Iris, I found something. In the letter, there are two names, and, well the names are um…..Bethany and Iris.” said Chase.
“What-no you are really crazy” said Iris, rolling her eyes, “How could that be possible”. Chase said, embarrassed, “Well the letter is addressed to Kevin Emerson, your dad”. Iris exclaimed, looking at the letter,“Oh yeah it is! Let’s read more” said Iris.

Dear Kevin,

I have left my daughter to you and I am going away from your life. That’s What I wanted and you wanted too. Please take care of my daughter. Her name is IRIS EMERSON. I think I don’t have any more words to say now. Goodbye Kevin Emerson and farewell.

                                                                                                      Bethany Louis

“So you mean to say that Bethany is my mom”said shocked Iris. Chase nodded. There was silence for a while. Then Iris stood up and said  “I…I had a mother, but I just didn’t know. Then…why didn’t dad tell me anything about her?” stammered Iris. Chase sat on the dead tree, thinking about what happened between Bethany and Kevin. “Hard times comes, to everyone, every single living thing.” said Chase. There was a little bug trying to crawl up the rotten tree, where Chase was sitting. Chase picked it up and put it on his hand,  and stared at the bug. Suddenly Chase saw Iris going deep into the forest. “Hey wait for me!” yelled Chase, as he got up to follow Iris. “Where are we going?” questioned Chase.“To find out why my mother left me and dad” replied Iris. Their conversation went on, when Iris found one more letter lying down on the ground. She picked it up and saw that it was addressed to Iris, herself.

To my dearest Iris,
I knew that there was going to come a day when you are going to know about me. Well, then let me tell you that my name is Bethany Louis. I am your mother and…I feel so sorry, writing this letter. It is such a shame that Kevin, your father, didn’t want you at the first. After you were born, Kevin and I fought a lot, even though I wasn’t healthy. He didn’t want you. He just didn’t want kids. But… I didn’t have any money or food to feed you. It was no use, If I’d brought you with me. So I left you with Kevin. I think I’m done with my  writing. Bye, Iris.
Lots of love,
Bethany Louis

Iris didn’t say anything, but she thought of something. She went into her mind and focused on the time  when she saw the lady on the tree. She smiled. Cold wind ripped through their skin. Chase looked at Iris, and looked forward again. “You know Iris.” said Chase, smiled. “What is it Chase?” Iris answered, confused. “ I think I’ve- I mean we’ve learnt lots of things during this adventure. I feel like it was just like a little story, and…I think it is nearly the end of the adventure.” Chase said, looking at the cloudy sky, about to rain. It poured down and hit Iris and Chase’s skin. They both agreed with it and Iris said “Well its time to go back Chase”.  “I hope so”answered Chase, as they walked towards the road with great pride.

         -So Eun

        – Anureet

The Physics Contraption

  • What was challenging about Fantastic Contraption (think of the first time you played it)

  The game fantastic contraption was really fun and challenging.Fantastic contraption was all about getting a pink colour circle or square to the goal,through the obstacles.The most challenging thing about the game was that the ways you created to get the ball to the goal did not always work.There were many more challenging things about the game like  where to put the block,how to put the block etc,but this was the most difficult thing about the game.


  • What did you enjoy most about the game

                The thing that I enjoyed the most about the game was that to play a normal game we had to use our skills and creativity that was really fun.

  • What do you think you learned from playing this game (be specific what skills does it take to complete a level)

                 I learned that like other games fantastic contraption was not a game in which you had not use your brain.Fantastic Contraption was more about physics and different strategies.The key to the game was patience.