Metacognitive Final SS

In this project on Human Rights, we focused on learning about the human trafficking topic and ways we can help or what has already been done. This is an important skill because Helping the community is what the next generations of people are here to do and learning that from a young age while we still have room to grow is an important aspect.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to work with my teammates. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

What will you do to continue your involvement with this group or social issue, or with other service work?

I think that being in this project helped me have an advantage in other projects in my future. Since high would probably have much more social issues projects so I can stick with learning more about the topic. If I have time in the future and when I say future I mean when I’m out of college and have a job and have extra money after all of the taxes, I will donate to the victims.

How did my consideration of my “user” influence my work?

I created a leaflet to promote fundraising to the Blue Dragons which would go straight to the kids. The leaflet has colors from the website of the Blue Dragons and added the Highlands coffee logo on the leaflet to acknowledge their help. we also made it small for the customers to hold it easily and also have colors that catch the customer’s attention.

How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

Our group did a fantastic job preparing the trifold and handing out the leaflets to Highlands coffee. Although we did not hand the leaflets out ourselves, I think that our group have a large goal and we did a great job completing it.

Social Studies Facts

While looking at the Human Rights books section in the library, I found two facts. Much of what is known what is known about these slave farmworkers comes from the writings of the three Romans. The second one is : In the late Republic and early Empire, some rural slaves worked on small plots owned and managed by free independent farmers.

Resume Reflection

For the last few weeks of the year, we created a resume example for Language Arts class. Although of course it was class work, I though it was much more interesting that what we usually do in class already.

The qualities that I thought was best of my resume was the layout. I created a layout that has some creativity but not too much for my job, a salesperson. Since I am sending it to a false company, we did not have to actually send it anywhere. My resume had persuasive professional quality. Since I was applying as a salesperson, it was clear that I needed a lot of communication and persuasive understandings.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.30.58 PMThe bad qualities that I had in my resume was some faults in my language. I should have added more to paint myself as a complete person to express myself to the company but I forgot to. I did add a lot but failed to paint myself as a complete person. I forgot to add extra understanding like music and arts.

Metacognitive R – Imperialism (Africa)

Imperialism is the act of colonizing foreign countries which happened during the the 17th to 20th century mainly by European countries. In this project on Imperialism in Africa , we focused on improving/learning about the different driving forces that Europe had on Africa. This is an important skill because many .  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to analyze the documents. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

What helped me stay organized?

Firstly, I did a lot of homework and even did some extra. I think that although there were little homework, we still needed to do more than what was required to be ahead of the class. This makes the work load from other classes less stressful.

Masterchef – Healthy Eating

This unit, we created a small meal about 2 servings of food. My group cooked up a meal of beef and rice called bokuno obentou & midori salad and fresh cantalope. We also included vegetables and tomatoes to make it healthy. We looked at the rubric and figured that we should have 1/4 beef – 1/4 rice and 1/2 vegetables to make it healthy. We included different types of salad. We included different colored salads to incorporate different vitamins in our food. We also had eggs to add diversity to the food instead of just using beef.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.56.56 AM

It was really hard deciding what food we were going to use. I think that we made the right decision for creating a Japanese style meal because they eat healthy. Our meal incorporated a lot of spices and different taste to enhance the different flavors people can taste. Also we included many different types of grains to have energy for the audience to work for the entire day.

Persuasive Writing Reflection – EW

After doing the persuasive writing, I think that it was a fairly hard process to do. The first thing was finding the information. The information was hard because all of the questions were debatable so many of us found sites that were not as helpful. The most success that I did after writing the article was successfully published onto a teenage news online magazine. I think that writing the article is one thing but publishing it to a world wide web is a complete new level. Although your writing may look and sound extremely professional, if you don’t publish, it would be a complete let down.

During Exploratory Writing Class I also created a video for my poem. Since this was the first poem, it was clearly not the best and I think I could have done better. Also since this poem is literally two lines from my writing in my journal, it maybe not as descriptive as it should have been.

Metacognitive – Reflective

In this project on reviewing Toy Story, we focused on improving the different aspects and criteria in the movie. This is an important skill because we were learning about the Enlightenment thinkers and we reviewed the movie depending on our character.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to review movies. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished. 

How did time impact my work?

I think that the time of the due date is critical for the project to be done at a high level. I think that a week wasn’t enough for us to prepare and film at the same time. Many of the project that Mr. Post gives out are usually due in like a week or two. This wasn’t enough for it to be done at a great level. The time length of the work was also perfectly enough for me to deliver information to the audience.

Student Led Conference – Mandarin

Throughout the course of the year, we learned a lot of Mandarin in this class. Besides sentence structures, we also learned a lot of different nouns. The most recent unit was the Job Interview Unit. For this unit, we were taught the different jobs like firefighter and many others. We were also assigned a unit project which was to interview or be interviewed for a job by someone else. The regulations of the interview has to be that they have to have some experience with working. They have to tell the interviewer at least 5 jobs that they worked at in the past and why they want the job that they are being interviewed for.

I really liked the unit because it included a lot of communication and interacting. Although this was a fairly challenging unit for me and the other students, I regularly looked at my vocabulary doc to refresh my mind of the new words I learned. I based the Chinese sentences on Vietnamese because they are very similar and except for some minor grammar. The first step to the project’s process was to write the script. We divided the script slightly evenly.

Besides the project, we also used quizlet to learn the vocab and key words of the unit. We also had   after memorizing the words. We practices our listening skills and worked on the worksheets.

From this, I learned that when you are learning a new language, you should review is regularly. You should also not read the script when you’re practicing or rehearsing for a video of some sort. This project helped me have some basic idea of how a job interview will go.

Student-Led Conference – Science

Throughout the course of the year, we have experimented with different learning styles. The two units we did were Ecology and Chemistry.

Lecture Style

The lecture style was introduced at the beginning of the year when we were starting the Chemistry unit. I liked it because we were taught through the process of learning chemistry. It was easy for us to take notes and listen while the teacher was talking. At the end of the day, we would review our notes and made sure they were accurate with the teacher. This learning process/technique was easy for the student to review once the quiz was around the corner.

Independent Learning

The independence of this learning technique helped us become more responsible with or work. Although there was obviously more work for Science class, we begin to adapt to the habit. Throughout the year, I personally liked this learning style more. I usually work alone to make my work’s quality good so it was extremely easy for me to adapt to this style. We were given work to watch and improvise from as homework. I think this technique was the most useful for me since I had all my notes in my own words and did a little everyday. We also got a small completion grade for the homework which brings my grade up.

Ways you could improve next time

I should prepare like I did with the independent unit.