WWW 2014 Reflection

This Week Without Walls trip was very special and memorable for me because it was my last WWW. Since we don’t get to go to WWW next year, I tried to enjoy everything that happened during this trip. When I first saw the schedule, I felt disappointed because the activities weren’t as diverse compared to last year’s trip which were really fun. Because the activities weren’t as fun as I expected it to be, I didn’t have much hope when I left my house on Monday. However, I was still excited to spend a week outside school, with my friends, and from that moment I met my friends at 5 AM, my thought started to change.

When I arrived in KL, I was surprised how Malaysians didn’t point at things, which is really common in Vietnam. When I saw that, I felt like I was in a different country. Also, the bus we took to Malacca was really comfy. I honestly expected the Colonial District Exploring game would be boring but as my team ran from places to places, it was fun and educational at the same time since we had to write down information in our booklets. The food was alright , but I think food is a part I have to adapt every time I travel to different places. Biking, Hiking, Visiting the Malay school, visiting the Indian orphanage, and visiting Negara museum was all entertaining because of the small events that happened during those activities.

Overall, I really enjoyed the trip because I had fun and learned a lot of new things about the history and culture of Malacca. I also learned how to get along with other students even though the language is different. Furthermore, the hotel and the activities were better than I expected which made the trip more fun and adventurous.


What do you think about when you hear the word data? Where can it be found? Where does it come from?

I think data has a lot of meanings. When I hear the word data, I think of information that we can view in different ways, such as on computers, on paper, etc. I think data can be found anywhere. It is usually saved in a drive. On the other hand, data is also used in Science classes which shows tables and graphs of what happened in the lab. Data comes from everything we do, if it is stored.

Why do you need to evaluate web sites?

This blog post will explain why we need to evaluate websites in several ways.

We need to evaluate websites because it can be written by a person who isn’t professional such as a 4 year old kid. Also, the writer might have the wrong information, which means if we use that information, we will be using the wrong information.

Opinion Essay on the Orange Revolution

The 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine was a riot which included millions of people suffering through freezing weather conditions to fight against stolen elections. It was against fraudulent elections and for democracy. The Orange Revolution started on the 22nd of October, 2004 to 23rd of January,2005. It was held on for 2 months and a day. In this revolution, there were practically two sides. One for Viktor Yushchenko, and one for Viktor Yanukovych. Viktor Yushchenko was a leader of the Ukrainian opposition coalition, and he was one of the two main candidates in the 2004 Ukrainian Presidential election with Viktor Yanukovych. Viktor Yanukovych was a leader of the party of regions, and he was also one of the two main candidates with Viktor Yushchenko. There were two other people who had contributed to the revolution. They were Leonid Kuchma, and Yulia Tymoshenko. Leonid Kuchma was the president of Ukraine while the Orange Revolution was happening. Yulia Tymoshenko was a part of the revolution. She co-led the revolution by campaigning for Viktor Yushchenko. Why the Orange Revolution was a riot is because millions of people protested for something that was not fair for the citizens.


The cause of this revolution was because of the fraudulent elections. I think fraudulent elections should not be ever done in any countries, and I think fraudulent elections are for the people who are scared that they feel they are weaker than the others, which makes them cheat. Whenever you feel like you’re losing to someone, you should wait for the results, rather than cheating to get something you want, because when you cheat and succeed, you will feel guilty and there is a high chance of getting caught. I think the citizens were right to protest against Viktor Yanukovych. Also, I think the citizens of Ukraine wanted democracy. Because Yanukovych and Yushchenko had different goals of Ukraine. Yanukovych, who was on the East side of Ukraine, wanted Ukraine to speak Russian, and use Russian policy which a majority of the citizens did not like. On the other side, Yushchenko, who was on the West side of Ukraine, wanted Ukraine to speak Ukrainian, and be friendlier to West Europe which a majority of the citizens liked. A majority of the citizens who voted in the 2004 Ukrainian Elections liked Yushchenko’s goals better but why was Yanukovych elected the first time? This made the citizens wonder. I would wonder about it too if I was supporting Yushchenko. As a final result, people found out that it was a fraudulent election, and this led to a repeat runoff elections.

After the Orange Revolution was over, Yushchenko became the third president of Ukraine. He won Yanukovych in the repeat runoff elections by getting 51.99 percent of the votes. The outcomes of this revolution was actually not that bad. There were some supporters of Yanukovych and Yanukovych refuting about the results, but the parliament rejected them. In conclusion, the revolution was ended fairly and after Yushchenko’s time as a president was over, Yanukovych became the next president of Ukraine.

Introduction to Baseball (POV Manager)

Introduction to Baseball (POV Manager)

Mark Lim

I tell them to throw the ball
and use full power I recall
like you’re in a thrall

or hit as hard as you can.

I say extra practice after the game
and watch them how they play in the game,

or early practice tomorrow morning
and give them a very serious warning.

I want them to sweep the series
by making all the theories
to answer all the queries.

But all they want to do
is having fun with the opponent
and making them a component

They begin to play around
to find out the team’s best clown