Day before yesterday I researched about a man who made a very big impact on the world his name was Steve Jobs he was good man who had a very good heart but sometimes he would get angry at my coworkers. can you think why I said “my coworkers”? well thats because I did a living wax museum in class my. explorer  had a very big impact on the world when he created apple anyways what motivated him was his child hood because he always loved making tech so when he went to high school he joined a club called the wire heads so that interest turned into an idea to build apple.

figure photos reflection

Today I will be doing a reflection on my figure drawing what I learned to do was draw in way better way.  I learned how to not do concaves and do convexes to make my figure drawings look more realistic.  Something I want to improve on is  how I do my figure drawing and with practice I know i will get better.

What did you do in the auditorium for the G4 Talk? Describe it. i told the audience connections and facts that would happen to you if you didn’t go outside
How did you feel before you went on stage? I felt really nervous but after doing it i feel good

How did you feel during your performance? i felt happy and scared at the same time

How did your feel after your performance? i felt proud and i wanted to do it again

How do you think you did overall? i think i was good not to good but i was good

What are two things you did well and are proud of? my gestures and speaking correctly

What is one thing you thought you could do differently? i need alot of expression


Jasmeh (Unit 2)’s Post on Friday, December 2, 2016

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This week in math , we started solving two step word problems. This is a problem that can help me do hard problems the easier way and faster way without having to think to much.

Before I learned about 2 step problems I only knew how to do a 1 step problem then it was hard for me to do the 2 step problem because first I had to learn a 1 step problem .

After trying it, I know how to do 2 step problems also it helps me do hard problems the easier way and faster so in the future when problems like these come I will be ready because I can now do 2 step problems.

Jasmeh (Unit 2)’s Post on Friday, November 25, 2016

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This week in math, we learned how to decompose . This is a strategy you can use to help you find the area with bigger numbers than 10 like 11, 12, 13, and 14.

Before I learned decomposing I knew how to do decomposing with numbers and bigger numbers not how find the area with bigger numbers that’s why.

after the lesson I know how to find the area by decomposing with numbers bigger than 10 .

Jasmeh (Unit 2)’s Post on Friday, October 28, 2016


Yesterday in science we had a design challenge
It was really fun because Katie was trying to blow our creation but it didn’t even move because she was blowing from the outside of our creation and if she would blow from the outside of our creation

I think

I think that we didn’t blow very well and that’s why our design didn’t work.

I wonder
I wonder if we weren’t blowing so well.

Jasmeh (unit1)’s Post on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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Yesterday was Dragontopia. Parents, principals, and 4th and 5th graders visited our rooms. Our goal was to change their perspectives about our topics.

First, they filled in the ‘know’ chart. Here is a comment I thought was very interesting.
”Soldiers are very dedicated to their country.”

After our activity, they wrote on the ‘learned’ chart so we could see if their perspectives changed . Here is the awesome comment
”Soldiers have to work really hard.”