Hello my name is Jasmeh today i will talk about all the super units i did throughout the year let me start with independent me which is also called understanding ourselves which was when we did our g4 talks which were like ted talks but with 4th graders i think our talks had a very big impact on people, my talk was about going outside in nature so thats it lets move on.Now i will talk about the heart of exploring aka understanding others and it was all about exploring.Our first project was a living wax museum and that was where we chose explorers who made a difference in the world mine was Steve jobs, the man who created apple i wrote a whole script about him but that was not our big project of the unit our big project was ourselves making a difference like a charity or a bake sale my group did a bake sale and all the groups created a infographic and in the specials we also did some stuff and thats all we did for the Heart Of Expolring lets move on. Now we have viable Vietnam this unit is where we had a whole week without wall which is a field trips everyday of the week so afters that we wanted to connect cultural features and geographic after that we would choose topics that were kind of apart of Vietnam then we would have to make a documentary out of that topic and they would show it in the film festival i chose the Cyclo which is the traditional vehicle of Vietnam.When i was in the film festival all of us were wearing fancy clothes because it kinda like the red carpet the new unit we are working on is called thinking out side the box also known as understanding our world so thats all i have to share about super unit.                                                     


Fraction Cookies

Hello my name is Jasmeh. Today I will talk about making cookies. It was very fun making them. We had a choice to double, triple, or quadruple it. Whatever worked for your group. We doubled the recipe. It was so satisfying anyway our unit is about multiplying adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.For our cookies we doubled 1/4, 3/4, and 1/8.


Exploration Stations Reflection

Today we did are exploration stations which was a combination of service expo which is a project where we get into groups and think of ways to show dedicated service. My group was called Bake For Youth it consisted elena,me and kia we were going to have a bake sale and the money we raised would go to bliss 4 youth which is a hs group that helps the worker’s kid learn english and they would buy resources with are money. We also had parents come to our specials like in drama we did are joke plays,in music we played are wacky instruments and in art we played with some mediums it was very fun for me because I love super unit projects.






Math Unit 2

On 22th november 2017 i did my post test and i improved very very big! on my pre math test i got 35% and on my post test i got 95% can you see the difference!!! something i’m proud of would be how big i improved on my pre test and my post test. Something i need to keep working on is my 2 step word problems and something i learned was prime and composite numbers from 1 to 100.




My IB Art Buddy

On November 14 for art me and my partner  christina when to the high school to look at the  art of the high school so each of us got 1 high school buddy  are one was called amenda she mostly used water color as a medium and loved to draw about feminism her biggest inspiration to draw about feminism was her mom. One of her arts was a lady and a lotus it represented pure  and naive.  here are some things that i noticed about amenda’s art work it was very inspiring for woman and it was very artistic.


Day before yesterday I researched about a man who made a very big impact on the world his name was Steve Jobs he was good man who had a very good heart but sometimes he would get angry at my coworkers. can you think why I said “my coworkers”? well thats because I did a living wax museum in class my. explorer  had a very big impact on the world when he created apple anyways what motivated him was his child hood because he always loved making tech so when he went to high school he joined a club called the wire heads so that interest turned into an idea to build apple.

figure photos reflection

Today I will be doing a reflection on my figure drawing what I learned to do was draw in way better way.  I learned how to not do concaves and do convexes to make my figure drawings look more realistic.  Something I want to improve on is  how I do my figure drawing and with practice I know i will get better.

What did you do in the auditorium for the G4 Talk? Describe it. i told the audience connections and facts that would happen to you if you didn’t go outside
How did you feel before you went on stage? I felt really nervous but after doing it i feel good

How did you feel during your performance? i felt happy and scared at the same time

How did your feel after your performance? i felt proud and i wanted to do it again

How do you think you did overall? i think i was good not to good but i was good

What are two things you did well and are proud of? my gestures and speaking correctly

What is one thing you thought you could do differently? i need alot of expression